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Appshunts - Process Followed by Mobile App Developers to make a successful mobile app

We are a team of experienced and professional mobile app developers. Our Mission is fulfilling your business goals and serving the best business-oriented affordable solutions.

We follow a smooth process from analyzing the business and customer to a smooth launch of your mobile app, also we ensure 24*7 Service once we complete the project and make it live.

On Demand Packers & Movers App Development

Moving a huge bundles of stuffs which accompanied the next destination is quiet tough when the tasks should be completed like packing, loading, transporting and unpacking. Not to mention that the unpacking task is the most challengeable chore for all sort of peoples. When all these three assigned to single person, then it will become quiet burden which can cause much problem like breaking and losing of precious things. To make it easier and feel better, packers and movers are available. They make the things easy and relived, plus packers and movers make sure that all things are handled with care and moved safely to assigned new destination.

 Need of On-Demand Packers & Movers App

To overcome the stress of packing and moving, most of the peoples started to approach service providers. It may give relax but the anxious feeling cannot be overcome so selecting the professional service provider through the on-demand packers and movers app became a preferable one among the people. The reasons are listed out below,

                                            Live Tracking

                                            Share Photo of Packed items

                                            Text & Call for quires

                                            Notification about the work

                                             Easy Transaction

 Packers & Movers App Demands

 This App is used by all sort of peoples and encouraged many start-ups to launch this business that is because of its prime demand among everyone. In this tech world, more than 85% of them are office goers or business people and mostly they prefer to relocate places where they get bright future. On those time they faces the tasks which makes them to feel like, those chores are like world difficult and impossible one . So, they started to preference of approaching professional packers and movers.

The preference changed into an demanding one and day by day its influence on people is embossed to peak. Every category of humans started to use app to enhance its demand.


The benefit of the on-demand packers and movers app is as follows,

  • Even after handovering the shifting work, none of them feel satisfied and prefer to stay with the service provider throughout the process. To overcome all these drawbacks, the app is built in this platform.
  • Here the service providers and customers can be relaxed without any stress. Customers can feel like they are with service providers by online tracking.
  • Service providers will update each move to admin and customers, which makes the things easy for all three parties.
  • Live tracking is boon when coming to this topic, because it makes the things secure and safe.
  • Scheduling in the calender save the precious time for both the service providers and customers.
  • Ratings and reviews are the most impressive option to expose their positive feedback which add enhance trademark.

 Trait of App

Before we move on to the characteristic of app, there is an important thing to be noted which is none other than the app functionality. The app splits and function as three major categories, they are

                             Admin Panel

                             Customer Panel

                             Service Provider Panel

Admin Panel

Admin Panel controls the full function of app, which act as heart. The information of the customers are sent to the movers, which is also stored in the admin memory. It act as bridge to connect both the user and service provider. Admin panel aid both other parties in emergency case through SOS option.

Customer Panel

Customer panel is accessed by the users, where they can create an account to describe themselves and to have access over their account. These accounts are held confidential between user and admin by password.

Users can send request to the service providers by analyzing both of their schedules.

Service Provider Panel

This service provider panel is owned by movers and packers, where they can schedule their business openly to get more appointments from clients. They will also provide offers to attract customers.

Live updation and tracking will make both parties to be under touch until the work completed successfully.

The features of the each panel is described in detail below,

Signup/Login - The very first activity is to create an account of users, which act as a key to access the app. Accounts can also be connected with social media accounts for easy login and fast recovery.

Profile - After login every panel members should create accounts, which helps to their identity and bio. Identity as service provider, admin or customer. The bio is applicable for movers and clients to describe about themselves.

Schedule - This scheduling option is attached to the calender, where the customers can checks the movers schedule to book them. This option aid service providers to check their own schedule and move to the right customer without any confusion.

Booking - Booking option is only applicable to the users, where they can book the packers and movers based on their needs and fare.

Request/Cancel - This option is used by both the user panel and service provider panel. Customer can cancel their request before conforming their appointment. Service providers also has the rights to cancel the request.

Tracking - Live tracking makes the customer feel better, it gives the tracking of work and where their things are moving while transporting.

Update - The updation of packing is sent to users through pictures, text or call. They can also give some instruction to movers through this option.

Payment - Multiple online payment option is provided by the admin panel, which also include hot cash. This flexible option is make both parties feel better and return for next business.

Rating & Review -  It is one of the favorite and tempting option for all users and business providers. This helps the customer to choose the best one instead of falling in wrong hands. The positive reviews and high rating are used as trademarks for business.

Three parties can have separate ratings and reviews to make the people to know about their brand. It is also one of the marketing strategy to market your brand among the people.

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