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God I love doing new things with Kit’s hair

Also, new outfit because I like the idea that people own more than one lmao

“Sometimes in my life I feel like a sorceress that can’t totally control all their power and it’s killing me”

Ok, I don’t know how many will care about this, but I kinda wanted to write some things down about my apprentice so here we go ✨

(sorry for any mistakes in advance, English is not my first language ✊🏻💫)


Audelia Emersyn

  • 20 years old
  • she/her, born female
  • black hair
  • blue eyes, turn violet when she uses/controls magic, before she is able to fully control her magic abilities her eyes turn black which pretty much shows that she’s almost killing herself if Asra wouldn’t stop her
  • she is the daughter of a really powerful sorceress and a quite skilled magician which worked in the palace, putting her into the position of becoming equally strong as them, at least that’s what she’s telling herself
  • her parents had to leave Vesuvia one day, leaving her behind in the palace
  • loves elegant clothing but also wears baggy clothes when she is working or travels with Asra
  • before her death, she sometimes helped Julian in the palace while he was working on finding a cure to the plague
  • she knows about the little adventure™ that Julian and Asra had :’)
  • she never told Asra, neither Julian
  • that was not her business
  • she pretty much didn’t want to know if she was honest with herself
  • Asra and her got into a romantic relationship shortly after that. Afterwards Asra revived her and she lost her memories they eventually grew closer again but since Audelia and Julian started to see each other more often Asra decided to keep his feelings to himself in order for Audelia to be happy
  • speaking of Julian, the reason they get to see each other more often is because Audelia sometimes works in the tavern during night time, which he frequently visits
  • this way she is able to raise a bit a more money to afford things, even though it’s quite stressful at times handling working in Asras shop during the day and in the tavern during the night
  • she gets along with Muriel quite well
  • Audelia is really close friends with Portia, before and after the young apprentice died, this didn’t change, they pretty much got their relationship back to where it was
  • Portia got to know Audelia from the time where she was quite a known sorceress at the palace
  • Nadia (and formerly sometimes Lucio, but let’s be honest only because Nadia said so) would rely on Audelias powers and knowledge to keep Vesuvia safe whenever there was an attack or a danger approaching, even though she wasn’t able to fully control it and put her life at risk with this
  • she stayed and lived in the palace, after her parents were gone, but from time to time she would stay at Asras house until she moved in with him
  • after her memories vanished, Nadia never asked Audelia for help again, neither did she even try to contact her, since she was afraid that Audelia would eventually truly kill herself by being unable to control her magic even more than before
  • Audelia has no clue how she’s ever able to learn how to control her magic powers and become a powerful sorceress like her mother was
  • the reason she didn’t want to leave Vesuvia with Asra when the plague broke out was because she still hoped her parents would return one day and Audelia was afraid she wouldn’t be there when the time would come
  • only a few people know about her sword fight abilities (Asra, Julian, Nadia)
  • one day, when the palace is under attack (fighting for who is ruling Vesuvia, u know) Nadia will ask Audelia to fight, which she will but at first only with her sword and a limited amount of magic
  • on that day she will get her memories back
  • she will also be able to wield her powers
  • but it’s a long and hurtful way until then


I’ve just started reading a book I bought last week and… I’m in love! <3 Detective stories always, ALWAYS never fail to tug at my heartstrings! Ugh!

I actually bought this by impulse (along with another one) when me and a friend visited a famous book thrift store, BookSale, in a mall. The fact that Sherlock Holmes is a character here prevented me from returning it to the shelves (I got a soft spot for the detective~).

Anyways, as part of my New Year’s resolution, I’ve decided that I should finish at least one book per month. And hopefully, I’ll be able to do that (‘cause I’m lazy).


To celebrate 2020 I decided to pay a little tribute to some awesome creators of this fandom.

Today’s little gift is a WIP drawing of my favourite wives: Countess Nadia and Halla ( @linaisbluepancake ’s apprentice)

I can not possibly describe how hard I fell for Halla when I first laid eyes on her. Her design immediately caught my attention. I love every single detail, from the tiny scar in her eyebrow to all the little freckles. The contrast between her hair and skin color.. Halla’s design is perfect. When I further looked into her backstory and character she grew even more on me and the fact that she is with Nadia made my heart melt.

I had to draw four pieces of this couple until I was fully satisfied with the outcome and this whole process has taken me several month. I am still working on this piece and am looking forward to making it a full illustration in the future.

Everyone please check out @linaisbluepancake ’s blog and their absolutely lovely OC and Arcana Art!

All I want is freedom A world with no more night And you, always beside me To hold me and to hide me

So, I said I’d been considering the Phantom of the Opera thing. Inspired by the Heart Hunter interaction in the theatre. It’s…uh. Yeah. 

I have never actually seen the production of Phantom because I live in southwest Missouri and the opportunities are few and far between to see quality productions. The movie came out when I was a freshman or sophomore in high school and it was…formative. To say the least. I know people get down on it, but I liked it. I don’t really have much to compare it to. 

Some 18+ under the cut but mostly cut for length. 

The shop was empty. The sun had gone down. Celeste was alone in the shop. Asra was out with his parents for the evening. She had been invited, but with everything going on upon her return from her trip with Julian she didn’t quite have the heart to face Aisha and Salim.

 Asra insisted that they would never be upset with her and that they were thrilled that Asra and Celeste and Muriel were officially a “thing”, even though they hadn’t put an official title on what that “thing” was. 

The only thing Celeste knew for certain is that she was having the absolute time of her life. She didn’t mind shuffling between the hut and the shop. Every night she was with one, the other, or both of them. Waking up tangled in someone’s arms. No jealousy or fighting for rank. It was liberating. 

The fact that she was staring down the barrel of an evening left entirely to her own devices was somewhat daunting by comparison. 

When she asked Muriel if she should come out to the hut, he had claimed that he was busy. When pressed, he didn’t quite meet her eyes and muttered something about chickens.

If had been someone else, she would have questioned it. But, when it came to Muriel and chickens it seemed as plausible an answer as anything else. She could absolutely see him doing some form of twilight chicken wrangling. No question.

Eventually, she resigned herself to a night of take-away from one of the nearby stalls and some light reading. She threw on a light jacket and made her way to the door. 

As she turned to latch it behind her, she caught a large figure in her periphery. Far up the street, moving away from her. Trying not to be noticed, staying in the shadows. But, seven-foot-tall mountain men, even ones that purposefully cursed themselves to stay forgotten…were hard to miss. 

She leaned back, hand still on the door handle, craning her neck. “What on earth…” she said, low. Her eyebrow was arched, puzzled. She considered calling out to him. But, the fact that he had bypassed the shop entirely, knowing she was there, seemed a bit odd. More than a bit. 

She stepped out onto the street. Muriel disappeared around a corner. 

And all of a sudden she had plans for the evening. 

Celeste hurried down the street after him, dodging other pedestrians, trying both to catch up and hang back. Trying not to alarm him. This man loathed coming to town. Hated crowds. What on the God’s Green Earth was he up to? She’d almost be annoyed if it wasn’t so intriguing. 

She pressed her back against the wall, peeking around the corner. An old woman gave her a confused look. “Miss Cela? Are you okay?” She called out across the street. Celeste darted back behind the wall and pressed her finger to her lips, shushing her. The old woman laughed, continuing. “What are you doing, honey? You need some help?”

Celeste waved her hand in front of her throat, trying to cut her off. She hissed a “No.” shaking her head vigorously. 

After a beat, she ventured to look around the corner again. Muriel was gone. 

“Fuck.” she spat to herself and crossed the street to the old lady. She asked, already knowing the answer. “Did you see which way that tall man went?”

“Which tall man, Miss Cela?” the woman stared at her, smiling broadly. Like Celeste had gone funny in the head. 

“Ah…Nothing. I’ll come to see you tomorrow. Have a good night!” She said as she stepped backward, waving as she turned and darted up the road. 

He was nowhere to be found. Generally, Muriel wasn’t the sneaky type. She’d seen the man try to hide before. There was a reason the curse was so effective–he couldn’t win a game of hide-and-seek without it. She’d seen him try to hide behind a dog before. It was not his forte. 

Tonight, she was the one off her game. 

She stood in the center of the street, tongue pressed into her cheek, irritated. 

There were approximately two places she knew for certain Muriel would consider going in Vesuvia. He was a fair distance from either of those places. 

Asra could simply skip through time and space and catch up. That shit made her nauseous and she refused him every time he tried to teach her.

She reached into her pocket and produced the tiny satchel of myrrh, holding it in the flat of her palm, focusing her energy into it. She closed her eyes, breathing deeply. 

When she opened them again, she saw tendrils of green light leeching from her fingertips, pointing her in the right direction. 

It leads her to a building she was familiar with. She had been with Julian many times. “Fucking what?” she said to herself, staring at the door.

It was the theatre. 

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Did this caricature for class I think I got most of myself captured. Sort of a mad scientist except for I am an artist. #madartist #artist #art #caricature #process #howto #gesture #drawing #sketchbook #sketch #tattoo #tattooschool #apprentice

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