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Kevin McCormick Application

Your nickname and age: ecto/elijah, 20
Your character and their age: Kevin McCormick, 27 (almost 28 but he’s trying to hold onto his youth)

A total of three headcanons:

- He has Reactive Attachment Disorder, PTSD, and struggles with substance abuse/addiction very heavily. Also has claustrophobia and severe trust issues. For detailed information see this post (all based off canon sourced information! I watched his three episodes and delved into research based off details and personal theories)

- Stoner who grows and sells his own weed! Get close to him if you want a discount or chance at free weed, but it’s his main source of income outside of whatever job he can keep down for the month or however long.

- Definitely not the best big brother. He cares about his little siblings but he hasn’t really done much to help them out, admittedly. He hasn’t been terrible to them, but better big brothers have existed. Kenny honestly probably beats him out for ‘best brother’. The best hes really done is tried to avoid smoking pot right next to them, but he’s still ended up being drunk while at home in the younger years and they’ve had to deal with him fist fighting Stuart multiple times. He’s since moved out and while he doesn’t have a lot, he offers his couch to his baby siblings if they need it.

- Fights ppl and has sex to fill the void that is his near entire being just by existing. Yknow. He aint pretty (looks like a beat up dirty e-boy) but he’s certainly an option.

Alternate Paragraph Prompt: 

Does Kevin know who R. Kelly is? No. Absolutely the fuck not. But is he pretending? Well- also no. He doesn’t know who the fuck this guy is, but judging by how he’s acting he’s either famous, or a Soundcloud rapper. Either way, it would probably not be a good time if this got out. For either of them, really. The fact that Kevin is essentially hoeing himself out to some guy who posted a craigslist ad in some redneck mountain town about looking for somebody to piss on? Not a great look for either of them.

But here Kevin is. Laying in a bed because he doesn’t even get the luxury of being somewhere thats easy to clean, like a tub. Forcing himself to keep his eyes open as this guy continues to degrade him by pissing on his chest like it’s a fucking toilet seat. (Because everybody knows guys don’t piss in the toilet.) This is some serious power complex shit- humiliate somebody kind enough to hoe himself out to you for relatively cheap all things considered, by pissing on him like he’s nothing. If the money wasn’t seriously going to help Kevin out for the month, he would’ve just screenshotted that ad and laughed.

He doesn’t really listen to anything this Kelly guy says, just blocks it out and forces himself to do what was asked of him at the start which was just- no matter what, don’t look away. Don’t act like you’re worth more than this, is what had been implied, probably. Oh well. Being treated like shit- or a toilet, I guess,- isn’t exactly new. He’d get through this.

Hey, just how much piss does this fucker HAVE?

In your own words, restate rule #11.
if its canon we comply (yknow, roughly. in terms of relationships)


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Red Application

Your nickname and age: K and 18
Your character and their age: Red ( Rebecca aka Bertha ) and 25

A total of three headcanons:

- Red has a preference for a darker style these days, still herself and loyal to her girls, but she pulls off black as good as the goths. 

- Takes boxing classes, she can and will knock someone onto their ass. 

- She’s got a nerdy side, and it shows in her type for guys like Kevin Stoley. 

Paragraph Prompt: 

Red had just wanted to go out and have a drink tonight. She didn’t need some freak hounding her, trying to buy her drinks, or make her take her eyes off them. She finally had enough to shove the ice down a dude’s pants and get the hell out of there when half way down the street she got shoved against the nearest building by some new asshole! A sharp intake of breath comes from her when her head hits the bricks of the wall, the pain stings but it’s overridden by the growl of anger that slips from her moments later. It blurs her vision and makes her see red. 

She doesn’t even listen to his demands to hand over her purse. Her hand forms a fist and rams it into the side of his head full force. Her eyes are piercing as she watches him stumble back and swings her other hand around to sock him from the other side again. “Bitch! give me your wallet! That knife too hand it the fuck over!” Another punch, she keeps swinging until he drops what he has on the ground and stumbles to fall onto his behind in the middle of the street. Her rage is slowed as she picks up her new items and takes what’s worth keeping before heading on down the street. She wanted to go home for a glass of red wine, and call the girls to talk about these sleezy fuckers from tonight. 

Rule #11 

Relationships between characters should reflect that of what they are in the show. Whether it be friends or enemies, though growth and development are expected and capable within reason. This also goes to say that if your character is part of a clique, they shouldn’t be constantly turning against the leader/their group disrespectfully just to do it when they canonically support and side with them. 

You’re already aware you’re in, so this is just a late post


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Craig Tucker Application

(I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to write for both prompts or if it was an option so I just did both.)

Your nickname and age: Ani, 27
Your character and their age: Craig Tucker, 25

A total of three headcanons:

  • Craig’s favorite subject is science, in all its many forms. This has aided him in his pursuits to become an astronomer. Currently, he’s obtained a bacherlor’s degree in astrophysics and a master’s degree in astronomy. He’s now a year into working on a doctorate in cosmos astronomy.
  • Photography has always been a hobby of Craig’s, and it intertwines nicely with his fascination for the universe. He took it as a minor in college and prefers snapshots of the sky or stars, but may be inspired by objects a bit more down to earth.
  • He’s a homosexual, though he hasn’t dated his first boyfriend (Tweek Tweak) in several years. He’s been in several on-and-off flings with other boys since then, but nothing has managed to stick, and he’s been single for about a year now. Call him bitter and sore from burned relationships, but he’d rather just focus on his studies, hobbies and friends.

Paragraph Prompt: 

God. Fucking. Damn it.

Craig coughed a bit where he laid curled up on the grimy asphalt. Every breath seemed to wheeze in and out of his lungs. His entire body was one searing, throbbing mass of heat and pain; muscles and hormones reacting to physical trauma. He could picture the chemical responses in his head, how his brain would try to address the problems, his instincts screaming that he was still vulnerable and in danger even with the threat long gone. He couldn’t tell if the wetness on his face was sweat, blood or a nasty mix of both, but there was definitely the scent of copper in the air. Painfully, he twisted his head to spit out a glob of bloody mucous.

“Fuck.” Another brief cough as he tried to coax his arms away from his torso. Much as he wanted to just lay there pass out, the last thing he needed was to be found by any other unsavory characters while unconscious. It was bad enough he’d been jumped on his way home from the damn 7/11. The one time he decided, fuck it, he’ll take the alley shortcut because he was tired and he still had twelve more pages of his dissertation to write. He was merely thankful he’d left his wallet and phone at home, having only bothered to bring his keys and a twenty along.

Of course, the mugger hadn’t liked the fact he was short on goods. Probably why he’d gotten the tar beaten out of him anyway. Grunting, Craig managed to get a shaky arm under himself, gingerly pushing up onto hands and knees. He panted a bit and took a moment to spit out some more blood. At least the mugger hadn’t been interested in his apartment keys. Blindly, he reached for them, the metal jingling against asphalt as he tugged them in close. At the sight of his bruised knuckles, he huffed. “That asshole’s nose better be fucking broken.”

Alternate Paragraph Prompt: 

Craig hated this. He really, truly hated this. How the Hell had he gotten into this mess? He wracked his brain for an answer, if only to distract himself from the asparagus-scented shower he was currently being forced to take. Oh, right, it was their fault- again. He’d gotten dragged into some bullshit thanks to Stan and his dumbass friends. Where were those guys anyway? Why did they leave him to distract R. Kelly?

His eye twitched as some of the spray caught him on the chin, but his only physical response was to continue flipping the asshole off. Craig was starting to think the gesture was as much of a turn-on for the music artist as peeing on people. Later on, he was definitely going to take three showers. Maybe he could figure out how to fill his tub with just enough bleach to not kill himself. And he was definitely burning these clothes… maybe Stan and his friends with them. Fuck, he really needed to stop letting them drag him into shit like this. It was starting to get bad for his health.

Yeah, the alternate prompt is just there as an option for the people who don’t feel inspired by the first one, but it doesn’t hurt to do both of them lol. You’re in, no worries. 


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Tweek Tweak Application

Your nickname and age: ecto/elijah, 20!
Your character and their age: Tweek Tweak, 25

A total of three headcanons:

- Still heavily addicted to hard drugs. He’s tried to step away from it a few times, but the withdrawel symptoms have just been too much for him. He still drinks it in coffee, and uses directly when he finds the need. His paranoia has lead him to believe that if he quits everything’s going to go to shit, so he doesn’t even want to consider getting help. At least, not right now.

- Fell into theatre and band! Doesn’t believe he can sing, like, at all- but he’s a decent actor! Improv skills like no other, and pretending to be a different person for however long is sort of like a coping mechanism/stress relief method for him. Can play piano! Participates in band during musicals if there’s a need for piano, or otherwise is stage crew. All of these things are one of the few things he can do relatively stress-free, even if things go wrong

- Has been taking martial arts lessons, for multiple years! Decent level in multiple types, knowing self defense is something that soothes his nerves even just a little bit when need be. He can and will kick your ass- you think feral Tweek in fourth grade was bad? Imagine feral Tweek who knows how to take your basic ass out in a few hits at most.

Paragraph Prompt: 

Tweek knew it was a stupid idea. His brain was screaming at him the entire time- don’t take the shortcut home, you’ll die, you’ll get seriously injured, you’ll never be the same and all your friends will hate you,- vivid scenarios running through his mind over and over and over. It was something he was used to, at this point. But he’d chosen to ignore it, eager to just hurry up and get home- it’s only 6 PM and it’s already dark. Nobody’s outside. It’s not as safe as it should be.

As evidenced when he’s cornered. Somebody stepping out of the shadows in the most cliche fashion possible, pointing something- he can’t process what, the ice cold fear and anxiety that immediately shots through his body blocks it out,- directly at him. Threatening him.

He can feel the tremors begin to shoot through his body before the stranger- the criminal- even finishes speaking. Can tell his breath is stuttering if not stopping and oh god this is it, this is where he dies, this is how he’s going down- the criminal is going to get sick of his panic attack and just kill him- years of martial arts training down the drain because the moment he could’ve actually used it he froze and fuck, fuck, fuck-

He only hears the important words. ‘Money’ and ‘Shoot’ ring through his head, bouncing off each other and it’s not helping, only making him twitch- let out those panicked noises he’s tried for so long to repress. He’d been working so hard- it’s been so long- but there they go, and there he goes- he doesn’t even register that he’s on he ground. Words spilling out of his mouth a mile a minute, yelling about the same thing over and over- he’s going to die, he doesn’t want to die, oh god, somebody help, please, he’s going to be killed because he doesn’t even have any money on him,- screaming like the oxygen in his lungs never depletes.

He doesn’t even register it, when the criminal just runs off instead. Freaked out by Tweek probably looking like a total fucking crackhead (which to be fair-)
Disconnected entirely from the world, stuck in his head, stuck in what he thinks knows should be happening, and it’s all so fast. Too fast. It’s too much! Somebody please, please, help, help, help, help-

He doesn’t calm down until an hour later, when his body is drained, and he’s still curled up on the concrete like it’s nothing. Chunks of his hair have been pulled out, evidenced by the scattered golden strands. But he’s here. He can feel a few potential bruises and scrapes from when he instinctively dropped into his panic ball but- he’s here. He can feel. He’s alive, and he hasn’t been hurt, and– he needs to get home.

Sniffling, rubbing at his face in a futile attempt to remove any evidence of what happened, Tweek stands himself up. Makes sure he has everything on him. And runs.

In your own words, restate rule #11.
we follow canon base relationships in this household

I admire your usage of the phrase ‘in this household.’ Anyway, you’re in.


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Butters Stotch Application

Your nickname and age: Aleaha & 20
Your character and their age: Butters & 25

A total of three headcanons:

  • It’s been a couple years since anyone in the town of South Park have seen Butter’s parents. They seemed to have up and left in the middle of the night with no notice to their close friends, and neighbors. When asked about their spontaneous disappearance Butter’s will simply answer “they’re on vacation in Nebraska,” and leave it at that. 

  • Butter’s college years were difficult for him – and, lead to him dropping out after this junior year with partial-degree progress in business. He insists that he plans on returning to finish his education when he’s saved up some money but… ends up spending everything he earns on unnecessary things. As of right now he’s the manager at the local grocery store and often works the front registers. On the side he’s the keyboardist in Stan’s band.

  • As can be expected, he is not mentally well and doesn’t attempt to combat his illnesses. “Professor Chaos” is still alive and present. Take that as a warning. 

Paragraph Prompt:

Listen, when Butters woke up his morning he didn’t *plan* on getting peed on like a public toilet. That’s incredibly unhygienic and he’s not really into the type of power-insecurity that requires this type of act to persist. However, here he is: kneeling, willingly, below R. Kelly while he takes a leak. You’re probably wondering how he got here. Well… it all started at 9:00 AM that morning.

“I bet you’re actually into a lot of weird shit.” Cartman had laughed, a cup of coffee in his hands. The boys had agreed to meet for breakfast after a long distance from each other. “I am not.” With a huff he sulks back into his chair, puffing out his cheeks. “Pee is gross! I don’t know why anyone would agree to act like a gosh darn bathroom when we have real ones all around us. Besides, I took a shower last night! I wouldn’t want to have to take another one just because someone can’t-not pee their trousers!”

“Oh yeah?” Fast forward to the end of their breakfast, with Butters shuffling in his seat. “Ah fellas, I think I gotta go. I’ll be right back.” Up he goes and hurries off to the secluded space that’s the bathroom. However, it’s locked. Butters groans and knocks on the door – “Hello? Could you please hurry! I’ve had a lot to drink today…” Inside, a voice booms, almost surreal. “Let me pee on you.”


“Let me pee on you, and then I will let you come in.”
    What a strange request. The boy shuffles on his feet, glancing back to where the diner is with the boys. Uh… well, it’s fine. He’s about to leave anyways and he’ll just shut his eyes. “Okay, fine, but please be quick.” 

So that brings us here, with Butters kneeling down and R. Kelly magically above him with a golden stream of – gross. (I hate that you made me write this.) 

Rule #11: Maintain relationships that are prevalent in the show – with wiggle room for character development.
You’re in.


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Tamagotchi On App Update: 1.2.1

Bandai America has just released another update to the beloved Tamagotchi On App! As per usual, nothing crazy new here. The update includes minor bug fixes and new event data, perhaps they are laying down the groundwork for the upcoming holiday season! There is also a message on the notifications feature in the Tamagotchi On app reminding users to update their application to the latest version. Happy updating!

My bby boy

Harry Potter

Mun Name: Lucy

Mun Age: 18


Muse Name: Hálogi

Country: 2p Norway

Age: 11 years old

House: Hufflepuff

Year: First Year

Personality: Hálogi is quite energetic, yet his smiles always hold a sense of sorrow and anger. He is devoid of love and affection that he flinches once someone comes close to him. He isn’t prone to tears quickly in front of a crowd, but would cry only in a place he was sure he is left alone. He can be sometimes violent and would start lash out, only would he start to freak out realising how his emotions got out. He is very confused with love and happiness. Though it’s easy to see how Hálogi tries to not to go home during Christmas and begs to stay even for the summer:

Appearance: Hálogi has a lighter brown hair which is very fluffy yet very long. He would usually tie his hair back. He covers a burn mark that is prominent over his right side of his eye. He wears a lot of long sleeves due to the fear that people would see his scars even during the summer. He is seen wearing a lot of layers. He has red eyes. He only stands 4’5.

Do they have a familiar? If so, what kind?: He has a mouse named Noi