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Did you know that agile project management is an iterative and incremental approach to delivering requirements throughout the project cycle? From

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Creativity is behind all great ideas. Here's how to tap into yours, a framework to build your app, and 25 app ideas you can steal today: via

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[Case Study] How Supercharged ’ s Microservices Platform >> If you use - a must read. Free performance in the 1x% without changing a LOC. Never seen something like this in 30+ years

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since the app i’ve created is centered around food (something that i’ve always had love for in its purest forms), i figured i may as well include some foods that say a little about me

the fruits in these pictures (👉🏽papaya, passion fruit, coconut, limes, and mangos) were often found growing not only in my yard, but also around my island (St. Thomas, USVI 🇻🇮). I and I (so many others) were blessed to have had these home-grown fruits frequently incorporated into our diets. We would not only eat fruits raw, but also drink them in the form of locally-made fruit juices, specials (frozen fruit cups), or tarts (#teamcoconutforever)

As I’ve gotten older and became more active in the organizations at my school and abroad, I’ve seen that access to healthy foods is a privilege that many do not have. Living in a western world of over-consumption, it can be easy to overindulge all while wasting money and food. This is where my project comes into play

My app, named “Food Companion”, is designed to reduce household food waste. It is going to be 100% free, in an effort to provide accessibility for those who need it most. coded, designed, executed by me, so i call the shots 🤷🏽‍♀️. saw a problem, and I tackled it in one of the many ways I know how. soon to be on the Apple AppStore 😊

App developers unite! Or at least organize yourselves a bit better



It’s only right that the creative individuals behind a multi-billion dollar industry should have access to their own professional body, but for some reason the idea has yet to take hold. That could change at CES, when Jon Potter – formerly of the Digital Media Association – will start selling membership to a new outfit called the Application Developers Alliance. His pitch will open with the concept that “there’s an interesting space in the application developer community that isn’t really organized” and then move on to offer services like an online collaborative network, shared product-testing facilities, discount training schemes and cloud services, and even government lobbying over issues like privacy and IP. Who knows? That sort of thinking could ultimately lead to a fully-fledged union movement to stand up to fat-cat platform owners and let them know who’s boss, but first things first eh? Read more
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