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The Physical 1% Modern Day Gladiators Sport: Record: Win or Lose these people are modern day Gladiators ... ( ) is for winners only - Marlawn

You don't have to "grow up" in the field to make an impact - check out how Kathleen forged her own path and now helps clients harness the power of their data, using and machine learning:

Fresh out of Y Combinator, Tandem lands millions from Andreessen Horowitz via Kate Clark

Deriving more value from Analytics and Emerging Technologies like artificial intelligence starts with trust, simply because data collected for analytics must be trusted. via

In this video, you'll see how to create and share a in Watson Studio. This examples uses a CSV file containing information about...

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TSO Host no closer to solving customers' email issues as Brit firm pops up on more blacklists

Punters bemoan comms silence with no fix in sight

Customers of Brit hosting outfit TSO Host are suffering from a cluster of issues leaving them without email services for a prolonged period or a clear idea when they’ll get them back.…

Generous Google gives Chrome users Inbox Zero: Sign-in outage boots own browser out of webmail, services

Baffling bug forces folks to use Safari, IE, etc

A bizarre outage left unlucky Chrome users unable to sign into Google services, from Gmail to Google Docs to even Chromebooks, earlier today.…

Very beautiful view, photo from working this week downtown, incredible experience helping clients local in Been awhile since I’ve left my house to help a customer. However it’s like a bike, you get on, and cruise. Have to say, taking several years off to build a family, gave me a new appreciation for what I’m doing professionally, I help people with more than data warehousing and cute dashboards.
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Alibaba: There's a trade war going on? Could've fooled us – just check out these swollen digits

Cloud biz still dwarfed by retail but everything’s up

Alibaba, China’s nearest equivalent to Amazon, is weathering the “uncertain economic” landscape caused in part by the “trade war” between the US and Middle Kingdom governments.…

Fancy a career exposing cloud data leaks? Great news, companies are still largely clueless

Unit 42 crew tours the cloud security hellscape, finds admins have learned nothing

Anyone hoping to halt the flood of data leaks stemming from cloud services got bad news this week when Palo Alto’s Unit 42 found little sign companies were improving their security practices.…