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Quarterly Shocker Could Signal Netflix Top

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*COMING SOON - JULY’S TOTAL FOOTBALL ANALYSIS MAGAZINE* What’s in it? Recruitment: Five central midfielders that smart teams should be scouting ✍ doing what he does best PREORDER TODAY:

I particularly like the highlighted snippet mentioning the tendency for materials on the Internet not to provide sources or point to them. Also the phrase “hardening into unqualified historical fact” nicely captures a phenomenon of myth-as-fact.

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peachdoxie  asked:

I totally get what you're saying about fandom and canon (or at least I think I do) and that what's really important is a love of the material, and I agree to that respect, but personally, reading the words "canon doesn't matter" kind of rustles my jimmies, because for some people (like me) and in some spaces, canon is extremely important. 1/?

People will find importance in canon for whatever reasons that are individual to them, and I think it’s important to consider that. There are also spaces where discussion of canon IS important, like when it comes to issues of representation. I think you’ve read my post about the phrase “there is no heterosexual explanation for this” and my rebuttal of “not every emotionally intimate relationship between two characters of the same gender is inherently gay” in response to people claiming that 2/

certain same gender pairings are “obviously” “gay for each other”, when there’s nothing in the canon that points to anything beyond an emotionally intimate relationship. One of the people who commented on it made a really good point that while it’s fine to ship something regardless of canon, it’s a different thing entirely to claim that something IS canon when there’s no evidence for it, or evidence that’s up to too much interpretation, because claiming that such a relationship IS canon 3/?

when in fact it’s barely hinted at and interpretable at best, it means that it’s much more difficult to call for better representation, when someone who is against representation can go “see? look at all the people who say [interpretable pairing] is canon. they don’t need anything more explicit!” 4/?

I think that there ARE spaces in fandom where that’s an important discussion to have. So I disagree with you that canon doesn’t matter, because there are places for it, and for individual people, it’s very important. But I agree entirely that there shouldn’t be arguments in fandom about what is or is not canon that basically involves gatekeeping “canon” or being mean to others because of what they think is or is not canon. 5/?

In a perfect world, people would be willing to agree to disagree about what is or is not canon and accept that other people have different opinions of how far canon goes. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, so I definitely agree that it’s bad for people to assert that their view of canon is the “correct” view, and - if I may be so audacious as to assume intent - is really the point you’re trying to make. 6/? (I think?)

I think that not caring about canon has its place in certain fandom contexts, but not all of them. It’s kind of like it’s a different analytical framework, one that’s useful sometimes but not other times. 7/? 

And certainly, I think canon has importance in places that exist at the boundaries of fandom, like when canon is considered in historical studies or in literature reviews. Though that’s also getting into discussions of where fandom ends and other disciplines begin, so it’s probably a moot point, and probably depends on someone’s perspective and intent. 9/? (or 8?)

I’m gonna stop myself here from going into literary theory/criticism/whatever about when and where canon matters, but I think I’ve made my point that while I agree with the sentiment of what you’re saying, I disagree with the statement that “canon doesn’t matter” in fandom. Because I think it does, but just not in every context. 10/10 (or whatever number)

From this.

As always, you’ve got a wealth of thoughtful and well-worded discussion here. You’re a brilliant human being, and one of the reasons I love talking to you is because of your deep analytical perspectives. I think another reason I jive with you as a friend is because we tend to hold similar perspectives. It’s fun, because we both entertain creative or emotional discussions extrapolated from source materials, and we both acknowledge what canon objectively contains. 

I apologize: I thought I’d been more clear with the context of what I was criticizing regarding fandom’s relationship with canon. I think I also banked on followers knowing I’m a logically centered individual who cares deeply about facts and not just heart. I suppose not, and I’m sorry if I were misleading. My mistake! How you disagree with my phrase “canon doesn’t matter” is not what I was intending to suggest and it’s not the values I have regarding canon. That one sentence wasn’t meant to stand on its own that much. We do in truth consider canon’s importance the same way!

My critique intended to be about the discussion of “What are the canon materials?” rather than “What information is in the canon?” As I read it, your response goes through both, and where you say you disagreed is mostly when you looked at the latter (but I was intentionally honing in only on the former). Maybe it’s a good idea for us to separate these concepts rather than conflate it into a large debate of “what is canon?” from too broad an angle.

My critique was about how fans police others’ engagement for things like Watsonian interpretations, headcanons, speculative meta, and fanfiction writing. If people want to analyze Edward Elric’s personality only from FMAB, or if they want to include minor tie-ins (ex: Prince of the Dawn, Sacred Star of Milos, omake, etc.), either perspective provides interesting analytical angles. They’re both valid ways of handling the character’s personality.

Especially since I experience the “What is canon materials?” conversation with the HTTYD fandom, I tend to see the debate centered on continuity and OOC/IC interactions. Also, at times, how “big” a material is - like video games being “less authoritative” than the films. These conversations are more about how people do or don’t emotionally reject RTTE for their personal headcanon/discussion space. These are people who acknowledge the show’s implications rather than deny RTTE’s existence or the implications of the content. It’s exactly because people engage and examine its contents, that some people might like to talk about Hiccup through RTTE lenses, and others will never entertain such speculations. 

(You know this stuff, I’m sure, but I’m spelling it all out to be clear, and for other readers to follow.)

What I’m saying is that in angles like these, what is or is not canon doesn’t matter, because we have the right to recreationally interact with Hiccup through some of the officially licensed materials, or through all of them. We have the right to completely ignore ALL canon and imagine him as something else, too!

That discussion that I focused on is about what people accept as “the most official materials” versus “unofficial materials.” Your focus for the majority of your message looks to me like a nuanced angle on something else - the other “spaces,” “places,” “frameworks” you bring up. That’s about whether or not people acknowledge what’s inside those materials. It’s about whether or not people are able to acknowledge that things happen in official materials, or are able to correctly discern objective versus subjective information within that media. That’s not something I was covering in that conversation because it wasn’t contextually relevant, but yes, you’re absolutely right that these distinctions are important!

The viral post you mentioned is one I’ll never forget from you, because I agree with it 100%. It’s the same frustration I hold, so it was so enthralling to see it put to words. It’s poor thinking for fans to subjectively interpret canon materials and try to push it as The One Truth… when it is not objectively what the source material contains. Feel free to tie things together how you want for funsies, that doesn’t make it what the source ACTUALLY says.

This is why I mentioned, at the start of my discussion, that I get uncomfortable when people dismiss officially licensed materials as “fanfiction” or “not real.” These exist whether we like them to or not. The reason it’s important to distinguish fandom from canon is because canon is what feeds us, and is what provides authority for what the franchise is. Whether or not you like the materials or engage with them for things like headcanoning, they’re there, and you have to be able to acknowledge: these materials exist. The companies gave them to us.

Because a product exists, you can’t say “bye” to the consequences of its existence. You have to know it exists, and what it does/doesn’t contain. It’s poor thinking for individuals to extrapolate materials from canon that were objectively not intended by the creators, but fans still try to push it as “the true story.” What the source material objectively contains cannot be replaced by emotional wants or denials. That’s where things like representation or romance come into play, as you mentioned: it’s (usually) fine to relate to and interpret the characters as you want, so long as you can separate that from the objective reality of the source material. You have to be able to acknowledge what the source material contains.

I want to make it very clear:

There’s an enormous difference between emotionally deciding which canonical materials you engage with for your creative frameworking…

…versus denying the existence of what officially licensed products contain, or insisting that your subjective interpretation is objectively true. 

For the former: canon doesn’t matter. That’s my discussion of the previous post. Policing fans by telling them one source is canon and one isn’t… when it’s all licensed materials… is forcing people to engage with canon a certain way. We all have the right to engage with all licensed materials to the depth we want. If I want to accept RTTE and analyze Hiccup from RTTE to GOTNF to THW… let me enjoy that! Don’t tell me to quit analyzing RTTE!Hiccup because it doesn’t feel like he’s IC to you (and ergo, outside of your own mental “canon”). It’s fiiiiine! I can write analyses about RTTE!Hiccup!

For something like the “what is canon materials?” discussion you mentioned as far as academic documentation of a body of works, that is a REALLY interesting discussion, but yeah, as you pointed out, a little outside the boundaries of this current conversation. But I’d love to talk to you sometime about it!!!

For the latter: you better be able to know what the licensed materials actually contain. You shouldn’t deny something exists. Whether or not you call it “canon,” you should be able to acknowledge it’s an official product and not something a fan put on AO3. You should be able to objectively understand what’s in officially released products. If the books have problematic elements, if a show lacks explicit queer representation, if there’s a racial stereotype that’s handled poorly, that’s a truth that you can’t imagine your way out of! You can reinterpret characters for fun in your fandom discussions, but you can’t deny the reality of what the creators produced. Ignoring the truth of these issues, or making your interpretations “reality” you force on others… is dangerous illogical thought that has severe consequences for how you interact with the world and its issues.

As you say, there’s value in all these discussions. We’ve known each other a long time, so I know you know I’m a logic-oriented individual, someone who isn’t going to say “everything is okay!” and let subjectivity fly over objective information in source materials. When I say “canon doesn’t matter,” it’s not about subjectively letting our feelings erase what is objectively presented on screen / on paper. When I say “canon doesn’t matter,” it’s about whether or not someone wants to talk about tie-ins, or only select portions of officially released products. But when I say “canon doesn’t matter,” it is also with the assumption people are smart enough to distinguish subjective interpretation from objective observation, the angle which you brought up with the nuanced discussion we’ve seen. Thanks for speaking with such finesse again on why we can’t lets fans’ desires get in the way of what they call “truth.”

I love to both discuss things from a creative speculative angle and let my imagination wander or reinterpret characters… or discuss materials from a Doylist acknowledgement of how something gets sociologically presented. Hell, I hold such a huge value to official products and canon materials that I engage with almost no fandom content (fanfictions, comics, etc.). So yeah! I also believe that canon is very, very important, and is something to be talked about! 

I think it’s important to understand the impacts that official materials have, and I get frustrated when people pretend something DreamWorks or Disney officially sanctioned is “fanfiction.” I think it’s important for fans to discuss back and forth about what they think objectively happened when there’s a lack of clarity. For the romance thing, again, as you said, it’s a good discussion to have of “what is WITHIN canon?” when looking at whether or not it’s obviously queer, or if you’re reading into it. 

I also love to create synthesized interpretations for what characters are like and I get frustrated when people try to police me on what I can/can’t include into my canon analyses. 

I just have no patience for laypersons who debate “what is canon MATERIAL?” when looking at whether or not a video game should be considered “okay” to synthesize with a movie, and gatekeeping in the sense of what fans can include in our creative engagements. Whether or not X is “as canon” as Y doesn’t matter at the end of the day if you disagree with [insert username here]. It’s your recreation. It’s still a franchise product. Know it exists, know the objective materials, and move on. Do with it as you will and let your friends do with it as they will. 

Not done posting about episode 55 of Rusty Quill Gaming apparently:

Can we talk about Zolf’s reaction to being given a vision of HIS GOD? He is a cleric, one of the biggest arguments he has had with the team was because he literally wanted to kill for his god. He is having an actual mental breakdown, is clearly longing for guidance or a sign he is doing the right thing. Perfect time for a vision, right?

His actual first reaction is “what do you want?”, then he demands his god communicate clearly because he is 100% Done with symbolism and mysterious ways. In his first vision he is drowning, his god offers a symbol of his religion to save him. So Zolf folds his arms and lets himself drown, making eye contact with his god the whole time. When he wakes up he throws a decanter of water(symbol of Poseidon) out the window.

Dear lord that is a mood! Be clear, be useful, or GTFO

empro-8 replied to your post “The feeling of Extremely Excited Validation ™ when one of my music…”

Wait what transcript where do you listen to it

So the Gravity Falls full series special edition release has a few hidden commentaries in it. 

As shown on the menu selection options, you can select to watch an episode as it aired, or with a standard commentary of Alex Hirsch + buddies. But for certain episodes, if you keep selecting downward below the last option on screen, you’ll start a secret commentary. Grunkle Stan has his own commentary, 100% in character, for Land Before Swine.

There’s some entertaining tidbits in it! Stan describes his ex-wife in depth. He rambles about how it’s a “rite of passage” in Gravity Falls to hit / run over McGucket with your car. He tells stories about childhood (of course ragging on Ford with embarrassing high school tales). He admits Waddles is cute and that he’s proud of Soos, believing the young man will make a great Mr. Mystery. 

I haven’t seen a full transcript online for this, or the video put online. I (admittedly briefly) tried to find it before I bought the special edition for myself. But there are some people who’ve shared quotes from it, like here.

So yeah! That’s where I heard Stan mention Ford’s good at piano. ^.^

Important Post For Writblrs

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anonymous asked:

How do you think the season would have been different if Willy died instead of Mitch?

I’m sorry it took me so long to answer this ask Anon! 

And boy, i’d be lying if I said I didn’t consider to make this a Thing in How They Hold You Like a Gun. Because I guessed people would expect characters who died in the game to die in the fic, and characters who lived to die at some point. And I thought, hey, why don’t I kill Willy instead of Mitch? bet they won’t see that one coming! But I realized I would do it mostly for shock effect and without any real importance to the plot. I haven’t scrapped the idea entirely but unless I get a rush of inspiration and get the Perfect Idea for Killing Willy, I don’t think I will.

But this is going to be fun!

Let’s say Willy took Mitch’s place and was the one to run to defend Tenn and got a knife to the neck. Mitch would go completly insane seeing his little brother die and would seriously fuck Lilly up, probably resulting in more deaths among the Delta members. Also more cool bombs. 

Right after the battle, when he’s grieving Willy on the ground and Clementine goes to check on him, I think he could have two different reactions, depending on your past interactions with him. If you were mostly nice, he would push you and yell at you before walking away to dig a grave. If you were assholes to each other, he would actually pin Clementine down and try to choke her. Idk i feel like he could get very violent in the moment. Or if trying to choke her is too much (i kinda feel like it is but eh) he’d hold her at knife’s point and the other kids would have to hold him back and pry the knife away form him. Point is he’s actively blaming her and tryin to hurt her in this scenario.

I feel like he’d kinda blame everyone for Willy’s death. Tenn especially. He’d push him and give him a scare before either Violet or Louis stop him. Violet’s approach is a bit more agressive and angry while Louis is kind of trying to comfort him and convice him not to hurt a little boy. In any case it works and Mitch storms off, but he’s still really angry at Tenn.

Blah blah blah Willy gets a funeral and we see Mitch grieving him through the season. I feel like he’d talk about him during the party. Willy only mentioned chronic masturbation as a reason for being sent to the school, but many fans have theorized, me included, that he was also sexually abused by his parents. And I feel like Mitch would say something about “his parents being some sick pieces of shit who fucked him up”. Not too many details or saying explicitly that they sexually abused him, but leaving bits and pieces of information for the player to figure it out by themselves.

Willy’s arc through the story is about taking after Mitch’s legacy and shit. So I thought it’d be nice if Mitch’s arc revolved around a dead Willy as well. I feel like he’d blame himself more than anyone, for not being able to protect him. I mean, he had some fucked up parents who hurt him terribly and then discarded him when he got too difficult to deal with. So I feel like, if Mitch took him under his wing, it’d be because he wanted him to have a good big brother/parental figure? Someone he could look up to that wouldn’t hurt him. You know. Protecting him. And he failed. In this AU, I feel like it’d be because of a fatal flaw of him. Maybe being too aggressive? Too quick to anger? Bc those sound like normal flaws to be idk. Maybe something about not taking other people’s thought in consideration? Like, Willy insists he wants to fight, and instead of giving him valid reasons to stay safe, Mitch just goes “no fucking way”, Willy gets angry, they both get angry and Willy ends up disobeying and getting himself killed. I don’t know. It’s  work in progress. But the idea is that he’d learn and grow regarding that flaw and learn how to protect people better. Maybe he could save Tenn’s life near the end. In a Kenny and Ben situation! Exactly like Kenny and Ben actually. Maybe he could sacrifice himself for Tenn. He’ll be teaching Willy how to make bombs in the afterlife. Tenn would make drawings about that for his grave.

Anyways, back to the events of Episode 2:

He’d be quick to volunteer to go “talk” to Abel. Clementine would either agree with him, seeing as he’s pretty intimidating, good at this kind of shit and tbh he deserves to be the one to hurt and kill a Delta soldier, if anyone had to. Also, Clem would rather he took his anger out on Abel than on any of the kids.

Or, Clementine sees he’s not in the right state of mind, and worries he’d get too violent and end up fucking Abel way too bad for him to tell them anything, or that he’d get more aggressive after that and end up hurting someone they care about, or it being even worse for his mental health. Or just fucking more shit up in general. Remember, AJ would be watching this.

If the player chooses to let him help Clem, depending on how good their relationship is, Clem/the player has more or less influence is what he does to Abel. If they hate each other, he’d just do whatever he wants or even do the exact opposite Clem suggests. If they’re friends, he’d try to listen to Clem. Mostly.

If Louis was taken, then he’d have a lot of fight with Violet. Like, a lot. Which will be bad for his relationship with Clem if Clem is either best friends or in a relationship with Violet, resulting in fights between Clem and Mitch themselves. I don’t think Mitch would punch a girl at all, but he’d probably push her and yell at her. They both yell at each other tbh. If Violet was taken, Mitch wouldn’t be that angry at her, and he’d be more focused on getting everyone back. Worst thing he’d do would be say something like “Violet’s a real bitch, but it’d be fucked up to leave her with those sick fuckers”. He wouldn’t be very mean to Louis, really. Despite a few unfortunate comments. I feel like the worst that would happen would be Louis trying to cheer everyone up and Mitch yelling some hurtful things on his face. You know, the thing he’s sensitive about and all! Call him useless  or stupid. “No wonder nobody wants to be with you”. Which obviously results in a fight between Clementine and Mitch.

Maybe after the party, if Mitch was being an asshole to her best friend/partner, they’d have this fight that wouldn’t escalate to something physical, just a lot of yelling. It ends up with Mitch crying because of the Thing He’s Sensitive About (aka Willy’s death) and Clementine kind of comforting him, but insisting that he can’t treat people like shit just because a loved one died. And that if he ever hurt her best friend/partner again, she’d make sure he regrets it.

Note that I say if. Because me being a tragic motherfucker I’m thinking of the worst case scenarios. The worst possible ways for Mitch to deal with Willy’s death.

But he could grieve in a much less aggressive way. I feel like that would depend on the player. Not just on how Clementine treats Mitch, although that’s a big factor too. But also, in how the player influences other characters and thus their behavior towards Mitch, or what characters are alive and which aren’t. (Because there’s this AU going around in which both Mitch and Brody are/can be alive and are love interests as well and if I can bring Mitch back then why not Brody. Bc I feel like Brody could totally help Mitch like, a lot. Also I ship them so he’d be a lot less aggressive around her and he’d try to be nice for her).

He could also go easier on Violet and Louis, and the talk between him and Clem after the party could be less violent and more sad and grieving. Idk everything depends on everything.

He’d build a far better bomb than Willy and name it Willy Jr. or smth. After getting caught by the Delta, he’d fight back a lot and they’d fuck him up. I feel like they’d carve out an ear, since “he wasn’t listening. Let’s see if you listen now”.  It would make AJ biting off Dorian’s ear much more satisfactory. Sweet sweet revenge.

And after that I don’t think it would be much different, besides him sacrificing himself for Tenn. I don’t want two characters sacrificing themselves for Tenn, so I think I’d replace Violet/Louis’ sacrifice at the bridge for Mitch’s own sacrifice. Whether his death is canon or determinant, I don’t know. I kinda like both ideas. Tenn lives either way and Louis and Violet only die depending on whether Mitch sacrifices himself or not.

I’d like to think of this as a different path it could take besides Willy living and Mitch dying. Like, depending on the player’s actions, it’s either Mitch or Willy the one who dies. If Mitch dies, then it’s just the game as we have it. If Willy dies, then it’s what I just described.

Maybe having Mitch be alive could be this particularly hard outcome to get, to the point many people can play the entire game without even realizing that was an option. Having Mitch be alive is also the only way to get Violet, Louis and Tenn, all three of them, to live, since one of the three always has to die in the Alive Willy route, aka the canon route. But if Mitch is alive? He’s the one to sacrifice himself and let both Tenn and whoever he’s with go.

And I also feel like it would be wonderful if the route in which Mitch lives, aka Louis/Violet is the one to sacrifice themselves for Tenn, could be very hard to get. Like idk what choices could lead up to that but it has to be a very obscure combination so this can be the Secret Ending. If Mitch and Clem are close friends maybe they could leave an ambiguous open ending for Mitchentine shippers to gush about.

Now, if AJ shoots Tenn, idk man. I don’t think he’d ever have to shoot him, because there are TWO people now working on getting him to safety and there’s no reason why Mitch of all people shouldn’t be able to yet Tenn to the other side of the bridge. But if we want it to be thematically consistent, we need another situation in which Clem either letting AJ make his own decisions or figuring he’s not ready for that yet, has a meaning. And it can’t be AJ choosing to chop off Clementine’s leg. Because the whole point was that, in any case, the advice helped him to learn. If Clem allowed him to make his own choices and he kills Tenn, he learns to have certain autonomy and is “rewarded” with having the person he cares about more than Tenn (either Louis or Violet) alive. So making his own choices is a good thing. If Clem doesn’t let him make his own choices, Tenn lives but either Violet or Louis dies, and I think it’s implied that AJ cares more about them than about Tenn. So he’s “punished” and he loses one of these two people, proving Clem wasn’t right to not let him choose his actions by himself. And this carries out to either cutting Clem’s leg or not. Whatever Clem chooses to do, he disobeys and saves the day by doing so. He figures out on his own that he has to make his own choices.

So, we need a reason for AJ to think like this. I thought about everything. Like, what if instead of killing Tenn, it’s about James and Lilly (omg I’m getting harry potter flashbacks). Maybe Clem having a talk in which she gave him permission to choose by himself was before the final confrontation with Lilly? But the whole point of the choice was that, unlike marlon’s case, you had control this time. So it can’t be it. Also, he wants to make his own decisions bc Clem choosing for him resulted in either James dying or James trying to kidnap him. So this choice has to be timed around this moment in the fourth episode, but the effects of that choice must happen BEFORE the bridge. But not too early.

So idk Anon. This is what I got. An easier way to do it would be to get Mitch injured and have him be unable to yeet Tenn to safety, told the other person to jump, and then… magically become able to yeet Tenn to safety on his own? Or managing to break him out of Minnie’s influence just in time. Idk.

Anyways, Anon! Mitch Lives AU.

@king-of-clubs98 thought you might like this!

Teen Titans Episode Analysis: “Spellbound”

Just some notes before we get started: If you haven’t watched the episode “Spellbound,” I highly suggest you do before reading this, as it does contain spoilers. Also, I would like to warn everyone in advance that this post does touch heavily on the abuses of social media and how dangerous it can be for minors and how it can be used as a tool for predators.

Also note, it’s been a while since I’ve watched this episode and I do not have access to it right now. I am going off of memory and clips available online. When I get a chance to actually rewatch the episode, I will likely do a rewrite.

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Another excellent superhero movie analysis from that guy. 

And yes, Megamind is a criminally (pun intended) underrated gem.

One big quibble, though: at 10:27, he says that Dreamworks beat Disney to having a villain who starts off not evil and then becomes more evil as the film goes on with Hal / Titan? 

Dude…they beat Disney to that waaay earlier than that.


Oh, Spider-Man 3. The worst of the trilogy? Undeniably. Tons of fun? Abso-fucking-lutely!

Great video, with a ton of agreeable points. My biggest disagreement would be that I don’t quite share his love of Emo Peter and I certainly cannot defend the dance scene in any way (it is, however, less stupid than the scene with Harry’s butler). My biggest agreement, beyond the other things he and I both consider to be objectively good about the movie, would be how firmly #TeamMJ he is, noting how she is certainly flawed (like every character in the film is) but is still usually far more agreeable and less unlikable than Peter, who was so before the Symbiote latched onto him…in fact, that’s exactly why the Symbiote latched onto him! 

anonymous asked:

Hey I've read some of your analysis posts and I really like the way you incorproate actual psychology into your posts. My question is why do you think throughout the show Arnav keeps those mini keepsakes of Khushi's ie) the pearls, her payal, that pompom when he was kidnapped and etc?

Hi there! Thank you, I appreciate that. 

I believe that Arnav is a physical person by nature. He very much operates through rationality and logic, he believes in what he sees and what he, himself, can feel. As a result of this, I think that those objects become mementoes of deeper emotions he can’t put a name to, but the fact that there is physical proof of them signifies their continued existence. 

When he’s kidnapped, I think it becomes something else - I think that he uses the pompom as a focal point and something to stabilize himself while he’s in a traumatic situation. It becomes a comfort object like a teddy bear or blanket would. It signifies the continued physical existence of something outside of what he’s currently enduring. This trauma cannot be an all-encompassing thing when he has literal proof of the existence of life and order outside of it. 

Damn it

I had already binged today and did not burn anything at all then I just ate 1240 calories worth of Nutella and pretzels. I’m going to gain and not looking forward to it. I’m starting a new school this year and wanted to get to my first goal weight, but I won’t get there if I keep doing this.

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The story behind the song History is unknown to me, so I've always wondered if that is about Louis' feelings concerning the hiatus/possible Larry break-up. The stuff about going stong/holding on sounds like a Shania Twain reference and that is also why I sometimes wonder if Harry's Still the One cover had something to do with Louis. What do you think?

I’ve never made the Shania Twain connection, but that is interesting. I do think History seems more about his relationship with Harry/the band, than with the fans. The fans didn’t wan the hiatus, so “thought we going strong” doesn’t make sense when it comes to the fans. I feel like they tried to pass History off as a song for the fans, though, right?  I don’t think it was a romantic Harry song, but I do agree it was largely about his feelings surrounding the hiatus. He made it very clear that it wasn’t what he wanted, and we now know it was what Harry wanted. I think Louis felt a little blindsided and History showed that. I feel like “we could be the greatest thing” was about the band. I don’t think Louis thought they’d peaked. I think Louis thought they were just getting to a point where they were really becoming good songwriters, so he thought they could have been greater as a band.

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oh hells yeah im down to discuss some in depth bkdk! what do you think a hero duo would look like with the two of them? ie: equal, one leads more, they agree on everything, they fight, fighting style, etc.

bro it could go any which way w them depending on how they develop but also because theyre so damn messy and its like. you never know w them but !!!

they already have strengths that complement each other, because those strengths make up for what the other lacks. and simultaneously, those strengths one has that the other doesn’t– izuku w/ his savior complex and at first was lacking the tenacity– and katsuki w/ his raw ambition and at first was lacking general care and teamwork– they’d both be able to fill in for each other in those areas that they lack, and also watching how those strengths supplement each other, but while learning from it too; izuku becoming more aggressive as the story goes on, and katsuki becoming more cooperative as well. 

and having them watching each other while working together, only pushes the two of them to improve in the areas they need to as they work harder. when theyre together, they both get so wrapped up in passion and the idea of victory, so they’d be unstoppable as a team. 

so i’d think they’d have an equal playing field in the future, cause theyre bound to be a hero team– and for that to happen, they have to be on the same level instead of chasing after one another 

i dont think one would lead more than the other tbh??? they’d be sort of known as The Two. That Pair of Heroes. The Wonder Duo… so i feel like i could easily see them doing literally everything together equally

it’s canon that both of them are the same in a lot of ways, and do have similar mindsets because of how much theyve impacted each other. (ie: the sports festival,,, if you really take a look and analyze, they nearly have identical ideas and insights) so they’d have a lot of very similar ideas of how to go about certain things. they really are like puzzle pieces that fit when it comes to being a team. 

but, we all know that they also contrast heavily– so i can easily see them completely disagreeing on some things lmao. they’d probably get caught up in some arguments in how to deal w a task at hand, and then force themselves to meet in the middle lmao 

their fights would be… gosh??? i dont even know??? if theyre up against something big, yall can count on them to settle for nothing less than a clean win with loud and top effort fighting, since they both have such a desire for victory,,,

idk they just???? they complement each other so well, esp as a team. they fit perfectly. they need each other to learn from one another while also supplementing for one another, esp for the future theyre gonna have together. 

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I'm curious. What do people consider the best episode of the DreamWorks Dragons TV Series?

Oooooooo. You know what, let’s poll the fandom! I’d be interested to hear what people say! I have a few suspicions of what peeps might say, but I think it might be the best for the crowd to speak for themselves. What do ya’ll consider the best episode(s)?

I know for me I’d nominate “We Are Family” from ROB/DOB, and from RTTE “Maces and Talons.”

Those are the serious episodes I’d nominate, anyway. Silly episodes I’d give different nominations. ^.^

Oh shit, I’m thinking about the fact that in Episode 6, Crowley is standing, looking down the fact he’s inhabiting Azi’s body right in the middle of the hellfire, and thinking about finding the bookstore burning. Like, here he is, for the second time in twice as many days, surrounded by fire, where Azi should be. Azi should have been in the bookstore when it went up, Azi should be standing here in front of Gabriel dying the most painful death an angel can. But instead, Crowley is.

And also this is the moment (during the trials) that Crowley first realises how bad Heaven is and Azi realises how bad Hell is. 
Especially since they’re so used to it themselves.
Like, in the first episode, Ligur says “it’d be a funny world if demons went around trusting each other”, as well as the other snide comments he and Hastur make and the way Crowley responds, which implies Crowley knows exactly how much he’s hated in hell.
And Aziraphale has spent millennium getting pushed around, particularly by Gabriel, see “got a strongly worded note from Gabriel” so at this point, he’s aware he’s not exactly the favourite angel.
But while Crowley is willing to use Holy Water on Ligur to protect himself because he knows how ruthless other demons can be, Azi is completely taken surprise and slightly rattled when he gets pinned against the wall by Uriel, because he at least assumed there would be some courteousness, no matter how small, because they’re the good guys….aren’t they?

Liars lie to themselves


Don’t read if you hadn’t see Spiderman, Away from home.

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For the ones who had watched the movie, we are going to talk about this guy. As long as I recall, he was mad because:

  1. His former boss used the technology he developed in the way that he wanted (welcome to the real world, dude, your boss will allways decide what will become of your inventions, you should be glad it wasn’t for making innocent people hurt… oh, wait, that’s what you did…).
  2.  He was fired because he was mentally unstable, which turned out to be true, since, as you know, he endangered innocent people and even threatened his own “work-mates”.

He was mad at Tony Stark for making regular and sensible choices on him.

SO, DON’T BE MISTAKEN BY THE CUTE FACE UNDER THAT WEIRD HELMET AND HIS NOTICEABLE FEELINGS, THIS GUY IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED. HE. IS. A. VILLAIN. Don’t forget this dude even destroyed Peter’s secret identity and framed him just because Peter beated him so he wouldn’t hurt innocents.

But the reason we are here is to discuss about something apparently Mysterio didn’t think about: he wanted to fool the world to consider him a hero; well, let’s say he succeded at that. What was his plan if he ended up called to stop a real threat to the world?

I mean, if a real threat like a big monster appeared, what would you have been able to do, Mysterio? Let me remind you only have pretty cool illusions that you have to made up with time before the action, made with an army of drons who only are capable to shot lasers and cause explosions. Is a capable thing, let’s say it, but if you have to make the especial effects before the batlle, how you plan to beat a huge monster with just that and keep the scam believable?

Let’s say he do like he did with Peter, which was awesome, by the way, but, against a huge bulletproof monster? I don’t think so, Mysterio. 

For example, what do you guys think would happen to a victorious Mysterio on his scam if he had to face…

Tell me, Mysterio, what was your plan to beat that with illusions and fragile drons incapable to kill that huge thing? Your lie would blow up in seconds, dude. 

To sum up: his lie was meant to fail eventually.

In fact, is the same to the lie about Peter killing a hero (Mysterio). Are you telling me that SHIELD wouldn’t just show to the world that those elementals were just illusions? There were witnesses! Everyone saw that the elemental faded to reveal it was made of drons!! They just have to call everyone who saw it (MJ, Ned, Flash, Maria, Happy, the rest of classmates, the teachers, all SHIELD, and tons of londoners) to testify, and also show the illusion technology. Not to say that they could just call a forensic to tell Mysterio died by a shot. Also, if Tony’s glasses recorded the thing, they just had to show the whole thing to the world. Yes, there is no way to completely repair the damage to Peter’s image Mysterio caused, but Mysterio would be proved a liar anyway.


But he was a great Mysterio, to be honest. I mean, a fail on reasoning or a twisted one is what makes a good villain. So nice work, movie. 

D-Views: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Bonjour, mes amies! Welcome, bienvenue, to another installment of D-Views, my written review series for films produced or inspired by the Walt Disney company! For more reviews for films like Enchanted, Star Wars Episode III, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, feel free to consult my “Disney reviews” tag, and please, if you enjoy this review or any of the others, please consider liking and reblogging! I look forward to writing more of these in the future for films like Wreck-It Ralph and Halloweentown, as well as Non-Disney films like Charlotte’s Web.

I recently put out a poll suggesting three Disney Renaissance films for possible review subjects, and although The Little Mermaid won that poll, this film ended up not far behind. (Thank you, @schifty-al and @mygeekcorner for your votes!) It’s one of my personal favorite Disney films of all time…The Hunchback of Notre Dame!

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