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Have my collages improved? Was just at 101 workshop taught by from at . Learned all about , , & taking . Brilliant platform for learning new skills!

🇿🇦💙 This week Pupil profile from Blanco is Muna 😁 Muna says what she loves about Blanco,is the river, she is also from the Valley & enjoys playing dominos also 💙 have a read at the rest of her profile below 🇿🇦

また歳を取った、Twitterで気が付いてP.T.A.のマイページでメッセージを確認 イメージを自分用に保存したのだが、ファイル形式pngで背景の白がApertureでは認識できず真っ黒表示となる、サポート無いからこの画像ソフトはダメかな、でも並べてみるには使い良いんだよな

The Central Elevated Walkway in makes for some stunning shots of the cityscape and everyday life. . . Shot Notes Camera - Lens - 22mm - f2.0 - 1/50 Edited in

: Learn and refresh the basics, then experiment 📸 Learn the Exposure Triangle (Balancing the , shutter speed, and to get the correct ). 🚶♀ The goal is to get comfortable with... 📸

You know you’re getting that moment when you take off your for a quick clean before driving, and realize that you’re so that the look like now. 😎

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Thinking with Time Machine
Part 2
Self blame

If an alternative timeline version of your self screws up and jeopardises the whole puzzle, who is to blame?
logically we blame the alternate timeline version of myself because, well its just easier than accepting the fact that i screwed up in the first place.
Also while editing these, it has become apparent that i really, really, need to pay more attention to whats actually in the different test chambers, then i probably wouldn’t make so many mistakes.
But until then. its all that moron alterna-me’s fault!

Thinking with Time Machine Playlist


Thinking with Time Machine
Part 1
Playing with myself

Thank you for joining Alternate Time Line me, and Myself as we awkwardly cooperate with both ourselves in an attempt to solve the multiple time line based puzzle mechanics deep within a lesser known part of the Aperture Science Facility.

Yep, Aperture even messed with time travel.
There’s plenty of personal blame sharing and self trash talking as the two versions of myself don’t always seem eye to self replicated eye.

Thinking with Time Machine Playlist

king-moron  asked:

Oooo! For the art thing! Either, The overgrown rattmann test chambers, or the brand new chambers from aperture ;u;!!

this one’s kinda sketchy cause backgrounds are hard n I’m lazy but !!!

I love the old overgrown chambers so much tbh,,, they’re so pretty and feel like home!!! I have like,, two diff screenshots in my wallpaper cycle on my laptop actually :D

Perpetual Testing #73
By Beba Fott

A chamber for those players with a fear of falling. Don’t worry though theres a great big pool of the Deadly, Deadly, Goo waiting to catch you at the bottom. I swear I only fell in it once this time, and it totally wasn’t my fault (it was totally my fault)

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Perpetual Testing #72
By anklejbiter

Todays test chamber features everyones favourite classic Aperture hardware and a very interesting thing going on in the corner. Is it a combination lock? Is it decoration? Who knows? Not me. But it did look very cool doing its thing there in the corner.
In the past when playing maps by the creator anklejbiter. I have had a habit of accidentally miss-solving the puzzles, I have no idea if this was the case once again with this chamber, but it was fun to try and solve even with my moments of utter confusion while I tried to work out where I actually was in the chamber. Not to mention the some what embarrassing slip up with the orange speed gel that sent me sailing into the deadly, deadly, goo.

Click here for the full video!

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Perpetual Testing #71
By NarackaNick

The Aperture Gels. No finer way to make a glorious mess of a test chamber than with everybodies favourite coloured special property possessing gels.
So as you might have guessed from that, todays chamber features all the Aperture gels.
The orange for speed. The blue for bounce. The white for making any surface you get it on to, portal-able.
I manage to get the bloody stuff pretty much everywhere, everywhere other than the actual places it should of gone to complete the test chamber in the intended manner. Yep it’s another chamber i manage to miss-solve my way through.
Its portal. if it works. it works!

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