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self-care is giving up on riverdale

sarah jeffery, everyone. she fits the role of toni topaz better than vanessa morgan ever will. why, you wonder? sarah here is actually part indigenous to turtle island (the continent that is incorrectly called north america), and not only that, she’s also black. meanwhile, vanessa is parading around in what basically amounts to redface, having taken an indigenous/black role from an actress that is actually indigenous/black. as annoyed as vanessa’s casting makes me, a job is a job that she probably needed but not everyone is suited to their job, so until vanessa speaks up about having wrongly taken a job from someone that could actually be accurate representation for indigenous/black people, she is cancelled and i will headcanon sarah as the Best Bisexual Indigenous Black Queen Toni Topaz™ while also giving her more characterisation where she’s not just the white girl’s arm candy. seriously, the writers need to stop pairing cheryl with toni every time toni is on screen. cheryl can stand on her own; toni can too. how difficult a concept is that to understand and put into action? answer: it’s not difficult at all, but i guess the writers are of very little brain. 

Y’all haven’t called riverdale out enough for the shit they’ve done I mean

-they oversexualize 15-17 year olds

-they cast adults for these young kids so they can do soft core porn and not get in trouble

-they straightwashed jughead when ace people don’t get enough representation already

-they took a gay character and toned him down to the trope “the gay best friend”

-they handle Betty’s mental disorder in an almost offensive way

So like, can this show get cancelled???

Quick suggestion. How about a new show in the same universe as Riverdale but instead of being Riverdale’s writers they are the same as Sabrina’s and the shows main characters are choni and their new gal pals gang. And this queens can leave Riverdale for good. I would also accept Veronica changing to that show just bc I adore her.

jess-1907  asked:

Janna, Riverdale am I right? What is even going on anymore every week my friends and I are just so angry and confused but every week I go back and watch the next episode. I agree it's so dumb how Veronica just has this power but she's like 17? Why are all these high schoolers involved in gangs and murder? I hate it but I'm in too deep and have to keep watching but I'm angry the whole time 😂 (@serendipitous-rambles)

Okay, I just watched this week’s episode so I’m back in the groove. Lets talk Riverdale. Like, wtf even is this show? Last week’s episode in particular made me SO ANGRY I was literally seething while watching it. And yet, I knew I would watch it again this week? Maybe I should be asking “whats wrong with me?” rather than “whats wrong with Riverdale?”

Literally every teen on this show has been actively involved somehow with a dead body - discovered it, hidden it, killed the person, etc. Its cray! And then they’re still writing the SATs? Like ??????? 

I have to say this season I have zero patience with Veronica. Her storyline is so ridiculous (maybe because it centers around Hiram, who is cartoonishly evil, and her bar, which is so dumb I cannot handle any of the scenes there ugggghh). I also think the writers have done her wrong in how she responds to things. Reggie gets beat up by “daddy’s” henchmen? “Whoopsie!” That was literally her response. She hardly seemed to care, or be mad about it, or worried for him…same with how the show deals with Reggie having an abusive father that actually hits him regularly. Waaaay too casually they mention it and literally NO ONE reacts when Reggie mentions it. WTF?!?!?!


That’s just the tip of the ice burg. I could rant forever so I should wrap this up. Long story short - the show is a hot mess and YET here I am watching it every week so who’s the hot mess in reality? SIGH.

On one hand, this episode was fantastic, I have so much to talk about and I loved almost every minute, but on the other hand, now that I’ve gotten a taste of how good Riverdale could actually be if they focused on the right characters, I’ll never be able to go back to watching crusty-ass Bughead do dumb shit for 45 minutes straight and them calling it “television.”

I already posted this on twitter but like, Riverdale is so cringey. Like really you’re the school weirdo? In your neutrally stylish h&m clothes and your well developed social skills??? Tell that to the kids with the anime merch and the metal head t shirts who get reported to the guidance counselor for simply existing.

the cw is pretty disgusting for continuously sexualizing underage characters. archie and the ms grundy thing? statutory rape. betty stripping for grown ass adults? predatory. showing teenagers hooking up all the time??? disgusting!! predatory!! the fact that these characters are played by adults doesn’t change the fact that children are being sexualized. this NEEDS to stop.