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So yesterday @ut-stuff wrote THIS for me and I ended up doodling up these 3 little doodles based on it because I just love it so damn much and I can never get enough of my freckle squad! :D because look at them they are too cute!

I love doing these tiny af sketches while not caring how they turn out, because often they end up looking really good, only problem with drawing this tiny is that when I try to fix stuff up on the comp they kinda get messed up here and there, but think I succeeded in cleaning them up properly tho, Scratch been so tiny frikking kills me look at him, I might have drawn him a bit too short but don’t tell him that pfft

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Tagged by my love @adriata and @elainarch so thank you - I finally got to it. haha. :D

Rules: Bold statements that are true, italics statements that you wish were true


I have small hands  / I love the night sky / I watch small animals & birds when I pass them by / I drink herbal tea / I wake to see dawn / the smell of dust is comforting  / I’m valued for being wise / I prefer books to music / I meditate / I find joy in learning new truths from the world around me


I don’t have straight hair / I like to wear ripped jeans & overalls / I play an organised sport / I love dogs / I am not afraid of adventure / I love talking to strangers / I always try new foods / I enjoy road trips / summer is my favorite season / my radio is always playing


I wear bracelets on my wrists / I love the bustle of the city / I have more than one set of piercings / I read poetry / I love the sound of a thunderstorm / I want to travel the world / I sleep past midday most days / I love dimly lit diners & fluorescent signs / I rewatch kids’ shows out of nostalgia / I see emotions in colors not words


I wear glasses/contacts / I enjoy doing the laundry / I am a vegetarian or vegan / I have an excellent sense of time / my humor is very cheerful  / I am a valued advisor to my friends / I believe in true love / I love the chill of mountain air / I’m always listening to music / I am highly trusted by the people in my life


I go without makeup in my daily life / I make my own artwork / I keep track of my tasks & time / I always know true north / I see beauty in everything / I can always smell flowers / I smile at everyone I pass by / I always fear history repeating itself / I have recovered from a mental disorder / I can love unconditionally

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stanley smokes weed


listen I’m drunk and hey no tea no shade no pink lemonade but some of yall literally say some of the wackest shit sometimes

How can you send anon hate to a stranger like what ? I only send anon hate in hand written letters to @sonflwer for being such a strong man

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what about pearlina? 👀👀


hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmg i want to mutate in fallout 76 give me mutations make me impervious to DISEASE

Me, taking all my favourite characters into my arms: autistic now

really you’re all just cowards for not accepting it as canon that henry has a beard

Verse of the Day - John 15:5


Wow an art raffle huh? That’s pretty rad.

Additional details:

·         Winners will get 1 character only, and nothing too complicated (Simple BG and one item on the character if you want, like a weapon or prop)

·         I can draw OC’s, antros, furries, whatever… but I WON’T draw any NSFW sexual violence gorey doo-dahs. Nope.

·         I draw winners the morning of the 26th. PM me to confirm your claim on the prize within 24 hour, otherwise I’m drawing another person.

·         Click here to see my commission prices and info.



Submit your Blackwater high OCs here!

As long as you understand that they are:

- not canon at all

- have a big ass crush on gale

- can be deleted by request of sini or fork

That’s all folks - submit to start your enrolment at Blackwater high

“just die~”

claireofluxembourg replied to your post “HELP”

toys for the bubbas

I’m sorry, did you just use TWO words from the song Toy, sang by Netta Barzilai for Israel entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2018??? A performance that later became THE WINNING PERFORMANCE FOR EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2018?????

I have never been prouder.

And yes, I think I will get something for the kiddos.

  • me: boy howdy do i feel lonely
  • also me: *doesnt answer texts, doesnt look at social media, doesnt leave the house, disappears from existence for 2 weeks*

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Is an extra year at college worth it?

Never give up on schooling!!  If you have an opportunity, or just a small on the fence question on if you want to keep going to school, take it!!  A little more school is never a bad thing.  Stressful with studying, exams, clubs, tuition’s, etc. yes, but it’s going to so be worth it in the long run.   

I just graduated High school a year ago and I didn’t have the opportunity for college, but if I had the chance, I would’ve probably taken it.  Don’t let yourself skip out on it and come to regret the decision later.  

If you decide to take another year, and throughout that year decide to stop, that’s okay too, college isn’t a must no matter what!!  You at least gave it a shot, and that my dear, is all that matters.  Someone will be proud of you for trying and giving it a shot, giving it some thought. That someone will be me and I’m sure someone else will be proud of you as well!


trans todoroki icons!
you can rb, just credit if you use!

I made this in 10 seconds after thinking about the e3 trailers