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Following with the Catenary, there's an interesting use which is the Catenary Arch. What curve is more like the Arch? The Parabola or the Ellipse? Play with the applet to see it.

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What is Applet? - is a that is written in the language which is embedded into an page. It cannot run on its own and needs to be included in another . Read More:

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Oracle patches Java exploits, toughens its default security levels (update: Apple does too)


Oracle hasn’t had a great start to 2013. It’s barely into the new year, and Apple and Mozilla are already putting up roadblocks to some Java versions after discoveries of significant browser-based exploits. The company has been quick to respond, however, and already has a patched-up version ready to go. The Java update goes one step further to minimize repeat incidents, as well – it makes the “high” setting the default and asks permission before it launches any applet that wasn’t officially signed. If you’ve been skittish about running a Java plugin ever since the latest exploits became public, hit the source to (potentially) calm your nerves.

Update: Apple has released its flavor of Java built for Macs with the appropriate patch as well.

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To Make A Simple Button

import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;

public class filename extends Applet{
                      public void init(){
                              Button b=new Button(“Push”);
                              setLayout(new FlowLayout());