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Slide of my talk "I have no idea what my app is doing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" at are now available on Speakerdeck: You can find a nice blend of and 🍕🥗🍣Thank you all for coming and please share :)

Back to Leeds after a great edition of . Thanks to all the organizers and happy to see how this awesome community keeps growing. A shame I had to leave earlier but you know... family 😅. Hope to see you all soon!!

Can u believe it I use android studio on a core 2 duo computer with 3go of ram 😅 #

Something new is coming on mobiles! If anyone is interested in beta testing and have an android device.... drop me a message. Thank you

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I won't have time this year to make it till the end: gotta be on time for my train 😭 but I'll finish this day with Vector Workflows by and so this will be the perfect finish for these two days of conferences here at 🤩

Look at the pink glossily seeping into the white :') Everything's in the shade of black-white-red/pink, with Segoe MDL2 and UI for typography A twist on :'3

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Suelta los bloques para crear y destruir líneas completas en la pantalla tanto vertical como horizontalmente y evita que los bloques llenen la pantalla en este adictivo juego de rompecabezas.


Are you ready? 🇮🇹

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