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Enjoy a Reiki healers’s most moving animal clients with insights from Rainbow Bridge, Angelic messages, shelter and rescue stories, and information about energy work for animals.

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I debated for a while about posting this but why not, the comic wont be ready for a while anyways.

Anywho yeah this is Koda, a Muza (aka a fake dragon) in the Albamuza AU I’ve yet to officially start. In their little camp of Muzas and Dragons, he’s essentially the caretaker of all the animals. Except the bugs. He typically keeps all bugs out of his home whether they have a part in their camp’s functions or not. 

Besides the main characters, I’m willing to continue posting… teasers? I guess? Of other character designs. I think I’m going to try to work on Hatsume next so… expect it?

Tails for sale!

Price is negotiable, usually 10-30 dollars. They are all 11+ inches and have a loop on the top, fully stuffed and hand-sewn. Message me if you have any questions at all! Also accepting requests for customs! I have a P.O box and that’s how I’m accepting money at the moment. These are example pictures of what I make.

The Warrior

I stand on my doorstep, key steady between fingers but not yet having entered the lock, watching a blue jay madly flapping her wings, the tips of her feathers swiping the tips of the grass, her spiked toes at the apex of her leap reaching only two or three inches from the ground. I fear she has an injured wing…

I trace her battered trail, expecting a cat or predator that might’ve been a squabble’s victor to be stalking his prey, but the lawn is desolate save the wounded bird.

Still she streaks along with her gimpy running half-flight. Almost as if she were at that moment locked into battle with an invisible foe. She teeters side to side and moves with such broken abandon I feel sure she will die in front of me.

The jay continues to thrash until she hits the road where she gains a little more altitude and persuades both wings to cooperate.

Soon she’s airborne and I’m relieved, just to see her fly across the street, enter the sky and reclaim her birthright…