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Artificial Intelligence for ATMs - 6 Current Applications

has a working based on the Sia protocol to create middleware for small and medium sized to access cloud storage with familiar used on S3-type cloud storage.

The NJSP will be accepting initial applications online from Monday, April 29th through Sunday, May 12th, 2019. For more Information visit: @njsp_recruiting

السعر ١٤فقط درجه أولى 👌😍 #احصل#عليه خلال تطبيق مزاد ديلز حمل الان التطيق الرابط في البايو 👇👇 hyperurl./mazadDeals #mazaddeals#application #besty#clinica#resturant#homedecor#ن #مسابقات#اعلانات تجاريه #

RT: New guide from the cloudsa offers mitigations, best practices, and a comparison between traditional and their counterparts via orysegal DarkReading — Nuweba (nuweba_labs) March 23, 2019

Tomorrow we wrap up our 3-month series in 1 Peter! Join us at 9, 10:20 or 11:40 am.

IT Company India is a that creates software as well as products in many spheres including development company has been developing for different platforms since 2009

Seeking and systems support specialist for growing org north of . Experience with clinical information systems preferred. Details:

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My Tamagotchi Forever: 3.4

The updates keep coming! To celebrate the first anniversary of the My Tamagotchi Forever application, additional functionality and a whole new game & icon has been added!

Bandai is offering cake in the kitchen with a big XP boost to thank all of their loyal players for their support over the past year! In addition, there is a new arcade game, 2048 which is a super fun puzzle. The flower spinner in the living room has new rewards which align with other daily gifts.

Did you notice the new updated app icon? It’s super cute and continues to feature the beloved Mametchi! Lastly, the update contains small UI updates across the entire game, with more coming soon!


If you’re reading this, you may be interested in applying as a mod for this blog. If so, you’ve come to the right place! Below are a series of questions/prompts we need you to answer. Send a submission with your completed application and we’ll review you. Unless otherwise stated, we’ll get back to you about your application within 72 hours.

1). We do not require it, but we prefer if you have a Discord to contact us via. We have a group Discord specifically for mods; if we accept your application and you have a Discord, we will provide you with an invite link. If you don’t have a Discord, please provide us with a different way to contact you.  

2). What pronouns do you use? We accept any and all pronouns, feel safe to be honest here.
3). What is your birthday? We only require your date of birth, but providing the year is also helpful. We accept both minors and 18+, but bear in mind that this is an SFW blog.
4). Please provide anything you are not willing to answer/post concerning asks and requests. We want you to feel safe and comfortable, if there is anything you don’t want to answer or post, please tell us.
5). What days of the week can you be active on this blog? We need mods who can contribute to this blog. You only need to be active for one day every week, answering and/or posting at least one ask or request.
6). Is there a specific name you would like to be referred to? This will be your mod name. Examples being, “mod Aqueous”, “mod Hannah”, etc. You can use a Zodiac sign, an alias, or your name. Please provide a respectful and safe name.
7). Please provide any further details pertaining to your application.

After you have answered these questions, please submit it to us. Provide us with your Discord, your Tumblr blog, email, or other means of contacting you so we can tell you whether or not we have approved your mod application. Thank you for reading!

-Mod Aqueous

It’s Show Time

Mun Info:

Mun name: Bowie

Age: (under or above 18): under

Main blog/Mun blog: askaphmexicoandnorte

Muse Info:

Character: Norte (North Mexico)

Name: Emesta García

Age: 25

Species(card/human): Human Rabbit

Role: White Rabbit

Kingdom: occupation

Password: {correct}

punkinpinkglitter  asked:

I wish I could apply (as a writer) but the only thing I have with both James and Keith is just too short ( and the others are Sheith/Shklance and are also too short/long for submissions). I look forward to purchasing this when it comes out!

You can still apply as long as you have at least James or Keith in at least one of your pieces. They don’t both have to be in the submission together, so you’re 100% still able to apply because you have Keith in your pieces still.

anonymous asked:

*Curtsies* Dear Duke, this seems like such a dumb question but I'm going to ask it anyway. How did you come up with an original idea for your PhD applications/proposal? I'm in my last year of my undergrad and have been thinking about grad school but I'm daunted by the prospect of coming up with something so original. I'm specifically interested in 18th/19thc British lit, which I know is not your area, and I feel like all topics are so oversaturated.

*Curtsies* Two things: time and research. It’s impossible to know what kind of intervention you might want to try to make in your field when you don’t know what the state of that field is and haven’t had time to get to know yourself as an academic. (This is, incidentally, one of the reasons I usually discourage people from applying to doctoral programs right out of undergrad. More on that here.) I didn’t know exactly how to pitch myself to PhD programs fresh out of college. I took a year off, then did a master’s degree, then took another year off, and then had some idea how to sell myself to prospective schools. Nobody ever wants to hear this, but it takes a lot of effort and a lot of time to find your academic identity. The good news is it’s totally normal that you haven’t found it yet. So instead of stressing about not knowing, take some time and read as much in your field as you can. Read recent work and older work that recent work is referencing. Take stock of what intrigues you, what you want to talk about, and especially what you want to talk about that nobody else is talking about. That’s how you find your niche.  

Thank you for applying! 💖

Artist Applications for the Legend of Genji Development Team are now closed. Thank you for applying! If you didn’t get a chance this time around, keep an eye out for future opportunities!

Thank you so much for sharing the love and submitting your applications and portfolios! We had no idea we’d get this many applicants, and it was AMAZING to see so much talent and enthusiasm!! 

The team is still going through artwork and stuff, but within a day or two we’ll be ready to make our selections. For our applicants, thanks for your patience! We’ll be in contact soon!

Thanks again guys, you rock! 

– Mackydraws & the Grew 💖


Just spent an hour refreshing my Sissy-Sub Club Applications! This is now the new requirement for anyone interested in serving me. You are expected to send a $50 USD tribute to my Cash App account. From there, I will send you a link to the application; which you will complete in its entirety and send back. (when sending the mandatory tribute, in the note section, enter “EBSSC”) 

Based on your ability to follow instructions and answer the questions, I will determine if you are someone something worthy of my time. 

*Please allow 24-48 hours for a response before annoying the fuck out of me.


back on my bullshit

  • i interviewed for an amazing clinical summer job
  • i’m currently finishing up the discussion section of my research project, which means by the end of this week i’ll have my first full (rough) draft finished 
  • i’m working on an application for a two-year research coordinator position if grad school doesn’t work out
  • listening to hozier’s new album on repeat makes me feel ethereal 


- Welcome to the isle! Try not to get yourself killed, for danger lurks around every bend. Keep your instincts on the tip of your feet. And DO.NOT.FORGET. Love the Queen-

Face claim: Park Jimin

Age: 19

Occupation : Hired Companion

Tribe/Clan: Blossom

3 Past Facts:

   1- He doesn’t know who his parents are and what they were, but he was raised by a blossom.

   2- Although he was not with his parents, he was lucky to have the best childhood, filled with love.

   3- Chose to become a hired companion so that his future wouldn’t be a source of stress for the person who raised him.

3 Hobbies : Reading, baking, and making perfume out of flowers

Sexuality : Homosexual


- Welcome to the isle! Try not to get yourself killed, for danger lurks around every bend. Keep your instincts on the tip of your feet. And DO.NOT.FORGET. Love the Queen-

Face claim: Choi San of ATEEZ

Age: 19

Occupation : Second In Command

Tribe/Clan: Bloodheevens

3 Past Facts:

-Injury cause by an emergency draft battle that left him mute with two (faint) scars at the sides of his throat. Can only be seen up close.

-Always wears a woven necklace with a hawk skull for the pendant in remembrance of a pet he once owned that disappeared unknowingly.

-Parents were deceased by the time he was 8 because of the brutal war.

3 Hobbies :

-Carving new weapons, both big and small for future use.

-Exercising/Training to get rid of his inner frustrations from lacking the ability of speech.

-Venturing out to interact with creatures around the territory.

Sexuality : Pansexual

Can you hear the thunder?

Applications end for Echoes of Thunder, our The Dragon Prince anthology, in 5 days. Come join the likes of @isvoc who painted Thunder, as well as @thunderpot and Yan (who did the last two images) as we create this book based on the characters and their core emotions.

This is a paid opportunity that will be on Indiegogo later this year with @thedragonprinceofficial. You can find links to apply in our description, and feel free to message us at any time!