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Thinking about Delicious, sweet ,juicy made in "sold" 99 eurocent 👋

Tutti insieme possiamo contribuire ad aiutare l’associazione “Ananas Onlus” per la ricerca contro la “neurofibromatosi”, acquistando un uovo pasquale. Anche su “😉 Buona Pasqua! 🐣

Pensavo che il peggio fosse la con l', ma come giustamente disse qualcuno invece non c'è mai fine ad esso!! 😨😨😨😨😱😭😭😭 ✋🚫❎

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Hab einen schönen Feiertag heute! Falls ihr euch dazu ein wenig DSA gönnen wollt: [DSA 5] Theaterritter 2 - Finale LINK:

🥂[MILLÉSIME 2018] 🥂 "L’exotisme de l’, du , répondent à la délicatesse de la et de l’" ________________________ #2018 [L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. Consommez avec modération]

ananasは基本Tシャツはゴレンジャーばりにカラフルです👕 ミツハシ君の写真見て改めてわかりました笑

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Truck fully loaded with fresh pineapples and two workers which sorting them by bezikus

i hate food

i wish i could just never eat again:( i hate the guilt i feel everytime after i eat, i wish i could just live off of coffee and diet coke

i feel like i’m dying

okay so for the last week i’ve been super depressed and i also haven’t been sleeping and i’m on zoloft (an antidepressant) but i have only been on it for a couple of weeks, and usually I take this antihistamine / sleep aid pill with melatonin to go to bed and i took 2x the dose of the sleep aid pills and 2x the regular dose of melatonin and apparently they cause extreme drug interactions with zoloft and they cause confusion and loss of motor control in your brain and I FEEL SO FUCKING FUCKED UP. i’m going to my doctors later but i literally feel like i have adhd, i feel like my head is going to explode, and having an ED makes it worse because i’m fasting and i also consume so so much caffeine everyday through coffee, 5 hour energy, energy drinks and diet soda. so my body feels extremely fucked up. also i’ve been binging and then feeling extremely guilty after so i decided to take 10 laxatives over the weekend. my body feels so ducked up, i’m trying to detox now with herbal teas and tons of water. pray for me.