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Uh... I've been working with my lately. This will be colored and finished -- as long as I'm not yelling at my screen for this guy to GO AWAY. wouldn't appreciate that...

When the doctor prescribe a drug foe you . When you love you are already a winner 😂😂😂😂 . follow us , like and share if you LIKE 😉 dont forget to tag people 🙏 _ . .

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Pretty sure that car is going to break soon.

I do fat morph commissions starting at $20. Email for details and variable pricing.



@draikinator is having an absolutely massive Leekspin multi-animator project. we’re breaking world records baby. 

btw this is my old Minecraft OC Lav and her cave spider Sharin.


Color Me Geeky- Episode 11: The Face Off Part .2

Episode 11: The Face Off Part .2 

 Hey everyone, it’s me, Geeky. We are working together, Roundman, this girl and I. We make a great team, but who’s the real mastermind behind this? Is just Rough Club with Commander Lazy or someone else, something else.