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Mun’s name: Unknown

Mun’s age: below 18

Preferred pronouns: all of them

Mun’s skill: Artist and Writer

Mun’s URL: @Unknown-Artist94 / @Ask-the-Republic-of-Texas

Muse: Molossia

Muse type: 1P

Muse ask url: ask-aquaverse-Tx-M

Muse’s name: Micheal Jones

Muse’s species: Human

Muse’s Human role: Intern

Muse: Republic of Texas

Muse type: OC

Muse ask url: ask-aquaverse-Tx-M

Muse’s name: Austin SS Martinez

Muse’s species: Merfolk

Muse’s aquatic form: bull shark

Natural habitat: both

Reason for being in the aquarium: rescued and doesn’t want to leave.

(Accepted.) - Pagan

10 job application tips!

We live in a world where having a job is number one on your adulting priority list. Whether just starting adulthood or if you’ve quit or been fired from your job, applying for work is a stressful and tedious task, so here’s a few things to note:

1: start your resume with your most impressive qualities.

Employers want to know why they should consider hiring you, so give them a reason! List what went best first! Great education? Perfect! Impressive skills? Put that first! Experience? Sure! Whatever it is that’s the star of the show, put it on stage front and center.

2: make sure the mental connection is drawn between you and the job description.

Make sure that you use key words from the description/application in your resume! It shows that you were paying attention and know what you’re in for!

3: Use what you did, not what you know

Employers want you to do something for their company so show them you can do it!

4: Avoid death by bullet point!!

No one wants to read a long strenuous bullet point list, so make sure there’s breaks and no more than 10 total bullet points in your resume (possibly more depending on how much work experience you have). Keep your resume clean and concise.

5: if you write a cover letter, keep it short!

Huge paragraphs aren’t something anyone looks forward to, if you have something to say keep it short and to the point. Employers love smooth and easy interviews and concise writing, they have a list of what they need to know and the faster they know the answers the faster they can get to thinking about your employment

6: words that employers are looking for!

Multitasker, energetic, works well under pressure, works well under time constraints, and TEAMWORK!!!!

7: good first impressions!

Show up to your interview at least 5 minutes early, well groomed and freshly showered, and in nice, but not too nice clothes. Plain solid color button up, basic slacks, black shoes, and long hair secured away from the face. Keep jewellery and makeup modest and simple, nothing gaudy! The star of the show is your skills, not your makeup or shinies! And keep perfume or cologne to a minimum if it’s a must.

8: Be prepared for questions related to the job

Self explanatory. But if this is a position you needed education for, be ready to prove your knowledge. Study before hand and get a good nights sleep and good breakfast before going. If you treat it like a big test, you’ll surely pass!

9: research your options!

If you’re not sure about one job, apply to another! Keep your employment options open and keep applications coming! Jobs can’t call in everyone for an interview so apply to all you can to increase your odds

10: most important of all……

Don’t tell yourself no before the employer even sees your qualifications. Who cares how many years experience you have? Don’t tell yourself no!!! Don’t doubt yourself or your abilities! Number one reason why people don’t get their dream job is because they thought they couldn’t make it and never tried!!! So shoot your shot!

Bonk bonk

Mun info

Mun name:Gavin

Mun’s age:15

Preferred pronouns: She/her, He/him They/Them

Main blog: Starmurray

Do you have a discord: Yeet. 


Muse info

Name:Malachi Smith

Age: 15

Species: Dragon/Human Hybrid


Breath: Light/Fire

Appearance: tanned skin, Blonde hair, red eyes, big horns, a few patches of scales, and pointy ears/teeth

Personality:Big flirt. Can and WILL flirt with anything that moves.He’s super optimistic and kInda chaotic. FLORIDA MAN! 

What kind of blog is this:Mostly Art with a bit of Writing 

Art/writing/cosplay examples: here you can just check my blog @ask-hetaaca-2pnyoitaly Or my Art blog @starlover123art (bc idk how to enter pics. bc it wont let me)

Gregory of Yardale Application

Your nickname and age: Aleaha & 20

Your character and their age: Gregory & 25

A total of three headcanons:

  • Gregory excelled at his studies. He graduated at the top of his class and then left to finish university with a ridiculous amount of credit hours up his sleeve, perfect grades, and a campus-wide reputation for being absolutely charming.

  • Well-known in the political world for having astonishing ability and passion for change. His many accomplishments follow him to South Park; he is amused by the challenge of involving himself on such a small scale, which is the only reason he remains in the mountain town.

  • While he is very studious and well-taught he tends to become quite awkward when dealing with situations that require street-smarts. Unfortunately, he has plenty of logic, but not enough common sense. 

Paragraph Prompt:

 Gregory is not a fan of R.Kelly. The man has a far too poor reputation – too many scandals. It’s critical to evade any potential issues when you’re in the limelight. This, he knows to be truth, due to his own experience being a figure of popularity. You must remain pure and clean.

    It’s particularly hard to do so when such a man is pissing on you: physically, and mentally. Out of random the infamous man decided to use him as a fire hydrant, as if he were a feral dog on the loose. Well… he was, hypothetically. 

    With a particular bite the blond gives the musician part of his mind, holding back his gags – and the proceeds to assault him. It’s done with an air of care – he was in the right. After all, the man had ruined his favorite pair of loafers. 

    How dare he.

Rule #11: Stay canon, with exceptions. 

Dave Harrison Application

Your nickname and age: K and 18 (nearly 19 oof)

Your character and their age: Dave Harrison and 19

A total of three headcanons:

- Not really Mormon anymore! Kinda! He’s in a weird middle stage where he’s rebelling to figure himself out and doesn’t know what to believe.

- If you remember his episode, you know he was part of the performance done by the mormons! Music has followed him as he grew up, and he is deeply inspired by Stan’s band. So much that he formed his own! Or is trying to, he’s working on it. But music is definitely a passion.

- Still as friendly and optimistic as he was as a kid, surprisingly! Usually the one with a smile on his face and a willingness to accept people despite most odds.

Paragraph Prompt:

Dave tried to reason that everything happened for a reason. That when he was pulled into that dark back alley, threatened for his life and forced to hand over his wallet, that it was money that person needed. That somehow, maybe it was someone who was trying to provide for their family. Someone willing to put a gun to his head to make sure he had no choice…yeah. At least if he imagined a family he didn’t feel like the thief was getting high or shooting up with that cash.

He sighed, feeling the bruises forming on his wrist from where he had been grabbed moments prior. Back to walking home, hoping that there would be nothing else to harm him. At least the guy only took the cash, he still had everything else, and all his real valuables were home. He didn’t lose anything! Which is great! At most, all he lost was a little bit of his hope in humanity, which would make his lips curl into a frown. Yeah, the idea that he was mugged by a homeless man trying to feed his children kept him from feeling too bad. Even if it likely wasn’t true at all.

In your own words, restate rule #11.

Canon before ur fanon, homies. Gotta keep that consistency.

Pilot Boy and Snook Beer Dregon

Mun info

Mun name: Colorado

Mun’s age: 15

Preferred pronouns: She/her they/them

Main blog: @bluewolfeevee @drawingisphysics

Do you have a discord: Of course


Muse info

Name: Alfred F. Jones

Age: 23

Species: Human

Occupation: Misfit Pilot

Appearance: Alfred is dark blonde (cowlick) with glasses and blue eyes. He sports pilot googles and bomber jacket. This outfit completely with scarf, grey turtle neck sweater, fingerless gloves, and big fluffy top boots.

Personality: Alfred is excited and loud type of personality. He is believes in the greater good of others even if he is breaking the law. Alfred is very confident and often can become very cocky; he needs a vibe check. He can’t read the mood of the room, so sometimes he comes off as a asshole.


Name: Kiku Honda

Age: 61 (21 in Human years

Species: Lung Dragon

Occupation: TAKING CARE OF HIS SON and giving good luck.

Appearance: He is Lung dragon with horns and fluffy ears. He is black hair with blue and gold shading, as well as different shades of blue feathers. He has sliver body and often looks like dog with an mustache.

Personality: He is often Shy and Quiet and very concerned about the human race. He is often what people called cryptic. Despite his often loner personality he is very caring and curious. He gives off cool old man vibes, despite being so young.

What kind of blog is this: Art and writing