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Another render of Obiwan, concept by Javier Burgos 😌

I can't believe Ive never posted my Fish character I animated a year ago... here he is! Name tbd.

Capture, edit, and play back complex character animation with Motion Builder 3D character animation software. To know more : 🌐 : 📞 : 9975650860

Some concept designs for the main character of my upcoming webseries! The concept with theese is the main character, but with ear rings!

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In this Acting Analysis for Animators I'm taking a look at season 1 of "Wu-Tang: An American Saga" covering character reactions, lip sync tweaks, storytelling through staging and framing and more!

Painted up these two for my personal project! Adom and Lydia are scholars from different countries who team up and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and uncover history for themselves. More to come!

An early expression sheet exploring extreme's is always helpful prior to , rigging and !

Your favorite fictional friends might be looking a little different today! Check out these 30 famous animated characters reinterpreted by another designer. Can you guess who this one is? ➡️

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As i´m almost finishing the blending for on , i had to do more more for the main character in order to transitions between them smoothly. Support the project on

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師走。 駆け足で一年の終わりに向かう。 新作の原画より一枚。 It's getting cold these days. Christmas is now drawing near. Drawing of the next work.

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