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Apartment Mendy, Croatia, Dalmatia.

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Bats do Bite

Wooyoung X San (Vampire! Au)

Chapter One

A normal day for Wooyoung was rolling out of bed at 12 pm with his hair in all directions, finally gathering the willpower to join the living for the day; after hitting the snooze button several times of course. Wooyoungs normal was grabbing a bag of chips from the kitchen, and grudging his way to the couch as he bumps into walls and corners, his hooded eyes semi open. He’d lay on the soft cushions for hours until he realized that there was quite possibly bacteria growing on his old grey sweater that hadn’t been washed for a solid week. Of course, rather than taking a quick shower and shave like a normal 19 year old, he’d just toss the sweater to the side of his bathroom door, and spritz a little cologne if he was really feeling fancy that day. Wooyoung would go to the grocery store with drool from the previous morning still evident on his stubbly chin, and not have a care in the world. Dinner would be takeout from McDonald’s , or if he was really feeling himself, he’d heat up some instant ramen and kimchi in the microwave. This was Wooyoungs life. No worries in the world about college debts or what to get his significant other for Valentine’s Day. No dusting his drawers and sweeping his wooden flooring. He didn’t listen to anyone but himself, or do anything he didn’t want to. Life was fine just the way it was, he didn’t need anyone to be happy, but himself. But like Scrooge and the grinch, turns out he did.

Wooyoung won’t, scratch that, CAN’T forget the day he moved in. Not because he made some grand entrance with the way he looked like a gang member of his attire with all black, no. Try because of the annoying beating sound that spilled through wooyoungs apartment at 8 in the morning. The sun wasn’t even up, why the hell was someone intentionally up at an ungodly hour, and why were they at Wooyoungs door, proud and scampi as their annoying knocks rang in his ears. When Wooyoung managed to finally get to the front door, he swung it open with a harsh demeanor as his features were disgruntled of pure irritation. On the opposite side of the door, a boy with the largest dimple grin splattered on his face, immediately introduced himself.

Choi San. 20. And newly moved in from his old house. That San guy had went on about how he hopes they’ll get along well and he’ll welcome him to the building with open arms. Quite frankly, Wooyoung would have been lying if he said he was still irritated. Wooyoungs gaze had softened without realizing, as he watched the cute boy in front of him ramble on. Maybe it was the way he spoke with that cute lisp or the dimples that stood out with every word he spoke; but god was Wooyoung admiring his view. He didn’t realize he was staring at the poor soul until San had stopped talking and asked for his name.

“Wooyoung. Jung Wooyoung.”

Wooyoung’s mouth worked on its own. His gaze lingered off of the boy in front of him as he quickly shot his eyes to the opposite direction. He didn’t realize then that San had already noticed his eyes that looked at him a little longer. Wooyoung started fiddling with the rings on his fingers when he took notice of the blanket half-clad onto his shoulder, and the star boxers that hung over his hips. Perhaps he took to long checking out his own appearance because the angel looking boy in front of him had also took notice of it. Sans eyes peered to what Wooyoung was Sighing at. San choked as he was looking at the star boxers stuck to wooyoungs thighs. Sans eyes went wide as he clasped his hand over his mouth, that unfortunately worked quicker than his common sense. Wooyoung snapped his head up at the sound. San stood there with his hand over his mouth as his chest heaved a little too quickly to just be breathing. Wooyoungs cheeks turned a pale pink as embarrassment set in. Grabbing the loose blanket that had practically fallen to the floor, wooyoung wrapped it around his shoulders, covering the boxers his mother had bought him for Christmas years ago.

“They’re cute” San spoke. “I’ve always liked the stars. They give a sense of comfort when you feel lost. They bring a slight remembrance that you’re never alone. That you’re always going to be under the same stars as someone you love.” San had a soft smile on his face as he looked up to meet Wooyoungs eyes. The pair stood there for a second, taking in each other’s presence and Wooyoung finding a slight comfort in the soft spoken mans words. It felt as if hours had passed as wooyoung stood in his doorway, leaning on the frame, and San shifting foot to foot, hands in his black jackets pockets.

Wooyoung suddenly spoke up, breaking the long silence that had captured the boys minutes ago. “Welcome to the building, Choi.” San’s deep smile had returned as he let a soft laugh out. San took one last glance at Wooyoung as he turned to his own door, and walked inside. As soon as the dark haired boy with the Scarlett streaks had disappeared from sight, wooyoung immediately let out a much needed breath of air. He stepped back inside to his old apartment, shutting the door. Wooyoung plopped back onto his bed, face first into his satin navy pillow. A gust of air was let out through his mouth as the only words wooyoung could think of came out in a quick breath.

“Holy shit.”

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May 2019, construction of the temporary dike and extension of the caissons belt. Three caissons have been immersed, C10, C14 and C15. The belt, which is drawing the new coastline, will be made of 18 caissons. Thirteen are already set up (10 on the west side of the new district, 3 in the east). The belt will be completed by the end of July. In the meantime, a temporary dyke and a road have been built to start to come from land by truck.

Mai 2019, construction de la digue temporaire et extension de la ceinture de caissons. Trois caissons ont été immergés, C10, C14 et C15. La ceinture, qui dessine le nouveau littoral, sera composée de 18 caissons. Treize sont déjà installés (10 à l'ouest du nouveau district, 3 à l'est). La ceinture sera terminée d'ici la fin juillet. Dans l’intervalle, une digue temporaire et une route ont été construites pour permettre aux camions de venir de la terre.

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