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Check out this STAR WARS: Rebels - Princess Leia Organa 3.75" Action Figure B9845, Brand New by Disney / Hasbro from 2016 via

Almost done 👌 Kazooie model by Warfaremachine

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's old office assistant , the paper clip character is not making a comeback after all. Photo: IANS

Awesome demo of easing in and out by Check this person's tutorials out - it's some of the most charming I've seen for 2D animation!

We would like to congratulate for his on our "Kulipari: Dreamwalker”! Mark is nominated for a Daytime for “Outstanding Performer in an Program” as the characters and .

Earlier today we took the #3 spot, now we've moved up to #2! We are the #2 film on !!!! So amazed! Wow! UNLOCK $5000 IN MATCHING FUNDS AND HELP US BECOME #1

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The Good, the Bad and the Puppy
In this homage to spaghetti westerns, a young woman sets out to find her dog when he runs away from home to play poker.

In honor of National Puppy Day, I’m releasing my senior film to the public! Give your favorite puppy a hug and enjoy!


Darkness In Your Tone by BowLand from the album Floating Trip - Video by Lei Low


Sometimes I pretend I can animate; here’s a WIP.

 Remember, kiddos, fake it ‘til ya make it!

Which is, coincidentally, Bridgette’s motto too. She’s my fabulous Bard in a 5e game.
I’m not sure if she has any firey spells other than Heat Metal, but fire is fun to paint.


Kitbull | Pixar SparkShorts

FUCK I’M CRYING!! T_T Excuse me while I go out and adopt every pitbull and give them a wonderfully loving home.

Cleaned and colored animation for my Punanimation Directory entry. This was based on the theme of inclusive feminism!