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❛ Do you ever just feel like there’s no real reason for you to be alive ? ❜ -Kuro @ Snow Lily

just monika.     /     accepting.

     you  know  i’ve  felt  like  that  before  .     

a  person  turned  into  a  monster  ,  nighttime  in  paris  ,  moonlight  shining  on  cobblestone  streets  .  you  were  no  smaller  then  ,  but  you  had  felt  like  it  ,  weak  and  alone  .  a  monster  .  you  had  called  yourself  a  monster  at  that  time  and  placed  your  life  in  the  hands  of  anyone  who  would  take  it  .  why  had  you  been  alive  ,  then  ?

cheeky  as  you  are  ,  you  answer  your  own  question  .  you  had  been  alive  then  so  that  you  can  be  alive  now  .

     things  are  different  ,  now  .  i  have  a  reason  more  important  than  any  .       there  are  children  to  look  after  .  there  are  those  you  have  saved  and  those  who  are  waiting  to  be  taken  in  and  loved  .  your  reason  for  being  alive  is  to  love  as  much  and  as  many  as  you  can  manage  .  everyone  was  born  to  be  loved  ,  after  all  .

     ——  kuro  .     

you  always  speak  softly  ,  but  even  he  should  know  there  is  weight  behind  the  single  call  of  his  name  .  he’s  not  looking  at  you  ,  eyes  trained  on  another  game  of  his  you’ll  have  to  ask  him  about  sometime  .  you  know  he’s  listening  ,  though  ,  so  it  hardly  matters  .

you  take  a  seat  next  to  him  ,  a  hand  placed  gently  on  his  back  over  the  layers  of  blankets  he’s  wrapped  himself  in  .

(     it  always  seems  like  you  play  the  part  of  the  older  sibling  ,  even  though  you’re  younger  by  far  .     )

     even  you  are  capable  of  finding  a  reason  ,  you  know  .  if  not  for  yourself  ,  then  would  you  do  something  like  that  for  the  sake  of  the  people  who  love  you  ?     


sal has never fucked in his life but also Sal Fucks!!!

Can you ever just feel a major depressive episode coming?


I have a crush, or kind of.

And since before the end of the year, I got a very bad deception because he asked me on a date but cancelled me the day of our date. He said he would tell me when he was free and I agreed.

And he never spoke to me again. I tried to talk to him by chat a couple of times, even wished him a happy New Year, but he didn’t answer nor tried to make more conversation.

Then, this week classes started. I have three classes with him.

First day, he didn’t talk to me. He asked me by chat if I wanted to be in his team but I already had one so I had to say no.

Second day, we kind of talked and joked with each other, but we didn’t really talk, and I thought ‘Well, maybe we should take it slow and don’t force this. We’re still friends.’

Third day, yesterday, I lost the last bus to my home and it was already 9 pm, which is pretty late and dangerous in my town, so I tried to take a ride with a friend. She said she was going to her boyfriend’s house, so she couldn’t. And she was the one who called him and told him that I needed his help.

I ended up asking for a ride from him and he accepted. And I thought we could bond more or talk about what happened or I don’t know, just be.

Nonetheless, I ended up in the backseat, in his car with him and a friend of his, that I don’t really talk to because I’m kind of afraid of her because she’s pretty smart. And they were talking all the ride about everything they were going to do and stuff.

And I just felt my heart breaking more and more, little by little, not because I thought they were together, which upsets me but I shouldn’t be upset because we’re just friends, and when I was at home, I just couldn’t start crying about it before dinner. And then after dinner, before going to bed.

And I slept through my sobs for like one or two hours. I woke up feeling as if I didn’t sleep anything. I fell asleep again and had this weird, terrible nightmare where he died and was like narrating his own death to me as a ghost or something, talking to me about the mistakes and good choices he did through a party I invited him. I woke up almost frightened, but weirdly enough wasn’t crying or sobbing, just scared and sad.

And now I’m here, with three hours of sleep wondering if this is how it is being in love with someone and suffering like a teenager for them, just like the movies or cartoons.

And I really need some help for this.

Broly is gay

like honestly. if it’s cooperative pve maybe you should try to, i dunno, cooperate and help your teammates instead of blaming them for being unable to one-man a two-man job because their class isn’t built for that kind of shit ??? maybe don’t endanger an entire activity because you didn’t want to help a guy who was clearly not well equipped to deal w/ what you threw him in to deal with. 

i’m so mad about this like IT DOESN’T TAKE THAT MUCH TO BE A TEAM PLAYER !!!! IT REALLY DOESN’T !!!!


           ❛      YOU’D  BETTER  STAY  back  if  you  know  whats  good  for  you.      ❜


T.M.R. LIVE REVOLUTION’16-’17 -Route 20 ASIA TOUR- to Taipei

Heat Capacity - T.M.Revolution

Unnecessary mini rant: I’ve heard a couple people showing acception to art of Remus, saying he “looks too old”, so I’d like to point out this bit from the Harry Potter Wiki (note, I know wiki is questionable at times, but this seems like relevant enough fact to be canon and makes a lot of sense):

“… the werewolf will attack itself out of frustration. This leaves many werewolves such as Remus Lupin with self-inflicted scars and premature aging from the difficult transformations.”

So to the people who think he’s drawn looking “too old”, incorrect, because he’s supposed to look old and tired. It’s not pretty because it’s not supposed to be. Lycanthropy is not a sugar coated head cold that can go away with proper lighting and a good diet, it is an ugly, brutal, life long affliction that can destroy the victims life.

Don’t call my man Remus too old, because he has been through hell and he is beautiful with every scar and strand of silver hair he has.

Tachimukai: *flapping his hands and stimming*

Tsunami: oh worm? *joins him*

EA making the hidden spot in Granite Falls that small was a huge mistake.

All that free real estate and the lot is what, 20 x 20? if that? 

Shadow Heritage DLC, leaked official ending


KASSANDRA: what the FUCK was that


KYRA: what happened babe???

KASSANDRA: just had this horrible dream i settled down…. with a MAN…….. and had a BABY……….?!?!?!

KYRA: wow! at least it’s just a dream because that would NEVER HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE

KASSANDRA: sure am glad to be a lesbian!


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Hate when I see some shit that immediately makes me mentally exhausted.

I’ve got Fate/Extra CCC all downloaded and ready to go

Meanwhile in Extra (week 5) I died to a random enemy again

I’m going to sleep

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correct me if I am wrong, but with that mentality shouldn’t in be easy to connect again with the people you lost touch with?

Im happy to say that I have indeed done a lot of reconnecting in the last year! However, it’s not only my choice that matters, and some people just don’t like to reconnect with people from their past.

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8 and 14 because I always choose the stupidest questions

An Assortment of Special Munday Asks! | Accepting

8. Unpopular opinion? (Bonus points if you include a topic)

I have yet to see it here on tumblr, but; back on the previous place I roleplayed I really disliked both the sheer number of gay/les muses and the fact that people who had them just flat out refused to interact with people who didn’t have any like that. It was stupid and irritating as hell, especially since there were some really cool characters some of those people had.

14. What was the color of your bedroom walls when you were 14?

Easy. Snow white.

Wait so if Kaiba went to the afterlife to duel Atem, does that mean he temporarily died??? Like does his machine kill him and then bring him back to life after??? 

Did Mokuba have to watch his brother die?

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hello! i hope this up coming week treats you well and that you receive some good news 💌 remember to be kind to yourself!! 👼💓 - 🍒 anonie

i’m !!!!!!!! thank you so much anonie! i hope this is a great week for you too! and i’ll try to remember even if i’m not that good at it lmaooo but i swear i’ll try

I love talking to people