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Our method is to convince and persuade the officer to grant your application. As you may know, under the , any mistake can result in refusal and being thrown back into the pool of candidates.

Our method is to convince and persuade the officer to grant your application. As you may know, under the , any mistake can result in refusal and being thrown back into the pool of candidates.

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Notre équipe sera également au Congrès Départemental des Maires et des Présidents d'Intercommunalités le 29 Mars à Roanne au stand de La Poste

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Technique: For wet apply to hair and into place. Follow with 12-AVSVS Design Spray for hold. For full look apply to towel dried hair and comb through with blow dryer. contains that &

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fox-nb-little is my little blog!!! We’re a system little and a regressive (two different people) and we both wanna be here!!! ^-^ (Fox is regressor and I’m System little!!!)

Hello and welcome to agerepreskool!! We’re happy to have you both - mod bunny

My Tamagotchi Forever: 3.4

The updates keep coming! To celebrate the first anniversary of the My Tamagotchi Forever application, additional functionality and a whole new game & icon has been added!

Bandai is offering cake in the kitchen with a big XP boost to thank all of their loyal players for their support over the past year! In addition, there is a new arcade game, 2048 which is a super fun puzzle. The flower spinner in the living room has new rewards which align with other daily gifts.

Did you notice the new updated app icon? It’s super cute and continues to feature the beloved Mametchi! Lastly, the update contains small UI updates across the entire game, with more coming soon!

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- ̗̀✰ •【 ELLIOT FLETCHER / TRANS MALE / TWENTY-THREE 】announcing the arrival of his royal highness, ( FREDRICK LEHTINEN ), the  ( CROWN PRINCE ) of ( FINLAND ). I’ve heard that he is ( REBELLIOUS ) & ( STUBBORN ) but can also be ( GENEROUS ) & ( CREATIVE ). ( FREDRICK ) is arranged to marry (  PIPER KENNEDY ). Rumor has it ( HE ALMOST GOT ARRESTED FOR VANDALISM LAST YEAR ). We hope you enjoy your stay at London!【 OOC: drew, twenty-one, est, he/him 】

- ̗̀✰ •【 LANA CONDOR / CIS FEMALE / TWENTY 】announcing the arrival of her royal highness, ( AMALIA WALBURGA PONIATOWSKI ), the  ( PRINCESS ) of ( POLAND ). I’ve heard that she is ( CYNICAL ) & ( STOIC ) but can also be ( RESPONSIBLE ) & ( DEDICATED ). ( AMALIA ) is arranged to marry ( UTP ). Rumor has it ( SHE IS IN CONTACT WITH HER BIRTH MOTHER AND BAILED HER OUT OF JAIL ). We hope you enjoy your stay at London!【 OOC: drew, twenty-one, est, he/him 】

ACCEPTED!! Welcome to Buckingham Palace your highness FREDRICK, AMALIA & DREW, you have 24 hours to get settled. Elliot Fletcher, Lana Condoer & the crown prince of Finland, the princess of Poland are now taken !!

I’m a little worried bout submitting dis because my main bwog is semi nsfw but I can’t submit from my side blog n I don’t wanna trigger anyone!! Don’t follow to my main blog!!

Hi Ash! Thank you for letting us know and welcome to our preskool! - mod bunny


First, About yourself!

Name: Wolfy/Floof
Are you 18+: Yes
Main Blog: askdoctoroliver
We use Discord to communicate, will that be a problem? Nope :3

Now, about your character!

Nation: 2p Nyo England
Human or Monster: Monster
If Monster, what Monster?: Jackalope 
Do you have any rough ideas for them yet? Occupation, Looks?*: Forensic Scientist

Where do you think they would lean? (Monsters > Humans, Humans > Monsters Humans = Monsters, Doesn’t give a fuck)*: Doesn’t care

What Kind of Blog will it be? Art? Written? Cosplay?:
Art mostly; my art is inconsistent though i am sorry

anonymous asked:

Preferred name: Mattie Pronouns: he/him Big/lil age: 15/ 2-6 Blog name: onetinyboy Triggers: anything loud Likes: art, animals, music, swimming, outdoors (the forest), witchcraft, and theatre Birthday month: May (Hope it's okay that it shows up anon, I don't want my main blog to show up d:)

That’s totally okay! Welcome to our preskool Mattie! - mod bunny

a-fox-in-the-woods  asked:

Name: Sam pronouns: he/him, they/them, and it/its big age:16 little age: 3 to 8 little blog: fox--baby triggers: self harm, yelling, the show family guy and shows with the same art style (American dad, ect), suicide threats and the slurs f*g, f*ggot, and tr*nny, i like plushies, claw machines, foxes, pastels, bugs, spiders, cute things, pacies, sippy cups, music and pokemon to name a few, and my birth month is September

Welcome to our preskool Sam! - Mod bunny
Phantom Thieves kin blog Application
Hello! Make sure to fill out each question correctly. Make sure to check the banner of the blog for which characters are avaliable. At the moment, just Joker is there, and the rest are blacked out. When a new moderator is accepted, the banner is updated with their character. All the Phantom Thieves members are on the banner. So you may app for anyone but Joker. Thank you for reading and apping.

Once again, I’m back to inform that the position of Mod Panther & Mod Skull  is now open again for application! If you wish to become a mod of this group, please answer this and I will contact you within a short time period! The applicant from the last time hasn’t answered thus far, so i’m reopening applications.

- Mod Joker