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Apple Atlast launches Official $129 battery cases for iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR 61 Note: The new cases will still support wireless charging, too Like | Share | Follow

when your health insurance give you a $15 iTunes gift card for going to the dentist 🦷🤷🏽‍♀️😁

Glossaire] L'actualité de ces dernières semaines a été marquée par le premier d' depuis 2002. A quoi correspond donc ce terme ?

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Aprende todo sobre los archivos ocultos de MacOS, para qué sirven y cómo eliminarlos. Los archivos ocultos de MacOS X: DS Store y compañía, explicados por Alberto Lozano

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DuckDuckGo Integrates Apple Maps for Map and Address Searches

Apple’s A10 Fusion optimizes power consumption to give you more battery life

Apple introduced the iPhone 7 today. It’s 40 percent faster than last year’s A9, and twice as fast as the A8. It’s 240 times faster than the first iPhone. More interestingly, it’s a four-core CPU with two high-performance CPU cores and two “high efficiency” cores that run at one fifth the power to save battery life. This could drastically improve battery life… Read More

iOS 12 Jailbreak Bounty IRRELEVANT to Jailbreaker’s (iOS 12.1.2 - 12.1.3)