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Hop owo J'ai testé mon cosplay de Shizuku du coup tadaaaw :

Deku - Boku no Hero Sketching that drawing from a poster that I found on Pinterest, I tried many types of techniques and was a very useful exercise ; credits to Kohei Horikoshi (Creator)🖌️

Bon, No Game No Life est officiellement le 2ème animé à me faire verser une larme d'un coup 😭


Domestic Kanojo, E11 - Well, that’s the plot to a different show. Or at least OVA.

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I finally started Stardust Crusaders last night. JoJo’s Bizare Adventure has been so amazing so far.

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Domestic girlfriend just skipped hella chapters in the anime 😭. Thank god I read the manga 🥴

I am so sorry for my unactivity 😭 I am horrible at posting every day 😶 I have terrible artblock 😑 But anyway here is my drawing of Isac 😊 Where I actually tried watercolor for the first time 😄 not good to but It’s not worst either 😂 I will try to post some new art soon as I get over the artblock 😑
Toei's Ojamajo Doremi Magical Girl Anime Gets Comedy Net Anime Shorts
1st of 26 Flash episodes with original anime's designer starts streaming now

1st of 26 Flash episodes with original anime’s designer starts streaming now

Toei Animation announced at its “Ojamajo Doremi 20th Anniversary Magical Stage” event at AnimeJapan 2019 on Saturday that it is presenting Flash comedy anime shorts titled Ojamajo Doremi: Owarai Gekijō. The first of 26 episodes is streaming at Toei Animation’s YouTube channel now, and the second will start streaming on April 14. A new episode will then debut every two weeks.

Yoshihiko Umakoshi (Boys Over Flowers, Mushi-Shi) is returning from the original Ojamajo Doremi anime to design the “two-heads-high” super-deformed versions of the Ojamajo Doremi characters.

The first Ojamajo Doremi anime series originally premiered in Japan in 1999, and 4Kids began broadcasting a heavily edited version of the series in the United States in 2005 under the title Magical DoReMi.

The event also announced the 2020 anime film Majo Minarai o Sagashite from Toei Animation and the first Ojamajo Doremi anime’s director Junichi Sato, episode writer Midori Kuriyama, and Umakoshi.

Source: Ojamajo Doremi 20th Anniversary Magical Stage event at AnimeJapan 2019
Ultra Instinct Sonic Saiyan
This is an old upload I made this past summer. Everyone has been saying that sonic stole super saiyan. So, I wanted to make a parody of that. This sequence i...

Finally Posted this to youtube.  I freaking love DBZ


Like the song? <3 (pls be honest) #anime #animes #codebreaker #codebreakeranime #lofi #music #soundcloud (at Tokyo, Japan)

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Put Pretty Cure on as background noise while doing other stuff, but the show is so ridiculously funny and cute ?!? I didn’t realize I missed a magical series as much as I did 💕 or maybe it’s just anime abstinence in general …

The last magical girl show I saw was lolirock 2017, so cutee !! and last proper anime I saw was Asobase Asobi I think, and I honestly wanna rewatch soon 🌺 last non anime was The Hollow, also very good!


Himiko Toga speed painting


Yay! Finally posted! If you like it help me sharing my video😄 Thanks ! (Let me know if you like it in a comment~)