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Progress continues at our new site, Carroll at Rivery Ranch, in Georgetown, Texas. 🏘👍

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tabivere, eesti / tabivere, estonia

A typical, 2 storey terraced house in Swieqi has been chosen as the site for the construction of 3 new apartments. The brief of the project was a simple exercise of understanding if the current site could accommodate comfortable 2 bedroom apartments. Due to the narrow and elongated site, the brief was challenged in order to develop a set of apartments that eliminated long corridors, dark circulation routes and the typical open plan living space.

By entering the apartments from the centre, long corridors have been eliminated as private and living functions have been separated on either ends of the site. By offsetting the useable floor space from the party wall on the facade, an open air slit is created, offering the possibility of more windows into the living spaces. The slit also allows light to enter the common parts. An outdoor terrace is added with close proximity to the kitchen area which is shaded with louvers.


Skandunavia Apartemen
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Planning Committee (Wirral Council) 20th June 2019 Part 2 of 4

Totally obsessing

I am so looking forward to moving out. Not bc I don’t like living with my dad, it’s actually really great, but I wanna be independent and living my best life.

So I started pricing some things and I’m convinced I’m gonna have a tapestry in every room of my apartment. I still have like 11mos til my goal but it’s keeping me happy. I have a cart on amazon, Walmart. And wayfair. I’m like way over my imaginary budget. Gotta be frugal


Walnut Building industrial style live/work lofts in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles now available for lease