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there will be a day when I can use dental floss without my mouth filling with blood but also probably not

I’ve been listening to Soldi and Mahmood’s album on repeat today, Idk if I should blame Skam Italia for making me obsessed with all things Italian or thank them for blessing me with such excellence.

A Dark Place (Prologue)

Lloyd leaned on the railing of the Bounty, watching the city go by. Watching the little people go about their little lives, completely unaware of whatever looming danger was undoubtedly plotting to destroy them.

“Useless.” He scowled at the people below. Why should they get normal lives, when he couldn’t have one? Why should they get to be happy when he couldn’t? Why should they have families when he couldn’t?

No. No. That’s not how a hero thinks.

He’s a hero. He can’t think things like that. His hands gripped the railing so tight they left small dents in the wood.

“Am I a hero?”

“Of course you are.” He jumped, hearing Kai’s voice behind him. “What else would you be? You’ve saved Ninjago more times than I can count, all you do is help people.” Kai grinned.

“Sounds pretty heroic to me.”

Kai. The one person Lloyd knew would always be there for him. The one he trusted more than anyone. More than Wu, more than Misako, even more than his father.

The concern on Kai’s face was apparent. “Maybe you should come inside, it’s getting cold out.” Lloyd smiled. “Yeah, you’re probably right.” At least someone cared about him.

Lloyd followed his brother inside. The others were probably asleep. It had been a long day, as they often were.

There had been some renegade Fangpyre terrorizing a village just outside the city limits. Not too worrying, but Fangpyre are tough, and Jay and Nya had to stay behind so they could help Pixal repair the Samurai X suit.

As Lloyd thought about the events of the day, his eyes strayed to the bandages wrapped tightly around Kai’s arm, where one of the snakes had gotten a hit on him.

He wished they didn’t have to do this. Fight for other people, who couldn’t care less if the ninja lived or died.

He thought about all the times his friends almost died. About the times they actually did die.

“It isn’t fair.”

Kai stopped and turned to him. “What isn’t fair?” Hot tears stung his eyes. “It’s not fair that we have to get hurt for people who don’t care.”

Kai blinked, shock apparent on his face. “That’s what ninja do. It’s what we’ve always done. Does it really matter if they appreciate what we do?” Lloyd wiped his eyes.

Why am I crying?

Kai looked more concerned. “You’ve been thinking about this for a while, haven’t you?” He placed a gentle hand on Lloyd’s shoulder.

“You know you can tell me these things, right?” Lloyd nodded. “You shouldn’t let things weigh on you like that. Trust me, I know.” Lloyd wondered vaguely what he meant by that.

He yawned. Kai looked at him sternly. “Now, you had better get to bed, or I’ll carry you there myself.” Lloyd grinned halfheartedly. “Yeah, sure mom.” Kai sighed. “Just go.” And he turned and walked off to go do whatever he does.

When Lloyd got to his bed, he suddenly realized just how exhausted he was. He passed out the moment he hit the pillow.

I know this one’s kind of short, but just you wait, the real shit starts in the next one.

all this he/him lesbian discourse is making me want to make he/him my main pronouns just to spite lesbophobes

the part of recovery im most looking forward to is the part in a few weeks when i can FINALLY take a proper shower

Honestly I don’t care about Eurovision because it’s not hockey.

November 29, 2017

Mr. Orr: It got to the point where that 17th-century recreational turn to opium became a great economic opportunity for a bunch of people. We see many people today just lusting to profit off the drug trade. We see governments standing in line, supposedly, to get this great economic boon that probably won’t happen. In 17th-century China the opium trade – by the way, when it first began, it was sort of like marijuana. It wasn’t nearly as strong. It wasn’t nearly as concentrated. It was just a flower. How can that hurt you? It was smoked like marijuana is smoked. But it became an addiction that was rampant across Chinese culture. It actually led to a number of serious wars over the trade and because of the trade. Governments became utterly dependent upon the taxes that fuelled the human crisis and the addictions. The Chinese culture was decimated by up to 10 million opium addicts. Ten million opium addicts.

Does anyone else’s estranged and distant father reappear only to offer them various dead animals as gifts, or is that just mine?

You mean to tell me, that in a playoff game between the Sharks and the Blues that went to over time, there were only two penalties?

Is it plain or self raising flour for muffins…? Hmm…

I don’t really make my MCU interest known online too much. This is partially because I’m a bit of a “casual” - even just counting the MCU and not Marvel in general - but moreso because I am, like, deathly afraid of spoilers, lol. Like, I don’t even want to know what movies are set to come out in the future if I can help it (which, with my sister is hard to avoid sometimes), so going through any tags is like a minefield, and I don’t know a lot of people that reblog that stuff, so… I just enjoy it alone, basically. XD

I am sad that I know I’m probably missing out on some great art and fics and whatnot because of this, but you know what makes it all worth it? Being seemingly the only person on the planet who didn’t know that Infinity War was a two part movie event when I first saw it, and being genuinely floored, horrified, and delighted when the heroes actually lost at the end of it. No movie surprises me more than one that seems fairly predictable but then ends up kicking me in the shins and running away laughing right at the end. I still remember turning to my sister, shocked, while she just looked at me blankly, saying, “Well, yeah, there’s another movie, of course they lost…”

Going in blind changed the way I viewed that entire movie, and it was great, and still something I remember a year later. So sorry for the little bit of Loki and Thor spam recently, but I’ll go back to ignoring the tags soon. I’ve already seen some things I wish I hadn’t, but at least I got to appreciate a little of the fan side of things for once. That was fun.


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women of northern ireland: hey!!! pls help us!!!! we need help!!! british people: ? more british people: ? americans: hel-- british people: ON OUR WAY OMG THAT IS AWFUL!!!! uggggghhh it's the same thing when americans ignore the pervasive childhood hunger problem going on in their own country and just go to 3rd world countries to fight for them and act superior.

tbh? i don’t get why british ppl are always SO invested in the american social issues. i get why they are invested. but the level of it? i don’t get it. it’s always something that strikes me when stuff like this happens in the us

if your muse ever invites or ALLOWS moby to stay even momentarily within their house, their sofa is now hers.


Barry: You know, you’re very mature for your age.

Danny: Thanks, it’s the trauma

what a joke

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Which BNHA character should I draw interacting with my OC...... ????? OR I COULD DO MY OC INTERACTING WIH YOUR OC OML