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¿Cómo utiliza para crear contenido y mejorar el ? Conoce cómo se organiza su infraestructura y qué estrategias se siguen vía

Consistently more people browse and shop on their phones in the evening than desktop and tablets put together. The trend is very downward for tablet device usage, barely a speckle these days.

Accede a los datos precisos y clave de tu empresa en tiempo real con el nuevo . Diagnostica problemas, anticípate a ellos y reduce el tiempo en la toma de decisiones. Te contamos todos los detalles en el próximo . ¡Te esperamos!

RT : Having real-time and a cyber-resilient system are essential when deploying solutions to protect against any potential . Read more in the blog: 

Good start to Day 2 of with Andries Zijlstra of and Kevin Eliceiri of talking about image processing for image analysis in .

Previsioni di crescita per il mercato mondiale dei . Nel 2019 segnerà un +15,3% rispetto all'anno precedente. A dominare saranno ancora gli ⌚ 👉

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Within Google Cloud, a computer is muttering: Shall we play a game? Wouldn't you prefer a nice game of SaaS?

Come for the on-demand servers, stay for the sweet documentation

On a rainy Wednesday morning in San Francisco, Google pitched its Cloud Platform (GCP) to power games, and brought friends along to sing its praises at the annual Games Developer’s Conference.…

Vengeful sacked IT bod destroyed ex-employer's AWS cloud accounts. Now he'll spent rest of 2019 in the clink

Bloke hit delete on £500,000 of ‘business-critical data’ after he was let go for 'poor’ performance

An irate sacked techie who rampaged through his former employer’s AWS accounts with a purloined login, nuking 23 servers and triggering a wave of redundancies, has been jailed.…

CLOUDERA gets all SHOUTY about rebrand: SMASHES capslock, but easy on the elephants

Merger so fresh, gabfest freebies had old logo

Logowatch  Now that star-crossed Hadoop-flinging lovers Cloudera and Hortonworks have ended their years-long competition-cum-courtship with a merger, what better way to seal the deal than visiting the Strategy Boutique?…

My AWS Lamba Custom Runtimes bring all the .NET Core to the yard, and they're like... where is this headline going?

Good news for all – whoa, not so fast, Visual Studioers

Lambda lovers, rejoice! You can now, from this week, write your cloudy functions in pretty much any version of .NET Core you like.…


Introduction to Big Data and types of Analytics | Dexlab Analytics