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Hai già letto gli argomenti della Newsletter n. 9/2009 di Alimenti&Salute?

As is revamping financial services by enabling new business opportunities and players, how to monetize it. ➡️ …/RT:

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RT : Learn how GCPcloud used Twitter's grade to make it easier to deploy models on googlecloud to predict a financial instrument’s volume, volatility, or value. ➤https://t.c…

RT : Learn how GCPcloud used Twitter's grade to make it easier to deploy models on googlecloud to predict a financial instrument’s volume, volatility, or value. ➤htt…

With that said, when I was troubleshooting I saw HUNDREDS of people across the web fighting the same issue in recent months, probably as fruitlessly I was. So, if you are troubleshooting , or on - check your network, and save some time!

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-Textmunication Holdings share structure update as of March 15, 2019, confirmed by Worldwide Stock Transfer via . No shares have been added. Small float and real potential. Q4 2018 earnings are due within the next 2 weeks

Comparing against its peers , & . TXHD only trades at 2 times EPS vs TWLO at nearly 20. If $300k or greater is reported on Q4 2018 earnings expect a generous share price spike. Based on TWLO, TXHD could see $3.00-5.00/share.

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A ver q os parece!!!

APARTAMENTAZO en Primera Línea de Playa, con Únicas Vistas al Mar…

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(en Los Arenales del Sol - Turismo Alicante - AlgaraPictures)

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Saved a few nice #holly and #poplar logs (the majority are poplar and the bundle six are holly) from the #firepit and #repurposed then into some nice #woodcoasters 👍🏻🌲👍🏻 Plan on giving a few sets of six away to friends and family once they cure.
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Business and collaborative economies of API

Disclaimer: This is a draft post, published in raw form. It will be revisited and refined.

API is not a new world. But as the programming world has become more diverse due to new programming languages and then there is a economical need in context of computing when all of the diversification is been accepted, yet open out the channel of communication where different team, code & business languages can talk in structured manner.

The world of development has gone full stack. Technology stacks are of varied nature. The API are the main stream of business which helps to drive different codebase of different languages and pair up with codebases of varied nature. The team who will be keeping the high priority, test and quality check on the development done, the sharpness in efforts for how long the business will continue in longer run. The efforts and scale will decide, because in this way a business has made their presence in the life of everyone else and as people are more relied on them, these services are hard to replace as they evolve further.

In the ever changing landscape of changing programming language and competing business old and new, the API is the one which is most talked about and heavily used in which different business pair and talk to them, in order to leverage the service and full fill the customer on demand needs, the existing business player can pair with a certain business to avail a certain service.

To avail the services for a certain period of time, so that services once evaluated and used for a certain time period. They are always put at test of the business, and based on the working experience in this engagement the business can take up decision and manage for how long they would like to play with each other.

Moving further the API teams based on the complexity and scale of the product to be worked, always need to devise API which can be used by the application developers of varied ecosystem - desktop, web and mobile based applications and beyond this let see what other kind of computing may unfold which future may provide the answer. 

But this style of computing is here to stay, no one going to throw the computer. Anyway who knows, we are open to handle surprise.

The computing has been used in varied degree, the world has become a computer in which a codebase is same or different and talking to another codebase but requires a standard and agreed format and scope of communication where the devices belonging to this codebase can operate freely.

Although there are 3G, 4G and 5G and so on, the people in computing industry should be keen to find ways to work out with maximum thing in least amount of resources involved. When resources are available in abundance the chances are high that they are not fully utilized, rather under utilized.

For a business to talk to other line of business in generic term, this is most required and most importantly when business is going places and all of the business intelligence and high level information to be monitored, maintained and revised also need to open the signature of different services for further collaboration.

Puppeteer hacks

Do you know that most things that you can do manually in the browser can be done using Puppeteer? It is a Node.js library which provides a high-level API. It has quickly become the De Facto choice for all headless browsing projects and today we going to share some Puppeteer hacks with…

Monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. March, 14

Yesterday we’ve made a scope of great JavaScript repositories popular this March. But as Ruby on Rails agency, we definitely are about to create the new digest with interesting and useful Ruby/Ruby on Rails open source projects. And we did it! Meet monthly trending Ruby on Rails…

What is web API?

We know that if you read our blog, you probably know a lot about web development. Let’s check your knowledge about API. Why are Web APIs so popular and widely used? What is web API? 
API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it lets developers integrate any two parts of an ap…

Broadway is a concurrent and multi-stage data ingestion and data processing with Elixir

You can trust us when it comes to the topic of Elixir. We absolute fans of it. Let’s introduce you the new tool. Broadway is a concurrent and multi-stage data ingestion and data processing with Elixir.
Broadway was mainly designed to help developers build concurrent, multi-stage data…


Tetangga itu ngrumpi ketawa ketiwi

Bersahutan dengan kumandang isya’

Mendosa dosakan sesama manusia seolah olah dia tau seluk beluk surga dan neraka

Tak tau dia jika izrail di sebelahnya berunding dengan waktu

Aku Saling pandang dengan cicak

perutnya besar kebanyakan serangga

“Dasar manusia sudah tau adzan bukanya solat malah ngrokok di sini.aduh sakit nih perut berak ah.”

Batin si cicak lalu pergi meninggalkan tainya di punggung tangan.

Menancap pada ranjang

Sunyi yang kucari tak dapat kutemui

Yang ada hanya kebisingan tanpa ujung

Kedamaian yang sejati tak kujumpai

Yang ada pertengkaran membabi buta

Yang aku ingin hanya diam

Tapi semua orang bergerak dengan frontal

Yang kuingin hanya ketenangan

Tapi ucap tetangga babibu cercaan

Kediaman yang tak bisa diam


Le api sono al lavoro anche quando il vento soffia forte… hanno il senso del dovere, non sono semplicemente importanti, sono fondamentali… proprio come noi donne 🐝 .
Happy International Woman’s Day dal mio giardino! .
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Will be sharing single 2 with everyone very soon…. just not yet! 😜
#Single2 #GettingThingsDone #StudioTime #Mixing #FinishedMix #Ready4Mastering #Recorded #Done #Finished #Finito #StudioGear #StudioEquipment #LynxAurora16 #API #4TheLoveOfMusic #Dream #Believe #Achieve 💫

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Flipper Ruby gem for enabling/disabling features or parts of your app

If you use Ruby, this article is just for you! There are multiple vulnerabilities in RubyGems bundled by Ruby. And today we are going to look closer to one of it – Flipper Ruby gem for enabling/disabling features or parts of your app.
Feature flipping is the act of enabling or disabling …


The one minute version of the hour spent inspecting the hives. 👉🏻Check out the full version on our YouTube channel👈🏻
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It’s that time again! #smokeemifyougotem 🔥💨🐝
Today’s inspection video will be up later y’all.
#colesfarmnc #savethebees #bringbackthebees #backyardbeekeeping #beekeeping #bees #honeybee #apimellifera #apismellifera #iamabeekeeper #ncsba #ocba #apiary #apiarist #api #apicultura #rawhoney #localhoney #ncwrc #ncwildlife #jacksonvillenc #myonslow #onlyinonslow #shareyournc #inspectiontime #hiveinspection (Jacksonville, North Carolina)

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