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Congratulations Rhi! You’ve been accepted as your first choice of Shawn Mendes! Please send in the account within 24 hours!

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Welcome to I have no consistency in muse names-

About Mun:

Name: Obfu

Age (+18 or -18 is fine too): -18

Pronouns: she/her I don’t really mind tho

Blog you run: @ask-miraculous-nyopoland

Will using discord be a trouble for you?: Nope not at all!

About the muse:

Country: Nyo! China

Human name: Wang YuChun 王 玉春

Age: 27

Occupation (salesman, pirate, royalty, pirate, guard etc.): Pirate/Captain

Appearance: her colour scheme is majorly Red + gold and her long black hair is usually tied up to not get in the way of things. She wears a vest and men’s trousers/clothes to blend in, but also bc skirts and stuff hinder your movement.

Personality: Lively and strong much like a fire, despite seeming to be very carefree and bubbly she is very cunning and relentlessly persistent.

Are they good or bad?: Bad? I guess?

What kind of blog will it be? (Art, written, cosplay?): Art with some written


Application Template

About Mun:

Name: Jamie

Age (+18 or -18 is fine too): 20

Pronouns: he/him

Blog you run: ask-miraculous-liechtenstein

Will using discord be a trouble for you?: nah fam

About the muse:

Country: 2P France

Human name: Vincent Chevalier 

Age: 36

Occupation (salesman, pirate, royalty, pirate, guard etc.): Pirate

Appearance: Messy dirty blonde hair, violet, tired eyes.  He wears a black button up shirt that stays partially unbuttoned, wears bandaging around his chest for whatever reason. Wears brown trousers and black leather boots.

Personality: He doesn’t talk very much so his face and body expresses more than him speaking. He might seem grumpy, but he’s a sweetheart and just wants to be a dad to everyone thats younger than him. He’s only really doing this because he felt he had no alternative.

Are they good or bad?: bad i guess though qwq i’d say more inbetween.

What kind of blog will it be? (Art, written, cosplay?): art and written prolly uwu

Application Template

About Mun:


Age (+18 or -18 is fine too):


Blog you run:

Will using discord be a trouble for you?:

About the muse:


Human name:


Occupation (salesman, pirate, royalty, pirate, guard etc.):



Are they good or bad?:

What kind of blog will it be? (Art, written, cosplay?):

Application - Henrietta Biggle

About the mun!

  • Name/nickname: Sqwid
  • Age: 20
  • Discord: you know
  • Pronouns: they/she
  • Extra: None

About the muse! 

  • Name: Henrietta Biggle
  • Gender: Cis Female
  • Age: 22
  • Sexuality: Bi, prefers girls
  • Faction: Factionless
  • Five or more headcanons: 

-She’s a satanist witch who firmly believes that the apocalypse is Satan’s reckoning and it’s her job to… assist in that job.

-While she’s lot some weight from a lack of easy access to food, she made up that in muscle mass

-She’s still as goth as can be, at least in this environment. However, she had to make some adjustments in order to be able to move around  more agile and stealthily

-Hoards any cigarettes and tubes of lipsticks she can find… the lipsticks have multiple uses

-She’s become a cold, hard, badass bitch but… deep down she still misses her closest goth friends since she went off on her own for whatever reason (to discuss with other goths probably)

  • Roleplay example:

Henrietta was tired. It had been a long ass day, and it wasn’t until past sundown when she had finally stumbled across a place to stay the night. Then, it had taken even longer to clean out the joint, damn place was infested. However, it was a nice vacation home in the mountains, clearly previously belonging to a well off family. It was large, containing many bedrooms with soft, big beds. Exactly what she had been missing. So, she had found herself in the master bedroom, a room with a view and equipped with a nice big fireplace, perfect.

So, she curled herself up into the blankets of the bed, enjoying the warmth of the flames from the fire she had built. “Ah. Being a servant of the dark lord really does reap it’s benefits, doesn’t it?” Oh that’s right, she’s not alone in the bed either. “I don’t even really care but all the conformists are suffering, finally getting what they deserve, and I get to be content knowing I was right about the world being shit all along. ” Henrietta shuffles in bed, pulling out a bright red tube of lipstick from her pocket. Black or purple lipstick wasn’t exactly easy to come by nowadays, so she had to make do with what she could find. However, she wasn’t applying it on herself.

Henrietta screws the bottom of the tube, letting a good length of lipstick come out before she turns to her partner in bed. She drags the lipstick across their face, before sighing, and kicking the lifeless body out of the bed and onto the floor. “Tragic.” She laughs to herself, curling up in the covers. “You never even got to turn into our lord’s minions.”

Accepted! You’re already on the server,so no need to send you a link again

Here I am, back again.

About the mun!

  • Name/nickname: Red
  • Age: 21
  • Discord: U got it
  • Pronouns: They/Them
  • Extra: He’s extremely minor but I love him so much

About the muse! 

{Can be canon or OC. Check up the master list for open canon characters and OC rules on OCs beforehand}

  • Name: Elvin Cartman
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 16
  • Sexuality: Is a Child
  • Faction: Factionless 
  • Five or more headcanons: 

- Has been wandering around by himself after his parents got brutally killed, trying to find other family members to reconnect with so he can kill them. They wronged him, and he hates them all. He’s killed pretty much everyone in Nebraska who didn’t already die.

- His cat got torn apart pretty early in the game so he now has a pet Iguana that rides on his shoulders called Bear. She bites literally anything that isn’t him.

- Is a cannibal. It’s easier to survive eating people then it is eating anything else. 

-Lures people to their doom pretty easily, because he’s cute. 

- Trying to find Eric to finish the job.

  • Roleplay example: 

There’s the steady sound of something dripping off his bat, as he stares down at the carnage that used to be his parents. drip, drip, his eyes swivel to the side, and see Fred, the big horrible asshole cowering at the bottom of the stairs. 
He’d slipped well trying to escape and fell down them and hurt himself. Which means the Elvin is going to have an easier time with this, slowly dragging his bat over to the staircase, Elvin raises it above his head, ignoring the pleas of his obese older sibling as he brought it down upon his head once, twice, then a multitude more times until the walls painted red. 
They can’t hurt him now, like this. An apocalypse is just what he needed to finally get rid of them.  
Behind him, a tiny meep caught his attention and he turns to see his cat sitting in a pool of blood. 
“Oh. Bear. You’re going to stain.” He hissed and leaned down to lift her up. Wiping her paws off on his shirt. “How about we go to nan and gramps place next, huh? Won’t that be fun?“ 

Accepted! You’re already on the server,so no need to send you a link again


Hi! This blog post is for anyone wanting to apply to university! I will try to outline predicted grades, the UCAS process, writing personal statements and the chaos that is results day! WARNING: this post will probably be very lengthy 


  • What are they?- These are the grades sent by your school to the university, telling them what they expect you to get. They may be based on exam results, and if they are, your school probably predict you a grade higher than those results. 
  • They are very important. These are probably the most important deciding factor as to whether you will be made an offer. Don’t put all your hope into your personal statement - some schools such as medicine barely look at the personal statement! Universities want students who will pass their courses to make them look good. 
  • Get them as high as possible. This can be done in so many ways. Maybe you can negotiate them, maybe you can’t. My school did year 12 exams to form a basis of predicted grades so if your school have a similar set of exams! STUDY LIKE HELL for them. 
  • They’re a guide. Use these grades when you apply to universities. i.e. don’t apply to AAA universities if you’re predicted an ABB etc. You want to secure yourself an offer so check entry requirements against your predicted grades.


UCAS is the organisation for applying to UK based universities. The process is simple: make an account, produce an application, send off internally within your school, send to UCAS, send to uni, get an interview (possibly), confirm your offers! Below, I’ve outlined some general tips for the UCAS process:

  • Do it ASAP - if you’re wanting to study medicine you have to send yours off earlier than other applicants, however, if you’re not an aspiring medic I recommend trying to meet the medics deadline as you’re likely to get offers back quicker! It also gets it out of your head and it’s one less thing to stress about.
  • Add qualifications you haven’t got yet. Add your A-level subjects. Obviously, you won’t have a grade but leave it as pending. Do the same for other qualifications such as courses too. Some teachers don’t tell you this.
  • Negotiate your predicted grades. If you need your predicted grades higher than what you’re being given, go ask them to increase it. Show your teachers evidence that you deserve a better grade, and I’m sure they will do something to help. Make it clear you’re willing to do extra work if needed.
  • Ask for help. Use your teachers! They’ve done this a million times and they’re there for you to use them! Ask them about your references, ask for help with your personal statement. 


Okay, so here is where it gets long. I’ll try to keep everything somewhat concise but it will get very long! 

  • What is it? Your personal statement is likely your only opportunity to try and ‘sell yourself’ to universities since most courses at most universities don’t interview. You send the same one to all your unis (even if you apply to different courses!) 4000 characters and 47 lines limit is your limit (you’ll probably hit the line limit first - keep copying and pasting it into UCAS to check this!)
  • How do you structure one? 80% academic, 20% extracurricular is generally a good guide.
  • paragraph 1, intro: talk about your interest in the subject you’re applying for! (not just ‘i’ve always been good at it/liked it’) talk about WHY you want to study the course, universities are looking for passion!
  • paragraph 2: what have you done to develop your interest? trips, books, wider reading - both in and out of school/college. link it to your subject! talk about work experience and link it back to your subject of interest!
  • paragraph 3: non-academic achievements e.g. Duke of Edinburgh - talk about the skills you’ve gained. if you’re doing a gap year, why/what are you doing etc - benefits?
  • paragraph 4, summary: short, just a few lines. final impression. recap - this should summarise why you want to study your subject!


  • Don’t name any universities! They don’t know who you’re applying to so don’t mention any! Leeds uni won’t accept you if you rattle on about Nottingham uni!
  • Be authentic and original! These people are going to read thousands of these personal statements - make yours something interesting to read!
  • Avoid cliches and jokes: “an experience I will remember for the rest of my life” of course you’re going to remember it! Don’t say generic things like this!
  • UCAS use sophisticated plagiarism software! Don’t copy something off the internet etc! You WILL get caught out
  • Draft and re-write until it’s absolutely perfect!
  • Make connections between interests and your course! Everything should link back to why you want to study your subject of choice!
  • if you’re capitalising names of subjects, be consistent
  • Mention books you’ve read, but mention specific chapters covered in those books. don’t name-drop, make sure you’ve at least read the part you talked about 


  • What do I wear? You do not need to stress out about what to wear - it isn’t as important as you think. Obviously, don’t go in joggers and a hoodie and don’t go in a really short skirt/dress. Wear something you would wear to sixth-form or work, and you’ll be just fine. 
  • Subject knowledge. Go with knowledge. You never know what questions you might be asked. Make sure you have enough to show that you are interested in the subject. Ensure you know a few basics on the course, and also what’s on your course. Look through the course spec and pick something that you’re really interested in doing so you can talk about it. 
  • You don’t have to be a genius- So many people read up on everything possible in their subject, but that’s not needed. It’s okay to answer a question with ‘I don’t know, but I might research that later.” It shows initiative and passion to learn. You’re not expected to know everything - that’s why you’re applying to study further. 
  • Personality- This is going to be important. The university already know how smart you are, and they already like you. They want to see who you are as a student, they want to see what you will bring to the school so just be yourself!


  • Conditional offers. These are offers given to you on the condition that you achieve a certain grade. Now, these can often be negotiated. Some may lower offers from ABB to BBB if you put them as your firm choice.
  • Unconditional offers. These are basically where you get the offer no matter what. Sometimes they will say that you only get an unconditional offer if you accept it as a firm choice. This is such a benefit and while you’re doing your exams, you will wish for this. However, if you’ve got an unconditional, don’t let it ruin your motivation. You still need your grades. But also don’t accept the unconditional because it’s a safe route - you could put the unconditional as your insurance.
  • Accepting offers. Don’t rush into it. Wait until you get all your offers, have a think and make an informed choice. 
  • It’s YOUR choice. Don’t reject an offer because others say it’s not the best. Pick the university you think is best for you. If others complain it’s too far away, or it’s not high up enough on league tables, forget them. This is your choice, and your future; not theirs.
  • Getting rejected. Don’t worry. There will be other unis/ Just apply again, go through extra. Maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe you don’t really want uni. Maybe you needed those rejections to show you that. Or maybe you’ll see how much harder you need to work. Either way, everything will turn out okay.


  • The night before. Get a lot of sleep, have a good breakfast and wake up feeling positive.
  • Don’t think about it. At least not until the week before. Thinking about it will make you stressed.
  • Social media is a bitch. It feels like the whole world is posting about how well they did and what university they got into and what presents they have been bought. You’re not obliged to tell people what you got.
  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. They have different life experiences and different shit going on in their life, they have a different way of working and of remembering things, and they are not you.
  • You know that friend that doesn’t do any work and then does really well anyway? It will catch up with them. And they will need you to be there and care for them. They are not a bad person. They are just lucky.
  • Your grades do not define your worth as a human being. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s important, so needs to be said twice.
  • If you didn’t get what you wanted, it is ok to be sad and to wallow for a little while. It hurts, a lot, but I promise that it won’t feel like that forever. There are so many brilliant things that are going to happen to you, and experiences that you will have, there is so much to look forward to. Be strong, be brave, you’ve got this.
  • If you didn’t get the grades you wanted, there are other options: apply again next year, take a gap year do some work experience or extra studying, do some resists, go through clearing etc.

Woo, so I think I covered just about everything. I am currently in year 12 so I haven’t gone through the whole stress of A-level results day but I hope this was still helpful nonetheless and if anyone has any questions send me a message!



Discord Event Application!

MUN GENDER: Nonbinary (I use He/him)
MUN AGE: 20, 21 in less than a month

MUSE NAME: Rouxls Kaard
MUSE SPECIES: Slime monster
IS YOUR MUSE BRINGING A GIFT (FOR LANCER)?: Yes! It’d be criminal if he didn’t all things considered
Rouxls Kaard is an eccentric Darkner who was appointed Duke of Puzzles by the previous King. Even though he very, very bad at his job he thinks he’s the greatest gift to the Dark World. He talks in very butchered, broken Shakespearean English because he thinks it makes him sound smart and scholarly - but really it makes him sound stupid. He *is* stupid but we love him anyway. He is very parental toward Lancer, after Lancer adopted him as his Lesser Dad. That job he is good at.
-He has some weird properties with his body considering he’s made of slime, including but not limited to melting when he’s stressed. His body is about the density of stim slime. When he’s very melty his body has the density of oobleck.




Mun: Othello

18+, yay or nay: Nay


Muse (country/human name): Nyo! Finland, Viiva Väinämöinen

Muse age: 11

Muse birthday: December 06

Appearance: Light Blonde bobbed hair with soft violet eyes. Her face is round with an overall gentle, welcoming look to her.


Mun: Niiue

Gender: fluid

Age: 19

Muse: Retfuze

Blog: trashed-vessel

Species: Human

Darkner, lightener, neither?: Neither

Gift?: Heck Yeah!

Bio: A human vessel, created to be promptly thrown out. She’s a major oddball, probably due to the fact she’s technically still incredibly young.

Misc info: Ret has quite a liking for spears. It’s her go-to weapon!

Mod?: no



Let's be Honest, This is All Probably His Doing

About the mun!

  • Name/nickname: Alex (Me again)
  • Age: 25
  • Discord: You already have it
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Extra: waves vigorously

About the muse! 

  • Name: Damien Thorn
  • Gender: Usually He/Him pronouns but can change forms at will.
  • Age: 22
  • Sexuality: Pansexual
  • Faction: Factionless Survivor
  • Five or more headcanons: 
    - The vast majority of his life has been spent in hell so it’s kind of a coin toss what he does and doesn’t know.
    - He has no concept of personal space and tends to be a blunt asshole unintentionally. It’s kind of surreal because occasionally he’ll flip some switch and become incredibly charming at will.
    - He really doesn’t want to be evil but he usually is just on instinct or due to his warped perception of what’s acceptable. He’s developed to be generally pretty outgoing and approachable, or tries to be anyway.
    - Has a hellhound named Sprinkles. 
    - Weird infatuation with ice cream and frozen things? Hot things have gotten kind of boring. 
    - Always has a feverish body temperature. 
    - Fireproof 
    - Antichrist magic bullshit 
    - Doesn’t bother hiding his tail anymore. Everyone knows who he is. 
    - Will bite the shit out of you before anything else if you try to fight him. 
    - Strange sense of humor. Sometimes it’s flat and sometimes it’s just??? Weird. 
    - Loves everything occult and/or usually regarded as a bad omen. (Black Cats, Skulls, etc.) 
    - Oddly fixated on roses. 
    - Bury him in dogs. 
    - Major Gambling problem. 
    - Please play games with him.
  • Roleplay example: 

    He’s very aware that with every angry, toddler-like stomp he’s igniting the grass under his feet. He can’t help himself, though- not when his emotions are running so high. It’s not his fault humans don’t understand basic respect, so why is Pip “cross” with him for teaching them a lesson? Fuck, that’s the worst word Pip could’ve used too, the irony. He’s not really trying to be bad, either. He’s putting in the effort! He just… doesn’t really get the human standards for right an wrong. Side-effects of growing up in hell, raised by Satan, clearly.

    The demon whirls around on his heels, tail thrashing and teeth bared at the people (and paramedics) behind him. “You WILL submit the proper tribute to me to beg my forgiveness, Phillip!” The others are of no concern to him at this point. “A thousand years of suffering onto all who dare defy me. Fire will reign upon you! Bring forth the offerings to bestow your apologies, or forever feel the wrath that comes with being a fucking cuck!

Accepted! You’re already on the server,so no need to send you a link again