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Honestly, Betty having the “serial killer genes” is the thing that made most sense in this episode

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I love that she's talking about people not demanding fan service when Riverdale is just running fan service. Like how many of the "hot" male characters have been shirtless? Her character's whole relationship with Jughead is pure fan service. Lmao. Absolutely no self awareness.

Yeah, exactly, an actress who acts in Riverdale of all shows and who genuinely thinks it’s good is not someone I want to see talking about fanservice. Especially when no one in the fandom is demanding fanservice anyway! Does she really believe that nearly a million hardcore Dany stans are signing this petition out of pure spite because we hate that our favorite character isn’t getting a happy ending? People are angry at the way this season, that we had to wait two years for, was written. It’s full of plot holes, sloppy mistakes and they’re making characters do things that make no sense for their arc (and not just Daenerys). People have a right to be angry! We invested nearly ten years in this. Either she doesn’t watch the show or she just doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about.

my riverdale finale roundup:
  • nothing matters
  • the writers are high
  • bughead is still gross
  • this season was a dumb fever dream
  • good on josie for getting out this shit 
  • jughead still looks like he is going to mansplain the plot of infinite jest to me at any given moment 
  • give archie a goddamn break 
  • also archie was in prison? like a month ago? no one mentions that again? 
  • i want what the writers are smoking
  • bughead is somehow even more gross

Me: Knows that Riverdale is going to hell in a handbasket and is relieved that the current season is over so we won’t have to deal with Ras’s ridicules storylines for awhile

Also Me: Worries about losing connection with all the super cool people I’ve met through the Jeronica fandom because they end up dropping the show during hiatus

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A concept: Kevin crosses the Sweet Water River and into the forests of Greendale where he stumbles across the Book of the Beast and signs his name, thus becoming a member of the Church of Lilith.


made a crack vid for last week’s ep of Riverdale lmao

Every time I hear about Riverdale season 3 the show just gets funnier. Actual things from season 3: Serial killer who looks like a tree, a grown ass man fights a 17 year old, adults saying people are endgame, people saying their ship names, 16 year old owns a casino apparently?? Organ harvesting cults. The name ’ Edgar Evernever’. Dead brother from season 1 may actually be the tree ass looking serial killer. Betty ‘Serial Killer Genes’ Cooper. Jughead in general. There’s a character called fucking baby teeth. Like okay, Riverdale writers, whatever you say I guess