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Max. ______________ Game: Mad Max Developer: Avalanche Studios . . . . .

When discussing the inevitable spike in the national debt due to Republican financial policies, Trump replied: “Yeah, but I won’t be here.” for hundreds of more Trump drawings

Earth's Survivors America The Dead: Los Angeles. An apocalypse of epic proportions has shaken the Earth to it's core. The dead are growing intelligent, they have one thought in their rotting brains, destroy the that living ...

Zero Zero by Dell Sweet: Zero Zero takes a look at a post apocalypse world in ruins. The governments are gone. The police, the military. The United States is no more. And even the simplest things are hard to come by.

Does this rusted girder spark joy? Yes. Put it on the keep pile. How about this pile of cinder blocks? Certainly. And that's why we live in a rusting industrial paradise

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If you're missing electricity get five thousand people working in and around your home and that's just as good

He ran the numbers a dozen different ways, but the outcome was always the same. Two days. That's how long they had. Two days, and they were done. 99c . on

Next up in or . Founders are seriously brainstorming from Silicon Valley episodes. Kinda like traders making heroes of Gordon Gecko. What till Hannity gets a load of this.

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Y’all so idk if I’m just stupid or if y’all already thought of this but I think I know what the other ending is! It’s the original apocalypse. Sam gets possessed by Lucifer and Michael kills him wearing dean. It would make sense because that was how their story was originally supposed to end! And also there were a lot of parallels to Swan Song in this episode. Idk what do y’all think?

The chimpanzee and another ape, the bonobo, are humans’ closest living relatives. For a clear understanding of how closely they are related, scientists compare their DNA, an essential molecule that’s the instruction manual for building each species. Humans and chimps share a surprising 98.8 percent of their DNA. Human and chimp DNA is so similar because the two species are so closely related. Humans, chimps and bonobos descended from a single ancestor species that lived six or seven million years ago.

Well that’s a bunch of garbage, (not the science just the interpretation) it’s garbage because, they don’t have a clue what’s going on here! And that’s why I post, and try to explain , the incomprehensible the impossible to accept. If only there was some way to reach them, some why to get through. Get you to understand, get through your monkey DNA contaminated Minds! That is what Christ did for you! They’ve lowered you to this dismal state of incomprehensibilities, understanding ability! What has happened to the human race is not a natural evolution! This is a scientific manipulation by highly intelligent beings. Actually us! What we were, before they did this act of evil. They created The Human Condition for manipulating purposes for a conductive environment for them to move freely within. With tremendous Computing abilities at their disposal and through trial and errors, they finally succeeded in the manipulatable man, some of the documentation can still be found in Mayan literature. The Spanish devastated obliviated the Mayan culture destroying a wealth of scientific experimental work, that was recorded! That was the whole purpose for sending the Spanish to South America the cleanup of a wealth of scientific and psychological research.


The Sublime…. by Richard Kittel
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St. Michael Archistrategos. This is my latest icon and also my largest painting ever at about 24" X 30". These photos are all pretty poor and I will probably replace them with better ones in the future, if I can even manage to get better photos, since paintings are difficult for me to reproduce. Plus, when I uploaded them to Flickr, they all seemed to change slightly and not for the better.




Inking: APOCALYPSE! Uncanny X-Men #8. My inks over @rbsilva_comics ’s pencils.

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Intentions 18

Page 1.

Dear Marco,

I hope this letter finds you well. You were dropped in severe conditions but I believe you have the skills needed to survive. Star is lucky to have you on her side. Without going into detail I believe you are off on the right foot. The Kindom of Mewni was saddened by your choice but also understands it was your choice to make. Hope to see you again in the future.

With love,


P.S. I should have said yes.


Page 2.

Okay. That letter was for you to keep. And keep it you must for both our sakes. That way if asked you can honestly say you did receive a letter from me and even produce that copy as proof. Everything from here on out I need you to write it down on a separate piece of paper and once finished getting all the important information burn these pages and throw them down the well at the old cabin across the road. I’m serious. Both our lives depend on it.

I won’t provide you with details you don’t need. The clone who I am sure you have met by now does not have any further information. Marco, if you pull off what I am proposing then there will be quite the upheaval in Mewni.

First bit of info I need to tell you is something I found out about while staying with you and Star. And you cannot tell her until the time is right. And I could be wrong as well.

Stars spell while reckless did not cause the eruptions. It would have done exaclty what she expected, made that one geyser erupt. Nothing more. I suspect she was framed but that is all the detail I’m willing to give about that. So cut her some slack.

With that out of the way we need to get you two back to Mewni without using scissors or my portals.

Marco, several centuries ago there was magic on earth. A lot of it. As you know there is a well on Mewni. Actually there are two. One is deep in the forest of certain death. The other you know about. Earth had sixteen. It cornered the market on Magic. A queen had them found and sealed. Magic is a slowly renewing resource. And earth was using a lot of it. The fairy tales you learned as a child are inspired by creatures that stayed near the wells. There are four within traveling distance to you. They have all been capped using magic. They can only be opened using magic. Star is the key. Don’t let her waste her magic on unneeded things. I have included coordinates for the wells. One is in the State if Oregon. One in the state of Florida. One is in Yellow Knife Canada. The last one near you is in the state of Ohio. The one in Florida is likely under water at this point. Oregon may not be reachable due to seismic activity. The snow pack in Canada may be too deep to traverse. I don’t know if the Ohio one will be much better.

If you can uncap one of these Star will have full access to the Magic Realm again. She’ll be able to do virtually anything.

And you two can get back to Mewni.

But Star won’t be able to function in the realm. You’ll have to guide her from well to well once inside to find the right one. And there are thousands.

And the distance inside the realm can be infinite. So just because you get one uncapped doesn’t mean you would be able to find a Mewni one quickly. Which is why I’m going to do some research on my end. Included in this envelope is a small piece of my scissor. It will allow me to portal to your location directly. Do not lose it, Muscles.

One other thing, I really meant what I said. I should have said yes. I miss you Marco. And I will always love you. Please be careful.

And don’t tell Star the truth till the time is right. You’ll know. You always do.

All my love,