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今日は父の日なので「パパパン」を買ってみました。 若干カツラ感あるけど( *´艸`) お父さんありがとう✨ ってここで呟いても絶対届かないよなぁ

Nolan Miller Necklace. Coral Necklace. Necklace. Nolan Miller Jewelry. Vintage Jewelry. waalaa. .Necklaces for Women.

Peach Lustre Fire King Cup And Saucer Fire-King Vintage / Kitchen Collectible / $15.00 ➤

Good Morning look forward to seeing you today. Need a special pressie for your Dad on Father’s Day come and pick up something unique. Whilst your there say hello and don’t forget to pick up a poster of to help in the search

Flower Brooch. Red White Blue Flower Brooch. Mod Flower Power Pin. Red White and Blue Rose Brooch. waalaa.

オープンしました〜!天気良い☀️ 今日は20時までやってます。 NANIYA 東京都墨田区向島2-22-6-103 (すみだ郷土文化資料館の向かい) 最寄り駅 → 押上駅・本所吾妻橋駅・浅草駅

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a few updates since i haven’t been very active!!

first we have ramiel, his spine attachment surgery is going quite nicely, im gonna check on him once im back home

second, a new friend !! he doesnt have a name yet but hes very good

and third, a cute 2005 friend !! im currently waiting for him to show up, i had to do a white rabbit sort of thing with my friend as a middle man because he only shipped to the uk

A bit rough on the ‘sounder’ but “C.Q.D” is a bit harder for an inexperienced hand like mine lol. Not like the standard ’S.O.S’ which is a simple 3 dots 3 dashes 3 dots (… _ _ _ …) This is a vintage 1920s Wireless key and sounder I just finished rewiring and making repairs to. Clicks nice and strong 💪

Just got back from the antique centre! I bought a copy of Memoirs of an Infantry Officer by Siegfried Sassoon published in 1965 and Somme Mud by E.P.F. Lynch.