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Book - Voices from the Canefields: Folksongs from Japanese Workers in HT

Toute ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur ou Application Programming Interface regroupé sur une seule page.

新年レコーディング始め サオリのドラムから🥁

5.7 version of laravel continues the improvements introducing several new features along with the launch of Laravel Nova.

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字串型別 是每一個程式語言中都有的基本型別,但也可以說是基礎型別中最複雜的一種了!讓我們重溫這篇文章,一起來了解 Swift String 背後的實作,讓你的程式跑得更快更好吧!➡

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Los Martes son de #Radio. Los Martes estamos en #CopeElche con #DaniPriego

Hoy explicamos ventajas para que los compradores vengan a #NuestraInmobiliaria.

✔️Comprar a mejor precio

✔️Conseguir mejor préstamo hipotecario

✔️ Financiación 100%

✔️Evitarse papeleo en los #Bancos

✔️Cambios de suministros gratis…

Si quieres comprar, te lo damos todo.

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Nuclio is a real-time serverless event and data processing platform

Last time we introduced Corral to you. And as Syndicode loves new tools, especially if they relate to the topic of serverless, this time we are presenting you Nuclio! Nuclio is a real-time serverless event and data processing platform!
Nuclio is a platform which allows developers to build and …

How Kinderlime running payroll for clocked-in staff with Gusto

Last November we announced our client Kinderlime started the contract with payroll platform Gusto. Recently Syndicode’s Ruby developer, Andy Alekseenko, wrote the article about payroll automation on Kinderlime blog. He described how Kinderlime running payroll for clocked-in staff with…

Kita adalah hasil langsung dari generasi perempuan yang telah mengalami trauma berabad-abad dan berjuang untuk membawa kita ke titik ini. Kita berhutang kepada mereka untuk mengambil obor yang telah mereka bakar begitu lama dan mengubahnya menjadi api liar melalui putri dan cucu perempuan kita. Kita berhutang kepada mereka atas hutang masa depan yang mulia untuk setiap generasi wanita yang datang setelah kita.
—  K

The subject of Sexual Encounters (Call #: 306.7099 W1555s) is sexual fantasy, mainly male homoerotic fantasy found in the literature and art of South Sea exploration, colonization, and settlement. Working at the boundaries of a number of disciplines such as queer theory, anthropology, postcolonial studies, and history, Wallace engages in subversive readings of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Pacific voyage journals (Cook in Hawaii and a Russian expedition to the Marquesas), an argument concerning Gauguin’s treatment of female figures, and a discussion of homosexuality and the transgender women of Samoa. These phenomena, Wallace asserts, demonstrate the continuity and dissonance between Western and Pacific sexual categories. She reconstructs Pacific history through the inevitable entanglement of metropolitan and indigenous sexual regimes and ultimately argues for the importance of the Pacific in defining modern sexual types.

All you wanted to know about JSON WEB TOKEN (JWT)

Last year Syndicode shared a simple example of how to use JWT to authenticate your app. This time we eventually ready to continue this topic with a great material consisting all you wanted to know about JSON WEB TOKEN (JWT).
JSON Web Token is a standard used to create access tokens for an…

Wolkenkit is an event sourcing framework for JavaScript and Node.js

There are at least 58 JS frameworks you might hear about. Some of them are very popular, some popular only with a specific audience. This time we’d like to have your attention to present you the new one. Wolkenkit is an event sourcing framework for JavaScript and Node.js.
Wolkenkit is a…


google ai api


Took advantage of another warm day to check each hive’s #candyboard supply. Currently 70°F and overcast. ⛅️ Each hive previously consumed 10 pounds of hard-candy in six weeks; so an average of 1.66 pounds per week. I gave them 15 pounds of hard-candy five weeks ago; predicting that half is visually remaining. At this same rate, the remaining hard-candy should get each hive to February. 🐝🤞🏻🐝
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UKRAVIT launches new production plant in Cherkasy

A few years ago Syndicode developed CRM system to streamline everyday work of UKRAVIT’ managers with agro-enterprises and distributors all over Ukraine. Lately, we were happy to share the news that Ukravit was recognized as the most responsible taxpayer in Ukraine. Now we’re inspired to t…