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CMOs’ Evolving Analytics Imperative: A Q&A With Schneider Electric CMO Chris Leong

In an effort to wade through the noise and get clarity around the evolving analytics imperative for CMOs, I’m taking questions to key participants in the advertising and marketing industry, those whose organizations sit at the crossroads of problem and solution.
100 DoP - Days 11 & 12

The productive thing I did on day 11 isn’t one I’m comfortable sharing online, so I’ll leave it at: day 11 was ticked successfully.

Day 12 has also been a productive day :) I started reading Big Data, by Brian Clegg. It’s a basic look at what big data is and, as the cover says, how it is transforming our lives, aimed at an audience of the general public. I’m finding it a very fast read because it really is just a super-basic overview and I’m used to far more technical books, so I’m already close to halfway finished it.

I’m mainly reading it to plug any silly gaps my mind may have in terms of big data’s main uses before I start diving into the database stuff in my computer science degree. Best to go in with eyes fully open to the possibilities. Sometimes we can miss very obvious things when stuck in our own little worlds, you know?

Cloud hardware spend edges ahead of traditional setups for first time in Q3 2018

50.9% of of total IT turnover, according to analyst

Abacus-strummer IDC has clocked that quarterly revenues of IT infrastructure (that’s servers, storage, and Ethernet switches) for the cloud have officially squeezed past sales into traditional environments.…

Unexpected final boss for games kit SpatialOS: Unity blasts multiplayer GDK out of the cloud

Game over for Brit-based maker of real-time online gaming platform?

Updated  Improbable, the UK-based maker of the SpatialOS Game Development Kit (GDK) for the Unity game engine, on Thursday warned that all Unity-based titles integrating its GDK are now violating Unity’s Terms of Service.…


…erkläre ich dir gerne persönlich. Glaub nicht an Online-Märchen, vertrau Fakten und der richtigen Interpretation. ✅🙏💎💶 #traffic #webstat #statistik #analytics #onlinemarketing #shopping #jungdigital (hier: Ulrichstein)

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