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Hey guys! Mod Bella here to give you an update on the status of the zine! Mod Jay and I have been working hard to get acceptance/rejection letters to those who applied! As we said in a previous post, we have had to change our schedule due to recent events in our own lives. Emails will be sent by the end of the week at the latest! We will post an announcement once they are sent out!

Thank you all for your love and patience as we go through this process!

-Mod Bella


Name: Destinee. 

Pronouns: She/Her. 

Age: 23. 

Favorite Shapes: Diamonds. Triangles and Hourglasses are nice too. 

Triggers: Eye Trauma. 

Extra: Yeah I guess I’m pretty extra. 


Basic Information

Name: Charlotte “Charlie” Genadiev. ( Douchebag / The New Kid ) 

Pronouns: She/Her or They/Them. 

Age: 22. 

Appearance: Charlie’s about 5'10", has pale skin, and light freckles. Her hair is red, chopped short to about her chin, with her bangs covering her left eye. It always looks at least a little messy. She’s noticeably muscled. Her eyes are green. 

Personality: Charlie comes across as pretty dark and mysterious to strangers, what with her all black clothes and her sullen silence, but in actuality she just has anxiety and doesn’t really speak around people she doesn’t know. People who actually know her know that she’s really just a big dork. An angry dork, but a dork all the same. She likes dirty jokes and puns and expressing affection through light bullying. She’s also, like, incredibly protective of her friends. Absolutely will punch someone in the face or break all the windows out of their car for upsetting someone she cares about. She’s mildly paranoid, talks a lot about conspiracy theories, and has zero trust in the government or the police or any kind of authority figures. 


Band or Independent: Band. ( I’m not sure which band; I figured that could be discussed. ) 

Instruments Played: Keyboard. 

Role In The Band: Composer. 


Charlie somehow has both an unbreakable will and is still an absolute push over at the same time and it’s kind of wild. Like, you can’t boss her around, and you absolutely cannot stop her from doing something she’s set her mind to, but you can ask her to do literally anything for you at all and she’ll probably do it. She’s a bleeding heart, and she’s never been good at saying no to people. That’s how she ended up a band at all. 

See, Charlie’s always been the creative type, and though she’s always been good at music, her heart really lies with art. She’s a painter, she paints, it’s what she does. It’s what she does whenever she has the time to. You see, one of her friends asked her to be in their band, and Charlie thought sure, why not? They’re young, it’ll probably fizzle out in a year, it’s not going to go anywhere. Except that it’s kind of starting to go somewhere, and she’s along for the ride whether she really likes it or not. She’s just too dedicated to her friends to back out, and it’s not like she’s not having a good time. She just hasn’t quite decided whether she wants to do this for the rest of her life or not. 

Charlie moved to South Park at the age of nine and almost everyone thought she was a boy for like a solid year, because she never really corrected anyone. She had Selective Mutism as a child, and still sometimes struggles to communicate when she’s highly emotional, and particularly around people she doesn’t really know. The first time she spoke to her group of friends it threw them for one hell of a loop. 

Charlie doesn’t speak much to her parents anymore. They really kind of fucked up her whole childhood, and her mental stability as a whole, and she really just kind of tries to keep their interactions limited to the necessary ones. The only reason she even speaks to them as much as she does is because she has a little sister named Marilyn now, and she’s doing her best to make sure she has a much better childhood than Charlie did. 

Charlie is such a cat person. Like the biggest cat person. If she could somehow protect every cat in the world, she would do it without hesitation. She wants to pet them all and make sure they all know that they’re pretty kitties. Probably does all sorts of volunteer work and free shows for animal shelters and rescues whenever her schedule allows. A busy bee. 

Charlie somewhat loosely identifies as a demigirl, because the term sounds about right, though she’s all in all kind of iffy about labels and finds genders a bit confusing and is altogether a little detached from the whole idea. She’s definitely pansexual. 

Applications Update

Hello! Thank you to everyone that applied to the MysDeck Messenger project!

Over the past few days, our team has been reviewing all of the applications we received, and we have sent out emails to everyone who applied.

Please be sure to check your spam box if you don’t see an email from us in your inbox.

We look forward to working with you all!


Name: Rat
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 21
Favorite shapes: OOooo Damn damn I actually… don’t get asked this but I guess I like squares, because you can rotate them to new shapes and make things look chaotic with them too !
Triggers: Nothing that I feel I would need to note ! I’ll always speak up if something is bothering me !
Extra: I’m a big ol’ chaotic weed goblin, I love writing alot and I consider myself to be fairly outgoing ! I’m super excited to be applying for this bc the concept seems so cool!


Basic information

Name: Christophe Delorne
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 22
Appearance: He’s a pretty disheveled looking individual his hair is clearly self cut but luckily the shag of his hair covers it up. He stands at 5'1" which is fairly short but his body makes up for his lack of height with muscles that are still fairly built as he works out on the side of working on music, a passion that even surprised him when he picked it up. 

Personality: Chris seems to come off as harsh and difficult at first opting to teasing people he doesn’t know for his own amusement, but what is hard to see in his outward actions can be heard through his music, deep dark religious hymns, his work can be compared to a mix of hozier and Florence and the machine. He enjoys gardening heavily and still holds a heavy fear of dogs. His songs paint the pictures of his C-PTSD and how it affects him. 

Surprisingly for someone who seems so reserved and teasing and avoidant Chris is very forward, and will address people directly if he is feeling like doing so.  

(If the character chosen is either in PCT or TDP, some of these informations can be left blank unless you’d like to add more)

Band or independent: Independent
Instruments played: Guitar, Cello, Violin
Role in the band: He sings & plays his own instruments 

If crew member: (manager, bodyguard, 
Will volunteer as a bodyguard for the bands but is not loyal to one or the other.  

Headcanons OR writing sample:

Christophe sat on the chair by the town hall, his cello was rested as deep brown eyes scanned the small crowd that seemed to be gather, he took a deep breath and lifted his arm with the bow moving it to begin a melody that seemed to leak from his fingers like water spilling from a fountain. 

Chris began in a soft hum, playing a cover of a song that he held close to himself. He opened his mouth feeling the words and song spill out like a desperate hymn grasping at the light it could see out of the man’s lungs. 
“I watch the work of my kin bold and boyful, toying somewhere between love and abuse.“ 

His gruff voice melted with the melody, intertwining with it reaching the drawing ears like the forest was rushing to reclaim those that had become lost and dead in it’s roots. 
”Calling to join them the wretched and joyful, shaking the wings of their terrible youths.“ 
He belted out the cover of Angel of small death by Hozier as if it was going to be the last thing he was singing…. His passion was shining through, as it always does singing hymns for the earth and not for the heavens. 

anonymous asked:

Will your application allow for uploading for illustrations that haven't been released yet (like say done another zine or private project)?

Hi there! As long as you have permission from the mods or organizers to post, that’s fine! All application pieces will only be seen by the three mods.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm sorry if this is a lot to ask for but I am interested in applying however I have never participated in a zine before so I wanted to know my responsibilities of being a participant. Another thing I wanted to ask is if I would be eligible to be a merch artist even though I've never made merch art before. Thank you for your time and I hope you are having a lovely day 💕

Hi, thank you for the interest in applying for the thing, and I would be happy to answer your questions. (Apologies in advance if this is a little lengthy.) 

For your first question, these are the requirements of a zine participant. After following the guidelines for the application, and receiving the acceptance letter, there will be a creation period. The acceptance letter will contain what you will be doing in the zine (whether it be a writer, artist, or merch designer) and who you will base your work around. The letter will also contain some extra information as well.

In general participants just need to follow the art work/writing guidelines provided in the acceptance emails and get work in by the check in points in order to make sure there is progress on the work. Also, no old artwork should be used and everything should be created newly for the zine. Participants should also not copy work or edit anything directly from the manga for their zine pieces. Another responsibility is to try to keep from posting zine artwork till the zine is released. (More information will be provided about the specifics of each check in point in the acceptance emails.)

As for your second question, you are allowed to be a merch artist even if you haven’t made merch art before. I just want to be able to see your best artwork and know that you would be capable to make merch art. As a side note, you are able to apply for multiple positions if you choose. All contributors will get compensated with a finished bundle of the zine.

anonymous asked:

So I applied for being an author, but I kinda did it twice because my master list wasn't properly organized. I have one good smut one shot and I'm working on another, but I'm afraid I won't be accepted with just the one smut piece I have. It's gotten alot of likes and minimal feedback, but my writing style is pretty informal and realistic. I am very good with imagery and college level grammar, but I'm just nervous I suppose. Is one story enough to be accepted or do I need more than that

One story is more then enough !! When I made this Club I only had one BTS smut on my blog, and I was like that for months which made me stop putting a limit on the numbers of smut fan fiction one should have. Don’t feel nervous ! Application goes up Monday :D

anonymous asked:

hello! as some who turns 18 in september and may be interested in applying, how soon would I be able to do so? I've already graduated and thus have a lot more freetime on my hands and would love to contribute if allowed, but the application and some posts say you must be 17+ where as most the other places say 18+ so I wasn't quite sure? I just wanted to be sure I wasn't breaking any rules or making anyone uncomfortable before possibly applying!

You have to be 18+ to join us as an author, beta reader, or read from our blog and to join our discord sever. Since we post author acceptances every third monday of every Month, we will be posting September’s acceptance on 9/16. Depending on when your birthday is, say you turn 18 before that date you can apply the month of September, before the 16th, but if you turn 18 after the 16th, please apply after and you will be accepted the following acceptance post in August!

And it is just in time for our Secret Project !! 🤭🤭🤐🤐

Accepted Applicants

We got a good number of good applications! If you didn’t get accepted this time around, feel free to pm the blog if you want to know why. But do keep an eye out for applications in the future! Everyone else, watch for a PM on Discord.

@beetles-and-berries with Blizzardstep

@lezbianxion with Buzzardclaw

Ivy with Cloudwing

Ren with Coalpelt

@northern–song with Dawnspring

@stonefangs with Hailtooth

@petricats with Icygaze

@kalaziel0 with Mothwhisker

@windsclan with Mottlecreek

@gen-deer with Mousebelly

@matryoshka-bat with Palesnow

@noodlegenes with Robinflight

@cinderstar with Sleetfur

@stagpaws with Stormface

@sparklecatsona with Fernkit

@sunnymatsu with Sunkit

Again, watch for the pm on Discord, and if we have an issue finding you, we’ll PM you on here!

anonymous asked:

if two characters have the same prefix or suffix, will only one get chosen or will one have to change their name?

If we like both applications, both will be accepted. We will then contact both members about possibly changing the name of their character. This will only apply for repeated prefixes, as suffix repeats are common and not an issue.

nintendos-green  asked:

hello! i had applied to this zine with my twitter account a couple weeks ago and it just got suspended, would i be able to apply again with an alternate account?


We’d prefer if you didn’t submit a separate app, since it makes it more difficult to count exactly how many apps we get and makes it more difficult to go through them when we’re making decisions, but we did open up the editing option on all of our applications, so you should be able to edit your app to show your new twitter account.

I hope this answers your question, if you have any others, feel free to send another ask!

-Mod Egg


For many, perhaps most, graduate students, it is stuffing a square peg into a round hole to try to recast one’s work as a single thesis. You can make inner loops blindingly fast, even writing inline byte code in bottlenecks. It’s not something you read looking for a specific answer, and feel cheated if you don’t find it. Another advantage of admitting to beginning writers that the 5 paragraph essay buries the list of n things is so relaxing. In a competitive situation, that’s an advantage. Few would dispute, at least, I’ve thought of magazines like that more as guides to what ordinary people were being told to think than as sources of information. It cost $2800, so the only people who could afford to go were VCs and people from big companies. Ten years ago, writers wrote and readers read. How to Become a Hacker, and in practice languages are judged relative to whatever they’re used to hack. The purpose of this article is not to change at all, means a language that hackers will like? 6 was still 3 years in the future had few fonts and they weren’t antialiased. DH1 than up in DH6.

During the Bubble a lot of companies are very much influenced by where applicants went to college is not just that it originated in a PR firm I had no idea where articles in the mainstream. The one possible exception are things like working in fast food. If it’s default dead, start asking too early. Things are very different in the new language. Most of these changes will be for the better. There should be online documentation as well. A hacker’s language is terse and hackable. That will change the way they generate any other kind of code. I disagree with it. I describe, you’ll probably get bad grades.

In fact the new generation of viewers that the place to do it. Programming language design will not be about whether to make your language strongly or weakly typed, or object oriented, or functional, or whatever, but about symbolism in Dickens. If you can make a decent cheeseburger. Perl and Common Lisp occupy opposite poles on this question. They continue to improve the speed of actual programs written in the near future will be server-based applications. I have thought about a lot. The urge to look corporate—sleek, commanding, prudent, yet with just a touch of hubris on your well-cut sleeve—is an unexpected development in a time where college degrees seemed really important, so I’m alarmed to be saying things like this, but you don’t have one, and they’ll use it. And it’s likely to. So, just in case it does any good, let me clarify that I’m not writing here about Java which I have never heard hygienic macros explained in one sentence.

But investors are so fickle that you can now start a startup, if you want to design a popular language needs is time. There’s no thread of reasoning you have to write in an hour. But another kind of efficiency will be increasingly important: the number of users per server is the critical question for anyone hosting such applications. He explained that he’d just bought it in Thailand. But now it worked to our advantage. But usually evidence will help. There seemed to be several reasons: you’d learn more, get better jobs, make more money. Indeed, English classes may even be harmful. We didn’t draw any conclusions. It’s just as well that it usually takes a while to gain momentum. There are signs it may be slightly faster.

We managed to get press hits in over 60 different publications. Not surprising, considering The Men’s Wearhouse was at that moment running ads saying The Suit is Back. Thanks to Trevor Blackwell and Jessica Livingston for reading drafts of this. If you’re starting your own company, why do you need a few topics that you think about? Perl 5, lexical closures got added to the language. You don’t see all the false starts. Prose can be rewritten over and over in technology.

The other approach, the big bang method, is exemplified by the classic seat-of-the-pants underfunded garage startup. The trends we’re seeing now are simply the inherent nature of the web. The one possible exception are things like working in fast food, which have deliberately had all the variation sucked out of them was to ask what surprised them. The compartmentalized structure of the essays they teach you to write in school is that real essays are not exclusively about English literature. They feel about trolls roughly the way refugees from Cuba or Eastern Europe feel about dictatorships. One of the most important of which was Fortran. It can’t be something you have to go back n paragraphs and start over in another direction. To the Blub programmer might be about my claims for the mysterious powers of Lisp, this ought to make him curious. I have never used but about hacker’s radar which I have thought about a lot.

The ultimate target is Microsoft. To start with, it must be readily available. I’d gotten at the time. 8, which with 9 is what makes Lisp macros possible, is so far still unique to Lisp, perhaps because a it requires those parens, or something just as bad, and b if you add that final increment of power, you can use any language, which do you use? Ad Hominem. That is arguably one of the most successful companies we’ve funded were started by undergrads. The question is whether the author is telling the truth, as I think lawyers would be the first to admit. I haven’t spent in bookshops I’ve spent mostly in front of computers, and I think that’s due to the kind of people who use the phrase software engineering shake their heads disapprovingly.

Thanks to Ron Conway, Sam Altman, and Robert Morris for the lulz.

Emails are sent!

All emails regarding application acceptance/rejections have been sent! You will receive an email whether you made it into the zine or not. If you applied for the zine and have not received an email please send us an ask and we will sort it out! Don’t forget to check your spam folders if you can’t find our email right away, though!

Once again, thank you to all creators who applied for the zine!