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options: UK is playing Russian roulette with 5 shells in the gun!!

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Alright, . I’m listening. That trailer gave me all the feels. Continue...

一口氣多了8件新衣服,又可以穿一整年了,只是好像星期二不能搭配西裝穿~XD Got 8pcs of form &

Lawyer and TV personality Michael Avenatti was arrested yesterday for attempting to extort millions from Nike. Here are the 12 most outrageous details from the court filings. (via NYMag)

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Jana studeert. 


Apple IIGS - Your Tour of the Apple IIGS (1989) by Apple Computer Inc.

This was an orientation disk that came with the computer we got when I was 5 in 1986. It walked you through all the features of your new computer, b/c most people had never even SEEN a computer before. 

I used to play it like a game, over and over, bc it was presented as kind of a fun way to learn how to click, click and drag, use the arrows and other parts of the computer, but now it’s a fascinating period piece of what Apple expected ADULTS to learn how to do. 

20 mins but there’s a lot of downtime you can skip.

The sounds are vaporwave


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