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Shawn saying “I thought this was common knowledge” about Niall and Hailee relationship is making me feel soft for this amazing friendship.

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I absolutely feel like I’m going to explode


(CW/TW: Hospital and Medical Talk)

Okay, so, I meant to get to those Sinday drabbles tonight, but I got my hospital results from my impromptu ER visit last night and they were not exactly the best results. It’s nothing for me to really panic about until I’ve seen my GP in my emergency appointment that I booked tomorrow to have everything analyzed, but when your blood tests look like your father’s (and he has an autoimmune disease), something was up with your lungs (starting of a collapse/fluid/pus/blood/tumor/who knows because they couldn’t tell just say to make sure to breathe deeply), and you have written on your CT “Bones: Multilevel degenerative changes” and “Small left thyroid lobe nodules,” (the latter of which your mother also had an needed to have over ¾ths of her thyroid removed to fix) it just puts you on edge.

Top this with blood tests that already weren’t good last week and I’m just. Sketchy. So I’ll be late to the Sinday party, ya’ll, but feel free to send a few more along if you want.

(I’ll probably make a follow-up post to this tomorrow to just kinda update with what I find out, if ya’ll want? Or you can just grab me on Discord if you would rather not have medical/hospital talk on your dashboard. I’m accommodating, my dudes. <3)

Guys, we loved that mayonnaise video… but why was this one not posted around? Oh my goodness, please be sure to check for shady shit like this and please protect each other from this sleazy underhanded shit.

lol @ you cowardice fuckwit cunt anon, give me 65 bucks then maybe ill care about your opinion of my own damn mental health

keep ya mouth shut nigga

also if that was a mutual u straight up a lil bitch nigga that id fight, just unfollow my black ass cuz honestly i dont care

this is a legit inquiry but like have yall ever imagined what “white music” could have been had they not decided to coopt hip/hop rap like real talk even country in the past 5 years has sold tf out but like i think there are sounds we will never hear and thats a product of the stupid necessity to claim things

like modernized beach boys? using more contemporary structures being able to utilize more weird synth options learning from the beatles not just interested in their sales numbers like idk theres just so much other music they could have learned from & developed instead ruining a scene that they were merely allowed enjoy or like if theyre going to do rap you know say this is from lyrical stand point a form of spoken word whats influencing those instruments you think of?

it ends up being a by product of wanting to sound like so & so i dont think thats a bad thing but i think its how people do that then people feel its appropriation i really wonder had iggy rapped over some crazy Australian beats or things influenced by her culture if the way people felt were different or the way people roast vanilla ice alot but somehow Eminem had immunity because how & where he grew up

this is kind of a messy train of thought but i think alot about instead of being such a copy cat recognition culture what music would exist branched off of a genre or era

so much gets left behind cause its not “in” wont get you sales its not how the engineers are doing it - like im exhausted on shit being so predictable like at least the music should be stimulating people often say its pop music some people dont wanna think

but michael fuckingn jackson king of pop done DID that music that stimulated you musicians fuck with it cause we’re talking more than clever choices its also pleasing for the auditory systems he makes you feel good because of how it was arranged not because the beat goes hard and the drop does like obviously no one can be like him but im just saying what we basing as good is really reflection of things we heard before and we cling to that familiarity into the next pattern of we dont feel that we tend to not connect with a song right away not to sound like an old folk but kind of why the ‘noise’ can be livable we identify the patterns quickly this is all subconsciously and then we evaluate our interest in it

with that being said i hope you kind of understand when i say maintstream wise there are patterns we arent even being shows again cause its not relevant to the genre or style but even outside of that what of patterns and scale choices kind of long forgotten thay forces to try to understand it syncapations we couldnt predict

could we stand it? can we as a collective accept new wild sounds like in the 60s or 70s or are we too caught up in sounding perfect saleable & radio friendly?

at that point how much is art in the sense of self expression and how much is performative to manipulate an audience?

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So I read on someone instastory that NR fans are mad that NR and Diane are together. Damn that's crazy. I'm happy that us dandylions aren't that mad or bitter like them they should take a page out of out book. We're happy for our couple, I hope Danai knows about us she would be proud that we are respectful and stay in our lane.

I can’t speak to that fandom because Idgaf about NR or his girlfriend at all lol, but harassing people for living their lives is always gonna be an L bruh

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henry wu: IT NEEDS A MOTHER 



If these photos don’t show how Jun feels about the inno*en*e idk what will

Every time ducktales shows that Louie hates his birthname I’m just…. trans Louie Duck real 

Can anyone recommend me some book blogs to follow that do NOT just show the same ten or so contemporary/fantasy books over and over again? The homogeneity of “bookblr/booklr” is INCREDIBLE from what I’ve seen so far :(

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you are the sweetest, most precious beautiful bean I’ve ever met. your love and dedication to your muses is remarkable, and your grasp on Dany blows my mind every single day. the way you write and make her voice sound in my head is entirely unique. and with you being a caring, honest, and creative person on top of it, your blogs are a perfect package deal I wouldn’t wanna miss in my life anymore <3


goblin man, take me by the hand

more info about him under the cut!

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soren and claudia have two very different tastes in music but they both lose their minds when mr. brightside comes on and that’s gay culture!

          “  YUH -  YOU -  YOU  mm - might  have  to  t - tuh - te - tell  me  again …  ”     @diiagnose .     call .

cantatrice1 replied to your post: What did Augus do if any of his clients imprinted…

Did he worry that inviting Gwyn to the Wild Hunt would be seen as opening that door a crack? Gwyn certainly hoped it was lol. Was it purely for Gwyn’s sake, because Augus thought the Wild Hunt would be good for him?

I mean, yes and no, in terms of opening the door a crack. Augus also found Gwyn intriguing, I mean as he says later to Gwyn in Game Theory, Gwyn was one of the few that he genuinely thought about keeping on for longer, and it was strange for him too.

But ultimately his own inner rules won out. But it was still pleasurable for Augus, to have Gwyn there, as much as Augus suggested it primarily because it would be good to nourish Gwyn’s new heartsong.

one day i’ll find someone in OW to ship Moicy with

*beleaguered sigh*


Getting extremely angry or enraged isn’t a thing that happens to me often, but sometimes I see an anon one of my friends gets and I just start getting burnt alive with rage. I am in no way a violent person, but some of those anons deserve to be slapped across the face.