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are sentient beings aware of their feelings & emotions, yet as we leave the EU they may lose vital protections . Please attend the event on Tues 26 Feb at 12.30pm & sign EDM #2070 to support animal sentience in UK law

Thanks to all who have purchased from our website this week. New Animal Rights Vegan Bracelets Shipping: Worldwide via UK Available from our website

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That has been hit by some energy disabling disease that has no cure = I offer her as much pity as she has given to the who have been horrifically tortured for her apparel- Now I`m waiting for Karma to get to & other

In a huge victory for the , Australia has banned animal testing for cosmetics! πŸ‘

of and documented on several places of and . All animals have been identified by in an effort to create a compendium of photographs of Wildlife in this region

New video: First 'Climate Change' Extinction was a small rat & Arctic Spring Rain Releases Methane...which will rapidly increase the warming of the globe...

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Amateli ❤️ loro sono tutto!!
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Make a Friend Day: 365

Apparently February 11 was Make a Friend Day. It’s a day that honors the value of friendship, and making new friends. Hearing about this holiday got me thinking that “Make a Friend Day” should be every day. Anytime is a great time to talk to others- friends, family, acquaintances, etc. Don’t worry about “bothering” them. Swallow your fear and even just send them a short text. We humans get so caught up in our minds; deeply involved in our work and personal life. Send the first text- they won’t bite. Everyone’s got something going on. We’re all busy. But nobody is too busy for friendship! 

This past December, I reconnected with an old friend. She and I were inseparable back in middle school. We ended up going to different high schools, and sadly fell out of touch. Flash- forward to now (6+ years later), we started going back and forth on Snapchat. I told her I was home for winter break and that I’d love to catch up. Her response? “Hell yeah!!”

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So we picked a day, and we made it happen! We had such a fun night. It meant a lot to both of us. And now, it’s just like old times :)

You can make friends with anyone, anywhere, at any time. It’s so easy, these days. You can even embark on a new chapter of a friendship with someone you already know- possibly a friend you haven’t seen in years. But as the old saying goes, “In order to make a friend, you’ve got to be friend.” Reach out! I dare you to go through your contacts list and message at least three people. Ask them how they’re doing, what’s going on in there life, etc. But don’t hesitate!

With Foobee, you can find a new friend with ease! It’s a perfect way to meet someone. You could make everyday your very own “Make a Friend Day” if you wanted to. Who doesn’t love friends?!