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I’ve been married 3 times and I’m so lonely

Literally about to give a damn TED talk to dudes on dating apps about WHAT TO NOT PUT ON YOUR DATING APP PROFILE.

1. Pictures with you lift your shirt up casually to show us you have abs….

2. I can deal with one or two hunting/fishing pictures but after 5 it’s a turn off to be honest.

3. Literally stop putting #Daddygang in your bio…I listen to the podcast and it’s a huge turn off because it means you most likely only want one thing.

4. At least post one photo of just yourself…if the same two dudes are in every single picture then I’m really not sure as to who I’m looking at.

Mun Info:

Name: Ruby

Age: 18

Pronouns: She/Her

Character Info: 

Name: Wendy Testaburger

Age: 17-18

Gender/Pronouns: Cis Female She/Her

Sexuality: Bisexual

At least 5 headcanons:

Wendy is absolutely determined to graduate as the Valedictorian in their class. School has been and continues to be incredibly important to her. She’s also class president.


She has a bit of a temper, but after the incident with Eric Cartman on the playground, she generally tries to resolve things without violence. Words are her weapon, along with her wits.


That being said, she does know how to defend herself and can throw a mean right hook. She attends self defense classes routinely and she is still very much a feminist.

She has a strong nurturing instinct, known as the “mom” friend.

She can be careless with others’ emotions, though that’s mostly due to the fact that she expects everyone else to be as intelligent or logical as her and they’ll easily reach the same conclusion as she did. Though it is usually unintentional and she still loves her friends very much and would do anything for them.

She still loves to ice skate and is quite good at it. Wendy overall, has a graceful air to her.

Rp sample


They said they would go to Hogsmeade tomorrow to avoid getting a detention from a certain Head Boy and so they did, around 9 p.m. 

The raven had changed back into her robes around ten minutes before they would leave. She added a lavender pea coat, a pair of black gloves, and a comfortable looking pair of earmuffs. As per usual, she was right on time at the spot The Three Broomsticks.

Hogsmeade really was beautiful in the winter. The grounds were covered in snow that would reflect the moonlight and the lanterns that hung gave off a warm glow, providing a relaxing atmosphere. Not to mention, it was mostly empty. Wendy took a moment to simply observe her surroundings and breath in the fresh cool air. The way the creaky signs swung back and forth from the slight breeze, the muffled noises of what the creatures of the night could be up to at this hour. She always was fond of silence. It was something taken for granted often.

It was peaceful. 

The silence was interrupted by the crunching sounds invading the air due to Bebe’s footsteps. She turned around to see her best friend and a small smile graced her lips. “Hello. About time I was starting to think you wouldn’t show up,” she teased. Despite the fact she herself was incredibly nervous being out past curfew. 


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