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How do you develop a scooter sharing app in 2020? QR Codes should be a key part of your strategy. via

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Build On-demand Marketplace using Hyperlocal Strategy

The business models are immensely diverse today as compared to those in the late nineties when digital businesses started to appear. One highly notable development is the emergence of the hyperlocal marketplace. These area-specific markets identify the needs in a relatively small region and provide products and services that commensurate to native requirements.


A Lot Of Times, People Don’t Know What They Want Until You Show Them.

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Top 5 Delivery Trends for 2020
E-Commerce emergence has increased the number of orders in the delivery industry. Meanwhile, the prevalence of smartphones and easier…
By Sarah Mathews

The number of online orders has significantly increased after the emergence of the E-commerce Industry. Now people prefer to do online shopping as it is comfortable and saves time. It is essential to make delivery processes efficient to provide better customer services.