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With Cloudland technloogies , and introduce new perspectives in the way you work. Learn more about API on

Today our CMO presented a speech on at Digital Banking, in Austin, TX. He talked about how Open Banking platforms foster a broad range of innovations. He also shared some statistics related to the main purpose of the open strategy.

Use the API to connect to your account and retrieve form and result data. See how it works and where to find answers at API Basics for Formsite Forms & Results

He can invent the Laser Tracker, but can he out-grill the President of the company? Dr. Kam Lau and API President Joe Bioty kicked off the summer with a barbeque showdown to thank all 130 employees at API’s Headquarters in Rockville, MD for their hard work and dedication.

"No transition period is included for moving thousands of accounts and swathes of data to new technology," says of . "Banks in Europe aren't ready with their channels. The UK journey showed that it took 18 months for to mature.

"If you have an , just say, 'Hello World!'" says Kannan Rasappan of Banfico, who's talking about concerns, & . "We used to build for a once-a-day login. With the app culture, it's gone crazy." WE continue discussing challenges facing .

The allows developers to add news support to applications. Parameters include language, category, order, and news limit.

Have you heard the term before, but feel like you can’t fully describe what it means? Bits In Glass expert, Alexandra Martinez, has you covered with her latest blog post, here:

Check out Alcami's latest editorial contribution for in a thought leadership piece titled "Enabling Technologies Advance Poorly Soluble Highly Potent APIs." Read more here:

Customers don't understand what 90-day means. Availability & performance of interfaces is not there yet either. A couple of hours outage a month is too much. Here are just some of the challenges is facing, says Tim Werkhoven ().

"We need to see more TPPs in the ecosystem to see a shift from screen scraping to interfaces," says Tim Werkhoven (aka ) of Account Technologies. with interfaces means better sign-ups, less drop-offs.

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Menulis itu seperti silaturahmi.
Dari tulisan yang tersiar darimu,
kawan-kawan dan sahabatmu akan tahu
bahwa kamu sedang sehat.
Masih terbakar api semangat.
—  Rusdi Mathari
Monthly most popular JS repositories. It's hot outside!

We don’t know if there is any more challenging and inspirational task than picking JS (and Rails) monthly popular repositories. This is a huge responsibility and pleasure. From the moment you have found something useful and new, you need only a couple of seconds to understand whether you…