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Wondering how to do this in ?🤔 Have a look at the cheat sheet for developers -

First steps to implement an for a - love the API overview for developers...

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To Make A Simple Button

import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;

public class filename extends Applet{
                      public void init(){
                              Button b=new Button(“Push”);
                              setLayout(new FlowLayout());


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Sometimes I think about this applet I want to design.  Today, let’s think out loud.

Let’s say you have ten items, and you want to rank them.  You input the items into the applet, and hit go.  It then presents you with two items at a time: you pick which is “better” than the other.  After enough questions, the items are ranked.

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Fixed - Applet path

Structure of project:


  • index.html
  • src/…
  • src/
  • libs/…
  • bin/… (after run applet standalone)

Config for applet tag in index.html file:

<applet codebase=“bin” width=“50%” height=“300” archive=“../libs/libbrary1.jar,../libs/libbrary1.jar”>

Day 4

Not much happened today in the way of programming. I was extremely productive, but to anyone reading, what I did probably sounds boring. I finished half of the book I had mentioned I started last post. During that time, I created the programs up to that point in the book:

  • slidepuzzle
  • simulate (simon says)
  • wormy (that snake game thing)

I was very pleased and happy to watch them run. Most of the programs have similar code, so as I program and review the code more, I am understanding better what it does. The downfalls of this teaching style may be, perhaps, that I’m not exactly sure what everything does when I begin writing it. However, I am excited to be learning what I am.

There is something I especially like about Python: the fact that I can put audio and graphics in the same file when the ting I’m creating is not an applet.

As you probably have noticed, I’ve only been coding in Java about four months, so forgive me if some of my thoughts aren’t entirely correct or I’m missing some important points of each language. I’ll probably look back later and realize how naive I was. 

Anyway, so far in Java, when I want to make a JFrame that has background music, I have to create a separate class that extends Applet and then create an object of that class in my program that extends JFrame. In Python, it appears that with the help of pygame, I don’t have to do all of that work. I like that a lot.