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Looking for an Antivirus program to prevent your Mac from malware infections? This list of Best Antivirus tools will help to choose the best security for your Mac!

The remaining 6% use alternative methods such as installing malware through malicious links, Content injection, etc.

The remaining 6% use alternative methods such as installing malware through malicious links, Content injection, etc.

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Antivirus en la nube

Los antivirus tradicionales, utilizan una base de datos almacenada en nuestro ordenador y que se actualiza cada cierto tiempo para comparar los ficheros escaneados sospechosos, en busca de códigos maliciosos que coincidan con los datos incluidos en dichas bases de datos.

Por su parte, los antivirus en la nube, revolucionan este concepto y no usan esas bases de datos para realizar las comparaciones, sino que se conectan directamente a la red para consultar y compartir esos códigos maliciosos.

La ventaja principal que ofrecen los antivirus en la Nube con respecto a los antivirus tradicionales, es que la contribución masiva de cientos de miles de usuarios, hace que los virus y otras amenazas se detecten y eliminen más rápido.

Para que los antivirus en la nube sean eficaces, el ordenador debe de estar conectado a Internet, ya que para identificar un virus, el ordenador correspondiente debe de enviar el código sospechoso detectado, a una amplia red de ordenadores que comparten la información.

Tres ejemplos de antivirus eficaces en la nube son, Immunet Protect, Trend Micro HouseCall y Panda Cloud Antivirus.

Los puntos positivos con respecto al antivirus convencional son, respuesta muy rápida, consumo de recursos mínimo y facilidad de uso.

Pero también existe una desventaja muy importante a tener en cuenta a la hora de descargar un antivirus en la nube, la dependencia de la conexión a Internet. Sin estar conectados su eficacia es nula, ya que no poseemos en nuestro equipo la base de datos para comprobar los códigos maliciosos.

Por lo que no es conveniente dejar solo la seguridad de nuestra instalación a antivirus de la Nube, pero es interesante para complementar los antivirus tradicionales.

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Clean Out Your Computer Day

On 11th of February it’s Clean out your computer day. It’s a great reminder to take some time and clean out your laptop or PC from unwanted software, check your inbox, run a virus scan and just secure yourself online in general.

  • Don’t forget to turn off your computer sometime, it needs rest. Having it turned on for a prolonged time makes it act all weird after a while.
  • Delete unneeded files, uninstall software that you have not been using for a while - they all clog up your device, making it slower.
  • Don’t forget to update your software and apps.
  • Delete your stuffed inbox from random emails or spam, unsubscribe from those who send you to many service or advertising emails.
  • Run a full computer scan - you need to get rid of those possible viruses.
  • Get yourself a VPN and protect yourself online.

Take care of your computer and in return, it will run faster and last longer!

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Best cyber security tips and practices

Data breaches, leaked passwords and other accidents happen all the time, making Internet users try and be more cautious of their Internet activities and online privacy. This is a very short  list of the cyber security products, extensions and etc. to help keep your data private:

  1. VPN.  A VPN encrypts your online activities so that no one can see what you’re doing online, not even your Internet Service Provider. It changes your IP address and encrypts your traffic, thus you become anonymous online.
  2. Browser extensions. Even if you are using Chrome or Firefox, you can still get privacy-based extensions that will add another level of security to your browsing. 
  3. Antivirus. New malicious files are always under development and they can easily infect your devices. A good antivirus software will help to fight against malware like that.
  4. Device encryption. It is recommended to encrypt your device even if you don’t store any sensitive information. If your device gets lost/stolen, no one will be able to recover anything that was on your laptop. 
  5.  Cloud-based storage.  There are encrypted cloud storages that let you store data and offer additional features that might come in handy.
  6. Other privacy settings. Using 2-FA, turning of location services, creating strong passwords also play a big part in security. 

You can read more in detail in this article about best cyber security practices and tips. Good tips and examples on how to stay private online.

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