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civil courage - a school project that tries to remind people that hate and intolerance will always be a problem if we forget to use our hearts and what altruism means #6300

Photographer looks back – a picture essay. The renowned Australian photographer chooses 10 of his most memorable images and explains why they had an impact. He is talking at , ’s conference

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Tiedämme jo, ettei Aperture toimi seuraavassa käyttöjärjestelmäversiossa. Nytkin se lankeaa tuon tuosta. Rukoilemme, ettei Apple riko sitä lopullisesti vielä Mojavessa.

Virheilmoitus: Aperture lopetti yllättäen toimintansa.

Looking out of our on the 🌎... Do you have ? Is it an unusual shaped window, a fancy or an amazing ? Can be anything other than clear, , frosted, open, closed or ajar? Let’s raise the curtains on our

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Year 10’s have made a fantastic start to their ‘City’ project experimenting with and this morning. Responding to in the photography studio

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Apple really has some love for . Aperture cannot be opened because of a problem. Check with the developer to make sure Aperture works with this version of macOS.

macOS Catalina 10.15: Aperture cannot be opened because of a problem. Check with the developer to make sure Aperture works with this version of macOS.

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Quick Question for All Followers…

What are some of your favorite puzzles, from video games or from any media? What made it memorable and satisfying to solve? Just looking for some inspiration and references to use in the game.

Please reply/reblog with your answer, or send me an ask/DM! Thanks for your help!

anonymous asked:

Did you keep nagging GLaDOS until you got this body?

I’m taking over this question…

There was no nagging as she has proven to be too stubborn to ask when she wants my assistance.

I’ve had the mobile chassis built for some time, but it was only until she proved able to hold the responsibility that I gave it to her.

Some time ago, I made reference to the chassis and to why I didn’t give it to her yet…

6 Month Update

Hey Everyone! You might not have known this, but there’s almost 200 of you following this project right now. 

Thanks for your support!

This update contains both good news and bad news. 

We’ll start with the good news:

We’ve been chipping away at the monumental task of creating a fan game. We’ve written more on the story and organized everything for easy reference, we’ve started coding in order to better learn our game engine, and we’ve come up with more concept art for the various locations and NPCs in the game. Things are taking shape a bit more, and it’s exciting to see some progress. We don’t have anything to show publicly yet, but we’re working on it!

On to the bad news:

Due to differing beliefs and opinions not related to the Portal fandom or the fan game, the members of our development team have disbanded. I, @24-7-testing, will be continuing the development on my own and consulting with previous team members and other members of the fandom as needed. I am sad that some members of our team were not able to overcome differences in the sake of making something cool for the fandom. 

That being said…

If you feel like you have skills that you could offer to help with the development of a video game or Portal-related content, feel free to message this blog. I can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to help with anything, but I’d love to at least know what you can offer in case I need to ask. Know that since this is just a fan made, hobby level project, there is no money involved.

I still believe in the story we’ve come up with for this game, and think that it’s something worth sharing as a video game. Please be patient, as development is likely to be slower now. I will post updates every 6 months at the minimum, but hope to post some with sneak peaks at our content sooner than that. 

At Still Alive Interactive, our motto is “For the people who are Still Alive!”

- @24-7-testing, Still Alive Interactive