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and Ponomarenko 78.02 RD "I think our programs are a step up from last season."

O excerto de hoje é do Capítulo 34 não publicado no Wattpad. Leon Collins era colega e amigo de Anthony, o pai do Mike. • • • 💎Link na Bio • • •

O excerto de hoje é do Capítulo 34 não publicado no Wattpad. Leon Collins era colega e amigo de Anthony, o pai do Mike. • • • 💎Link na Bio • • •

The delegation from and had a great meeting with With , learning outcomes can be transformed but tech is a means rather than an end in itself, says

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Et j'entends siffler le train Et j'entends siffler le train J'entendrai siffler ce train toute ma vie🎵🎵 Valensole_Provenza

Gary Neville’s furious reaction to Anthony Martial’s shocking miss vs Liverpool

Roy Keane says Anthony Martial is not ‘good enough for Man United’ after his missed Liverpool chance

This singular gene can't be taking away from real Yorubas , A.J showed that the gene is still active even while He wine and dine with westerns... What a great message passed. Some guys will travel from Ekiti to Lag n forget His social cultural ways of life✊

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☎️Border Wars 7 Texas 🌵Unguarded with Light Heavyweight Shawn “Mission Impossible” Jones🔥

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who do you think is the most exciting person on campus?

easy, me. But besides the obvious, Peter would be my first choice, but he is so domesticated at this point…its truly a shame. So I have to say Ant. Something about him just does it for me ya know? 


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Anthony! It's very Important! Please I need to take a look at you! (But... please remove... your shirt first... please... )


Anthony: Okay, fine… But why do I have to be shirtless?

( And again… he can be very smart for some stuff… but very innocent to others )


   The door opened, and Montgomery stood just inside the doorway. He wore brown joggers, a fitted white crew neck, and no shoes. It was very rare he actually used an app to meet up with someone. Mostly, he liked the attention he received, and there was the occasional guy who managed to snag his interest. This catch happened to be a student at the university.

   “Come in,” he said with a lazy gesture for the male to enter, then the professor stepped away from the door and into the living room. Over the app he made it clear he wanted some company. The pair didn’t discuss much before Anthony showed at the little home he rented, so Monty needed to figure out a few things.

   Monty grabbed his shirt, and pulled it up his torso, and over his head. The shirt was discarded in a chair, and he turned to look at him. The last thing he wanted to do was scare the guy off by whipping out restraints and getting a safe word. “What are you into?”


Doctor: You have 13 minutes left to live