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happy bday dezzz Yus thats our persona The cursed one is me

Meet my Shori (しょうり)! You’ll be seeing her often from now on. 😸 🚫 Please do not repost without permission/credits 🚫 Please do not copy/trace

I really like how this turned out! This is a secret santa gift I did for someone on DeviantArt!

I know Spring and Summer are over for right now, but I love drawing Mel in those seasons. It suits her well :)

Making some sort of kitchen in pixelated art I think it ain't that bad, even if that's the most simplistic thing I could ever come up with.😆

More practice :), trying out doing pieces with one brush, definetly not what i expected but i feel like im getting there.

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🐌Sometimes I feel like a little bug relying on the kindness of strangers to prosper. 🐜 I like collecting stuff. 🐛

Everything seems topsy turvy. I don't know who or what to believe. Except love. Love is benevolent.

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- Avengers Assembles -

Gosh- I thought it’s gonna take a month because of no mood.
Have some fan art of the original Avengers’s member wearing (not really) space suit.
I’m happy, satisfying with this and can’t wait to watch The Avengers: Endgame coming soon. :’)

Characters (Avengers: Endgame) © Marvel.
Art © ummikhalilah94.

This looks pretty good I guess :3
I attempted to use this drawing to practice more detailed hair, and whatnot and I tried to practice blending colors ;w;. I love how this turned out 👌💖(even though I won’t be able to remake this hair for m o n t h s)

I hope you all enjoy this and I’m so sorry for not posting in a while!! Enjoy my redraw of my Oc Midori!