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Blog: Creating a 360-Degree View of Member Activities in 6 Months by '

Hearing from Vit Novacek at on the sucessful past research collaboration with on Biomedical Knowledge

Onko Gartnerin tuorein "Magic Quadrant for and Platforms 2019" -analyysi vielä lukematta? Alan tulevaisuuden näkymien lisäksi tämä kattava raportti sisältää toimijoiden vahvuuksia ja kehityskohteita. Lataa maksutta:

RT : Up now we have Neil Martin, Data Scientist at F1. Sharing insights of how using data has impacted decision making for

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Google Analytics Tutorials for Beginners (Part 1) - 7 Reports to Underst…


Future Trends of Data Mining - Max BPO


Blockchain Facts and Stats | Dexlab Analytics

Live online today: CTO of Hybrid Cloud at HPE meets our team to discuss real-world multi-cloud deployments

There’s more than one way to store and process your data

Sponsored webcast  While many organisations like the speed, efficiency and cost benefits of the public cloud, some like to keep a few things to themselves by keeping their own in-house IT systems.…

RIP Hyper-Threading? ChromeOS axes key Intel CPU feature over data-leak flaws – Microsoft, Apple suggest snub

Plug pulled on SMT tech as software makers put security ahead of performance

Analysis  In conjunction with Intel’s coordinated disclosure today about a family of security vulnerabilities discovered in millions of its processors, Google has turned off Hyper-Threading in Chrome OS to fully protect its users.…

California court sentences ex-Autonomy CFO Sushovan Hussain to five years in clink for fraud

One-month stay of execution won’t sweeten $10m in fines

Former Autonomy chief financial officer Sushovan Hussain has been sentenced to five years in a US prison for fraud over the 2011 sale of the British software company to Hewlett Packard.…

It woz ransomware wot did it: ConnectWise spills beans on cause for day-long outage

Hackers got in via offsite machine used for cloud performance testing

A customer email from biz automation outfit ConnectWise has revealed that a ransomware attack was to blame for an outage which crashed its systems for a whole day earlier this month.…