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Hameedia launches ‘Made to Order’, yet another Sri Lankan first

Pro-Stretch can supply your company with a whole range of labels, tabs, patches and heat transfers, contact for all enquiries! 😁

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Fespa has announced the launch of Sportswear Pro, a new exhibition dedicated exclusively to manufacturing that will be held alongside the Global Print Expo 2020. Find out more here at:

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2019SW-BR (ブラックレインボー)

XS:△ S:✖ M:△ L:✖ XL:✖ 2XL:△ 3XL:✖ 4XL:△


XS:△ S:〇 M:〇 L:✖ XL:〇 2XL:△ 3XL:△ 4XL:△ 


XS:✖ S:✖ M:〇 L:〇 XL:〇 2XL:△ 3XL:✖ 4XL:△


XS:△ S:△ M:△ L:〇 XL:〇 2XL:△ 3XL:✖ 4XL:△



We have tons of mother’s day dresses in stock!

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