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How to Get One Million+ App Downloads Using App Localization

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Reddit App Install ads are here, along with new 3rd party attribution options, more tracking capabilities

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The opportunity cost of a star is huge. How huge? Moving a three-star app to four-stars, eg., can lead to an 89% increase in conversion. For a look at the full opportunity cost analysis, consider the chart below. (via )

See how can you increase app engagement? Understand the complete user journey and use data to make next marketing decisions. visit:

Bonus episode of Apptivate with CRO, Eric Stein out now! In this episode we focus on Customer Experience.

Thinking about plugging to your app marketing strategy? Here is what you should know via

Looking for new opportunities to engage with your fans? Get in touch if you want to know more about our exciting evolution in music and entertainment engagement.

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Business only has two functions : Marketing and Innovation - Milan Kundera