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One of our amazing animators wrote up a post on using smears and multiples on our 3D character animations! 🥞 --> <---

Shihiro and Kashira. These trio of heads are a nuisance and yet adorable. No, they are terrifying. Spirited Away 千と千尋の神隠し (2001)

still need to animate her hair but here's some WIP animation!!!

For this we have an in-progress shot of on an animation Im working on for my Science Illustration program showing off the bioluminescence of Atolla sp. and Periphylla periphylla.

Aogaeru (あおがえる "blue frog") lets his greed get the best of him. Spirited Away 千と千尋の神隠し (2001)

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By the power of the Lunar prism! 🌙🌠💕 💕 By * Attention this animation is not to be taken seriously! *

A little sneak peak at concept art for an in the works 👀

This took forever, for various reasons. But I've remade Syl's vine model+rig and am ready to start working on her vine mechanics

Development watercolor art. Kasuga-Sama who wear strange masks & Sokutai They have shadow bodies; Onama-Sama are spirits that look similar to the Namahage, The Namahage are a demon-or ogre-like creature. Spirited Away 千と千尋の神隠し (2001)

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In this Quick Tip Glenn Frey tells us how to get rid of pesky artifacts in volumetric shapes when using Volume Builder. Note that this quick tip isn't for primitive or round surfaces.

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Carmen Sandiego is out on Netflix. My family and friends have heard me talk extensively about my feelings towards it for a very long time. Favourite things about this experience:

-Cool all new action-packed scenes for my demo.

-An unavoidable feeling of pride when watching the trailer and seeing that a good chunk is comprised of my scenes, as well as the thumbnail in the app.

-The crew swag. It’s actually very nice swag.

Treatment Paragraph

Below is an example paragraph containing a few scenes from my story. It showcases the mood and the emotion of the overall story.

     Three of the Mbuti tribesmen wait for the poacher outside his tent. They excitedly talk to him about the legend and other things that the poacher finds trivial. At about the halfway point to the shrine, the poacher has had enough and angrily shoos away the men. Surprised and abash, the men head back to the settlement. The poacher continues alone, and reaches the shrine.

     The sun is at its peak, and the rainforest is sweltering with soggy heat. The shrine itself is a foliage covered, angular stone jaguar standing high above human heads in a small clearing. Surrounding it are woven baskets of food and honey, beaded trinkets, and other small objects. The hunter proceeds to take a lighter from his front shirt pocket and lights the baskets on fire. They light quickly. He snaps bracelets, spilling beads everywhere, and crushes figurines. He only stops when a low growl echoes through the canopy, quieting the other creatures. With a smirk on his face, he hides behind a fallen log and some shrubbery a little ways from the clearing. He steadies his rifle on the log and peers through the scope, scanning the clearing. Shortly after, a looming shadow saunters into the clearing, eyes glowing orange and gold, fur like smoke. The cat turns its head slowly, as if searching. It stands at least five feet at the shoulder and 12 feet in length, including its tail. 

     The hunter knew it was going to be bigger than an average jaguar, but nothing like this. Though surprised, he doesn’t flinch. He aims for the creature’s temple. Just as he starts to squeeze the trigger, the jaguar snaps its head to look at him, dead in the eyes. The hunter pulls the trigger. After he feels the recoil, the poacher rushes over to the spot in the clearing where the creature should be laying, dead. There is nothing. Confused, the poacher turns, searching in the surrounding forest with his gun at the ready. While his back is turned, the animal knocks him down onto his stomach. He rolls over and the spirit pins him to the ground by the shoulders. The poacher struggles for a second, then defiantly glares at the animal in the eyes. Peering into the fiery eyes causes him to feel nauseous and, in a flash, he is unconscious.

Story Beats

1)  In the early morning, the poacher is in his tent and reviewing a journal of his trophies, photos, etc. In the front of his journal is a wedding photo of him and his wife, and the last photo is a shadow of a large (African) jaguar.

     - This establishes the poacher’s success and prowess.

     - Introduces wife, as a fond memory.

     - Show that he doesn’t believe in the legends or in spirits with beginning in his notebook.

2)  Poacher leaves tent and is prepared to go on a journey.

3)  He is equipped with food and water, and a net and a hunting rifle.

4)  The poacher is rude to the tribe men and women the entire time.

5)  Tribe men begin to lead poacher to the shrine in forest, just outside their territory.

6)  The poacher becomes irate and walks ahead of the men, waving them away, and goes alone.

7)  Once he reaches the shrine, he proceeds to knock offerings down and burn others.

8)  As a result, a low growl echoes though the forest.

9)  Knowing that he successfully angered the spirit, he gets ready to hunt by going a medium distance away and aiming his gun towards the shrine.

10)  The spirit prowls into the clearing.

11)  He focuses on the spirit and is ready to pull the trigger, when the spirit sharply turns and looks at him.

12)  The poacher shoots anyway then hurries over to the site where the animal should be, to find nothing.

13)  While he is confused, the animal pounces on him from the front, so the poacher gets pinned on his back.

14)  After the initial shock, the poacher defiantly glares the animal in the eyes.

15)  Eyes widen, and he is taken on dream sequence.

16)  Poacher “wakes up,” sees the legend sitting calmly on his one side.

17)  He frantically searches for his rifle, turns, then sees a mask on the other side of him.

18)  He stops searching, confused. The mask is beckoning.

      - The mask holds visions from animals that he’s hunted and killed, but viewed from their perspective.

              - Animals from the beginning, in his trophy journal.

              - Visions of fear, terror, dismay, last ditch attempts to save themselves or their young.

19)  The 3rd and last vision is a human one, and goes through the perspective of the tribesmen and his wife.

20)  After the ending gunshot, he tries to rip off the mask, but at the command of the spirit (a growl/roar) the rest of the visions play and force him to live the animals last moments and the lives of the humans he’s mistreated.

21)   After the ordeal he is breathing heavily and his heart is pounding.

22)  The animal nods head and gets up and pounces him again.

23)  This time the poacher flinches and in a flash of light wakes with a start in the clearing.

24)  He makes his way back to the settlement, without the help of the tribe.

25)  The tribe ignores him when he returns, and they go to eat by the fire.

26)  The poacher knows he needs to change his attitude towards people and helps the tribesmen build the fire.

27)  They accept his “apology” and let him sit with them.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse saved my goddamn life. I mean they had;

  • John Mulaney.
  • “I like fighting Nazis, a lot.”
  • “It cAN get weirder!”
  • Spider-Man Noir trying to figure out a rubix cube.
  • Peter 🅱️ Parker.
  • “I think I hit puberty!”
  • Miles and Gwen just being friends.
  • “I just washed my hands, that’s why they’re wet…….No other reason…”
  • The animATION.
  • Stan Lee ❤️.
  • The homage to the Tobey McGuire dance in Spider-Man 3.
  • And this end-credits scene;

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is an amazing film and it’s one of the best I’ve seen to date.


Here’s a massive spam post of some original characters. I feel comfortable posting them because they’ve both changed significantly and so has the plot of their story (one of them doesn’t really even exist anymore, the blonde). The Mickey Mouse ear hair thing is cute- but not really practical (and might even infringe on copyright lol), so her design has changed a lot too.

I recently realized I’ve been developing this story for 6+ months now, and that’s pretty great. So here’s some unused doodles. There’s a lot more in it that’s not even in these doodles- so I feel comfortable posting them! 


A couple of characters I designed & animated using the wonderful plugins #rubberhose by @battleaxedotco and #joysticksnsliders by Mike Overbeck. Had so much fun using this plugins for this project.
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Enlightenment… . selfie
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Do you see what I see?

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