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- ̗̀✰ •【 JOHN KRASINSKI / MALE / 34 】announcing the arrival of his royal highness, ( WILLIAM ROY ), the  ( CROWN PRINCE ) of ( CANADA ). I’ve heard that he is ( IMPULSIVE ) & ( LAZY ) but can also be ( HUMOROUS ) & ( COMPASSIONATE ). ( WILLIAM ) is arranged to marry (  EMILY BLUNT OR ANY F/NB FC ). Rumor has it ( HE HAS AN ASSORTMENT OF ODD SECRETS INCLUDING THAT HE PEED ON SOMEONE TRYING TO CURE A JELLYFISH STING ). We hope you enjoy your stay at London!【 OOC: I forgot to log into my account but this is alexis 】*four younger siblings, all adopted 

ACCEPTED!! Welcome to Buckingham Palace your highness WILLIAM & ALEXIS, you have 24 hours to get settled. John Krasinski & the Crown Princess of Canada are now taken !!

anonymous asked:

Hey, so I'm a freshman in my second semester and I still have no idea what I'm doing. I thought I would figure stuff out while I was in college, but I haven't figured out anything. I don't know if I want to do my major, I don't know how to get internship things or research groups things. I've tried asking my advisor for some direction but he mostly just shrugs and says college is full of opportunities. I don't really know where to go from here. Any advice?

Quarter-Life Crises: What do I do with my major, my college, my life? Self-reflection and taking action.

It’s perfectly okay not to know what you’re doing as a freshman in college. I would encourage you to decide your major by this time next year so that you can declare on time. So let’s talk about how to get to that point!


  1. Your abilities. What am I good at? What am I not good at?
  2. Your interests. What do I like to do? What do I do in my spare time? What classes do I normally go for first? What videos do I watch online, what stories do I read, what conversations am I having?
  3. Your curiosities. What am I interested in, but I’m not sure if I like it or am good at it? What do I want to learn more about?
  4. Your options. What opportunities are out there? What majors, internships, research roles can I have? What kinds of careers are out there for me?
  5. Your roles. What is needed in my community/in the world? What issues do I care the most about?

You don’t have to answer these questions all at once, and you can phone a friend. Dedicate a page in your notebook to self-reflection. Talk to students and faculty doing research and look at internships through your university, on LinkedIn and

Your answers change over time, and that’s okay. It means you’re learning!

Taking Action:

The choices you make right now are not the last and only choices you’ll ever make. I’m graduating this semester and I’m still figuring out what kind of career I want to pursue. I am guided by my needs and ambitions, and by the needs and ambitions of others. Each opportunity I’ve taken has altered my path a little bit.

If you have the opportunity and means to do an internship or research, those are great ways to build your resume and get a better understanding of things you want to do in the future.

That said, it’s not a life-long contract. If you get a marketing internship and realize it’s not the industry or role you’re looking for, that should inspire you to reflect on why you didn’t like it.

In order to figure out what to do, you can’t just think about it. You have to make choices, do things, and have experiences. College is full of opportunities, but those opportunities aren’t worth anything if you don’t pursue them.

You are going to be okay, but don’t just trust me, trust yourself!

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Preferred name: Purple Pronouns: they/them Big & lil age: 22 & 6 Blog name: from-the-stars-crossing Triggers: controlling, abuse, s*x Likes: drawing, colouring, painting, games, hugs Birthday month: september

Welcome to agerepreskool Purple!!

Name: Blue

Age: 18

Zodiac sign: Virgo ♍

Pronouns: she/her

Role: sfw little and petreg

agere blog: blue-thekid (it doubles as my main, I just post stars a lot)

What activity would you like to see here: umm, not sure. I just wanna have fun

Anything else we should know about you: I am mentally disabled so communication is difficult for me sometimes. I really like stars and dogs. I also caregive/babysit

welcome to the family! -meowstress

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preferred name : renee pronouns : she / her big age : 19 little age : 3-5 blog name : starrylittles triggers : none birthday month : february

Welcome to our preskool Renee!! - mod bunny

̗̀ • MEDALION RAHIMI / CISF / 22 announcing the arrival of her royal highness, ( NASRIN SAMIRA SHAH PAHLAVI ), the  ( PRINCESS ) of ( IRAN ). I’ve heard that she is ( BLUNT ) & ( CYNICAL ) but can also be ( GREAGARIOUS ) & ( CRAFTY ). ( NASRIN ) is arranged to marry (  ZARA SINGH RAJPUT ). Rumor has it (SHE’S BEEN SLOWLY POISONING THE KING BECAUSE HE’S MAD). We hope you enjoy your stay at London!【 ailie back at it again ! 】* two older brothers, both possibly accomplices .

ACCEPTED!! Welcome to Buckingham Palace your highness NASRIN & AILIE, you have 24 hours to get settled. Medalion Rahimi & the princess of Iran are now taken !!

- ̗̀ (she/her) is that ALEXANDRA DADDARIO coming off the private jet? oh no that’s CELIA JANSSENS the 28 year old CROWN PRINCESS OF BELGIUM. people often say they remind them of MISTY EVENINGS, HOT CHOCOLATE, FIRE PLACES. they are arranged to marry PRINCE RILEY(Faith, 24, est, she/her) * (one younger brother, message mun )

accepted – welcome to paradise, CELIA of BELGIUM. Please have your account in within the next 24 hours or you risk your spot being reopened. ALEXANDRA DADDARIO is now taken.

tw: drugs, overdose - ̗̀ ALEXANDRA PARK / CISFEMALE / 27 announcing the arrival of her royal highness, ( POPPY MATTHEWS ), the  ( CROWN PRINCESS ) of ( AUSTRALIA ). I’ve heard that she is ( RECKLESS ) & ( CRASS ) but can also be ( GENUINE ) & ( LOYAL ). ( POPPY ) is arranged to marry (  SILVIA DE COIMBRA/KRISTINE FROSETH ). Rumor has it (SHE’S ADDICTED TO DRUGS. SHE DOESN’T OFTEN ASK ABOUT THE QUALITY OR WHERE THEY CAME FROM. THIS HAS LED TO TWO OVERDOSES SO FAR. SHE DOESN’T CARE; SHE ASSUMES SHE’S IMMORTAL.). We hope you enjoy your stay at London!【 OOC: elle, 25, cst, she/her

(I think that’s how crown princesses work? If not, she can just be a princess!)

- ̗̀ COLIN WOODELL / CISMALE / 25 announcing the arrival of her royal highness, ( OWAIN POWYS ), the  ( PRINCE ) of ( WALES ). I’ve heard that he is ( COCKY ) & ( NON-COMMITTAL ) but can also be ( CHARISMATIC ) & ( CONVIVIAL ). ( POPPY ) is arranged to marry ( CLARY BERNADOTTE/ADELAIDE KAINE ). Rumor has it (HE’S ONLY INTERESTED IN SLEEPING WITH/DATING MARRIED WOMEN. HE HAS NEVER DATED SOMEONE WHO WAS SINGLE.). We hope you enjoy your stay at London!【 OOC: elle, 25, cst, she/her

ACCEPTED!! Welcome to Buckingham Palace your highness POPPY & ELLE, you have 24 hours to get settled. Alexandra Park & the crown princess of Australia are now taken !!

ACCEPTED!! Welcome to Buckingham Palace your highness OWAIN & ELLE, you have 24 hours to get settled. Colin Woodell & the crown prince of Wales are now taken !!

Approved Heidi!

Mun info
Name: Kiwi
Pronoun: She/her
Time Zone: MST

Character info
Name: Heidi Turner
Age: 17
Three (3) headcanons: 
♥ Heidi goes out of her way to be nice to everybody, whether they’ve had bad blood or she dislikes them. At first she can come off rude, but she always tries to make up for it. Cartman is an exception though. 
♥ She’s about 5'2", with a very mousy pear shaped build. 
♥ She has a knack for trying to solve other people’s problems, whether they ask her too or not. She’s always willing to listen to her friends vent, as well as offer solutions even if her advice isn’t always the best.


Writing sample: (At least 2 paragraphs in 3rd person)  

With shaky hand Heidi sighed, laying on her bed and looking photos she had stored on her phone. She had recently purchased a new one with some money from her parents, and surprisingly everything had backed up onto it. Every now and then she’d chuckle at the silly photos her and the girls took, occasionally in costumes and other times without. There were pictures of the time her and Wendy ice skating, as well as photos of her and Robby her beloved child pet. He was such a good dog. She smiled warmly, texting a few of her friends a small “Hey : )! I got a new phone, it’s Heidi xoxo,” Wendy replying soon after. They had a small conversation, making plans to hang out the next weekend with some of the other girls. Heidi figured she wouldn’t use her phone much, but it was nice to have one again. It almost felt refreshing, like a small personal victory. Time seemed to pass by quickly though, and before she knew it it was already 11 pm. She hummed softly, setting her phone down and snuggling into her blankets before shutting her eyes and quickly falling asleep.