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Sure there are lots of rocks out there but this one is MINE...

Today students of came to give healing energy to our animals, and this afternoon we hosted a group of service dogs and their people from UCLA. The day was filled with love and hope!

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This is Peakin, shes a unknown mixed breed shes 8 months old. At 5 months she was tossed from a moving truck and landed into the swamp behind my home. She was so covered in fleas and mange her back legs had little to no function. This is her now she loved her wheel chair but has outgrown it. to who ever owns her used chair next just know this lil girl had much fun with it. She’s still having issues with her rear legs but thanks to Gunnars Wheels she gets around now.  she has such a lovely disposition and shes so sweet even with her two big dog siblings and her two bunny siblings.

you can find her on Facebook under Peakin Pup to follow her adventures.


I finished some Season interactions, and they came out okay!

I really like the Spring and Winter one on the bottom, since I worked the hardest on it lol.


Enjoy ~

Characters Used : Winter, Spring, Autumn, and Fall (duh)

Program : Paint Tool SAI

Tablet: Wacom Intuos P S

Please do not trace, re-post, or claim as your own!

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Tbh Im really upset about the new cat not getting along with Loki and Nari. Every time Loki sees her she hisses and gets upset and Nari just runs off. I don’t want Loki and Nari to be confined downstairs forever and for Willow (new cat) to never be allowed downstairs.

This is my hamster Newt! 😁

I got him for my birthday, and I have been trying to tame him, but he just keeps biting!

Ive tamed a hamster before, but he was a different kind (Newt is a Syrian hamster, my other hamster, Tribbles was a Robo) and I didn’t know if taking them would be different?

So so far everything I’ve done with Tribbles isn’t working with Newt, and I know it’ll take lots of time, but I just want to make sure I’m doing it right!!

And yes, I did name him after Bewt Scamander, here’s Newt and my Pickett plushie!