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Also, yes this is very basic but i will work on my first nsfw animation today! Its gonna be loona again and much better obviously 😂

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New adopt base! Customs available base price $3+, price increases with complexity and lineart changes. 3 tails but willing to make a custom tail. DM for more info, retweets appreciated!

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타블렛 연습이나 해야 되는데 낙서만 너무 하는거 같아 죄책감 자꾸 드네..

Patreon reward sketch for Honey, of her oc Roxanne, just vibin' Art by me, Roxanne (oc) belongs to her!

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[Do Not Use] Sip o Tea in the Mornin’

I made him a little more grumpy looking than I should have in the animation, but alas it’s still pretty good :^)


Artwork & Character © to RoneOmbre 

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After class at Sunday Chinese school, I’d sometimes play jianzi, a Chinese sport where players pass around a shuttlecock—the jianzi—without using hands. Chun Li can kick a hundred times in a second; she’d probably maybe be pretty so-so at jianzi, right?