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I tried to draw myself normally in the anime style Hope ya like it

Watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas! I love the colorful animation and of course “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” ❤️

We had a great time soaking in the incredible work by students at New Genres Art Space in ! But now, it's time to put our feet up and have a rest. Great work every one!

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78 years ago this morning, Singapore woke up to a city devastated by the first air raid from Japanese bombers, ushering in the war.

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December 8: Happy 36th Birthday to Actress, Singer, Rapper, and Songwriter Nicki Minaj, who provided the Voice of the Fusion between Garnet (Ruby and Sapphire) and Amethyst, the Steven Universe Character of Sugilite. For only one episode and one only in the Season 1 Episode, “Coach Steven” (2014).


iPhone animation

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aggregation and departure

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Please Help

In desperate need of money. I need help, please. If you can donate even $1 I’ll be forever thankful.

I’m opening up emergency commissions for writing, art, and animations. Prices are as low as $2 for a full body line art. DM FOR FULL PRICES

Please. Venmo is @Mya_ra

Examples of art/animations


VENMO: @Mya_ra

Please please donate or comission something

I just realised that the letters are Greek! :)





(Hopefully by this point you’ve finished all 85 minutes of ‘Wonder Park’ , the kind of person who isn’t bothered by spoilers, or are just deciding if you still want to keep watching.)

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5:54 AM

On my way to the gym.

3h of Work today.

Speaking test went well. I forgot to take my immigrant ID with me but they accepted the French one.

I have to wait till January 22nd for the results. Deadline for the application is the 15th. So just have to choose “results pending”.

Should get started with the personal statement.

I also got an idea for a Blender short film for my portfolio. It’s a Transformer flying through stuff and then transforming.

Can model my own TF and also work on my cinematography skills because I feel like I am good at that creative stuff. Drawing freely isn’t my thing but I do have an idea for a drawing where I want to combine 3 of my favorite characters from TV shows into one. Optimus, Aang and Rex. Like standing behind each other and looking at you past the others type of thing.

I’m gonna use references but only as inspiration. Like take something from multiple references and combine them. I saw a few Blender TF models online yesterday and they looked good. I just have to plan it out. The process is important. I have to document it and then explain why I did it.

Let’s see how long it’s gonna take.


Christmas is all around us and we’ve got you covered @swanprincessofficial as well as on our @YouTube channel where we’ve got new holiday themed #MiniMovies releasing every Tuesday throughout the season! Visit the link in our bio to watch “Angels Came” now on #YouTube and don’t forget to #Subscribe ❄️🎄🎅🏻 #swanprincess #theswanprincess #swanprincess #christmas #animation #animatedmovie #shortfilm #cosplay #fairytale #christmasfairytale #swanprincesschristmas #angelscame #animatedchristmas #kidsofinstagram #familyfriendly #tistheseason #holidayseason #holidays #givingseason #angels #angelscame #princess

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