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Meet my new OC, Roku ❤🖤

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Oggi vogliamo mettere a confronto la sigla italiana (versione duets - tutti cantano Cristina) e la opening originale giapponese di Pollon. Qual è la vostra preferita?

Can we talk about how cute the show "As Miss Beelzebub Likes it" is? I highly recommend to any and all who like fluffy, cute, and funny anime.

Power Hunter. Art By The One and Only Usman Ishfaq Story Teller Yours Truly. Hunt for that power!

The second trailer of 2020 winter anime "Dorohedoro" has been released. The anime will premiere on January 12 and is being produced by MAPPA. Trailer 2:

" DESPAIR OF THE MONSTER " will be screened in December ‼ ◆(Osaka) CinenouveauX  12.14-12.20 ◆(Tokyo) Tollywood    12.21-12.29 ◆(Nagoya) Osu Cinema  12.23-1.12

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All I want for Christmas…

Is all the Yugioh manga… every single one. Mostly so I don’t have to keep going to the library to check them out and just getting wierd looks from the ladies scanning them.

Thank you.