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Web Development with Angular and PHP ☞ nvP-KrDUXiHr

React vs Angular vs Vue? Good programmers are those who see the high-level reason for why these technologies exist and how suitable they are for solving the problem at hand. They can make decisions on when to use one over the other when the time comes.

Interesting observation(anomaly) looking for an explanation via /r/angularjs

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Tech Junkie Blog - Real World Tutorials, Happy Coding!: SPA: Creating The SPA Project Folder Structure

Okay so I learned about Angular components, got to let me require pug as a html string, and I'm using `import 'thing.js'. Things have changed. I'm getting compile errors from pug files at build time. This is properly mad.

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Tech Junkie Blog - Real World Tutorials, Happy Coding!: SPA: Installing ExpressJS Application Server

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@angular : RT @mgechev: Before focusing on micro-optimizations, consider these low hanging fruits for optimizing your Angular app:

🔧 Use the Angular CLI
🗜 Compress your assets brotli/gzip
✂️ Use code-splitting with loadChildren

💨 Preload routes
⚡️ Use the Angular Service worker