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Week one down ladies and gentleman, otherwise known as 7

Quick recap then food stuffs. Up and at em bright and early for my overtime. There was a huge accident on the interstate that shut it for for over an hour. Not much is less pleasant than a screaming baby in the backseat and no way to fix it. I ended up giving her some of jamis’ snacks to gnaw on because all I had was frozen milk packs or her actual food, food that isn’t necessarily portable. We survived. The day was tedious with nothing but chart audits, really can’t complain when you’re getting paid double time though, so I just rolled with it.

Went to the gym over lunch break, was able to run close to 3 miles in my 35 minutes, goal is to consecutively run 10 minute miles, and while over 30 minutes I’ll only get 3 miles in, I feel good about that pace and was able to keep my stride between 5-6.2 mph through the 30 solid run minutes, I did a warm up at 3 and slow down and 4, 3 and 2, then stretching. On Wednesday’s when I’m running at home I can get in 45 minutes and I’m hoping that when I’m home on sundays and we actually have a workable schedule, that’ll be my long run, 60-90 minutes. This may not be what most avid runners strive for, it’s what fits in my schedule though and I’m thinking it’s a workable goal.

Came home to the new fridge - LOVE. Hubs and his dad actually had to take out a faux cabinet/walled section so we can open that bad boy, but it’s lovely and looks primo. It’s this black stainless steel lover and we are slowly over the next few years (knowing us, months) going to replace one appliance at a time. The stove is next my friends and it is S-E-X-Y. Oh momma can’t wait. There’ll be an independent post about its sheer hotness at some future point. It’s coming.

So good day, the money tree is going to shake out a covered porch over our back stoned patio and it’s all good. The garage looks so awesome, it’s cool to have the extra fridge out there and I’m looking forward to the extra storage for beverages, space for sale items, it’ll be tres cool - the expression not the rockstar.

For noshing -

-usual morning with coffee, water, sparkling water and hot tea

- broke fast at 1300 with leftover salmon patties and asparagus - it was actually more delicious the second go, I had another coffee, because why not and snack an hour or so later was a lemon larabar - my crack

- more water, hot tea and home for dinner which was fish stick tacos. When you have a freezer full of kid stuffs and you didn’t go to the grocery because you’re getting a new fridge, you get creative, they were surprisingly quite tasty. I topped with slaw, and had made a crock full of pintos in beef broth yesterday that I topped with salsa and a dollop of sour cream as a side. Side note, sour cream = the number one reason why my soul can never go vegan and I only had a table spoon, not a bowl full which is my secret desire. Then I was bad and made a third coffee, a flat white with coconut milk and it was just as amazing as all the other coffees I’ve enjoyed today.

Let’s all be creative, it’s fun and holds its own power xx

5, the day that held promise, went in the toilet, then miraculously became awesome again

Long story short, our fridge has a broken ice maker and water dispenser in the door, we’ve tried to replace the parts, effed with it for a couple years and no dice. So we’ve been talking about replacing it with a new one in the kitchen, then putting the old one in the garage for cases of drinks, extra milk and what not for the kids, some adult beverages, Etc.

There was a big labor day sale, hubs had discussed our plans with his parents and they wanted to give us some money for Christmas towards the fridge. Everyone forgot that my mom had just had surgery, I had taken off work to be at the hospital and at home with her for the first week post-op and decided that this would be the PERFECT time to get the fridge. Um no, ladies houses need ladies efforts. I don’t want anyone a) picking out my fridge, b) arranging my fridge, c) adding to my overful plate of stress by upending my house while my mom is recovering from surgery, d) the garage needed sorting for a place to put the old fridge prior to purchase (hello). I was able to put them off for a full week - eyeroll. So the new fridge is coming Monday.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s dope. I’m having appliance porn in my dreams, I am excited. This morning however, is my standing 8am yoga class, who Mr. I married the worst memory alive, forgot about and pitched an unholy fit when I was getting ready to head out. Mind you, I have only been able to go to yoga twice in the past 3 weeks because of a plethora of things. I had picked the classes I did because they were the hour instead of 90 minutes, the time of day was more conducive for family time, blah blah blah. Insert argument where the end result was that I didn’t get to go to my class, surprise, surprise and we cleaned the flipping garage.

It needed it, it was a super gritty job and it’s still a work in progress, however, we are ready for the new fridge now. Also, since I missed my yoga class, I scrubbed the front porch. I haven’t removed the furniture, soaped it down and rinsed it off probably in 5 years, I swept it pretty regularly, but it was funky fresh. It looks great. I rearranged and repotted some plants, yadda, yadda, good effort. Then hubs grabbed me, gave me a knock out kiss, and sent me to the 4:30 pm, 90 minute class that I prefer.

So, not only were we super productive, which is stellar. I was able to go to yoga for the first time all week, and too boot, the class I really wanted. Mr. he’s my hero. Yeay!!!

With all the hubbub, food breakdown -

> coffee, water (though less that I actually need of water and more of coffee)

> broke fast at 1500 (?) with a lemon larabar and half a cheeseburger

> sparkling water, more water water

> dinner was amazing grace. I made these stuffed jalepenos from my garden, mix of mozerrela and sour cream and baked with steamed asparagus and these salmon patties that I whipped together. SO yum I really wanted another plate of it all, but I didn’t…. instead, I packed away leftovers for lunch next week. And double instead of snarfing the peanut butter cup cookes I made for the dudes, I’m having a flat white with coconut milk.

Adulting xx