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The Open Banking initiative: One year on — what’s changed and what can we expect? from

Find out how enhances your clients’ by listening to the key findings from the Ponemon Institute’s Report on AI in :

Are you shifting to and trying to figure out the best way to build testing into your ? Read guidance from Matt Rose, Global Director Application Security Strategy at Checkmarx.

Offer your clients an effective way to manage their and vulnerabilities using ’s Five Steps to Achieve Risk-based :

At the Edge 🎙️ The Many Flavors Of SAST, DAST, IAST, WAFs & RASP chats with about , the history of the marketplace, and how things stay the same even w/ massive changes in & integration.

Mehul Gadhia, Application Security Manager , needed , specifically the ability to identify potential problems early in the . Watch Mehul explain how Ellucian chose the solution in use today:

BAM Technologies needed an solution that wouldn't slow , had a low false-positive rate, and reinforced its strong stance towards . Learn why they chose Checkmarx in this case study:

ISO 27002: Information Security- Human Resource Security A.7.3.1 Termination or change of employment responsibilities. For more updates follow

Ensure for your clients by allowing them to perform static or dynamic analysis of all , even on their businesses’ numerous devices. ASoC is the answer, as this webinar demonstrates:

64% of organisations from the latest Ponemon Institute study say that the most significant benefit of AI is the ability to increase their speed in analysing threats. Maybe it's time to start talking to clients about on :

The weekend has arrived! Are you covered? Go beyond the limitations of automated security testing tools with our assessments!

IDC Report – Digital Security Challenges from design to deployment

Wrapping up talk materials for this wknd. can't wait to have my colleagues peer review.

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