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TOTAL FOOTBALL ANALYSIS MAGAZINE #5: FEBRUARY OUT NOW! 135 pages of pure football and coaching analysis // 20 articles including; 🖋 Alexander Nübel: The heir apparent at Schalke GET YOURS HERE:

Who caught the quick spike up earlier today?! Definitely going to be another retest before it drops further. Demand zone is currently holding up, another retest of trend line before it sinks.

TOTAL FOOTBALL ANALYSIS MAGAZINE #5: FEBRUARY OUT NOW! 135 pages of pure football and coaching analysis // inc; 🖋 How Florian Kohfeldt has Werder Bremen pushing for European competition GET YOURS HERE:

There is a new bullflag on here. This is H4 analysis for the next days. Expect a breakout soon. Fill your bag !

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TOTAL FOOTBALL ANALYSIS MAGAZINE #5: FEBRUARY OUT NOW! 135 pages of pure football and coaching analysis // 20 articles including; 🖋 Holstein Kiel: An insight into Tim Walter's mind GET YOURS HERE:

TOTAL FOOTBALL ANALYSIS MAGAZINE #5: FEBRUARY OUT NOW! 135 pages of pure football and coaching analysis // 20 articles inc; 🖋 Talent to Talisman: Inaki Williams’ Tactical Evolution GET YOURS HERE:

TOTAL FOOTBALL ANALYSIS MAGAZINE #5: FEBRUARY OUT NOW! 135 pages of pure football and coaching analysis including; 🖋 Macclesfield Town: How has Sol Campbell turned them around? GET YOURS HERE:

Donald Trump has bizarre meltdown, threatens to have ISIS attack Europe or something

Michael O'Hanlon on U.S. Role in Afghanistan- The Washington Post's Pam Constable spoke by phone about the security situation in Afghanistan, the withdrawal of U.S. troops, and a possible Taliban ceasefire-

TOTAL FOOTBALL ANALYSIS MAGAZINE #5: FEBRUARY OUT NOW! 135 pages of pure football and coaching analysis // 20 articles including; 🖋 Bordalas: The Getafe revolution GET YOURS HERE:

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This is not a book report this will only read like a book report. 3--Way Robert Munsch stories

Thomas’ Snowsuit

Love You Forever

Murmel, Murmel, Murmel.

Okay–where to start? You know sometimes when you want to feel nostalgic and sentimental for the sake of being nostalgic and sentimental and you either watch cartoons, look at drawings, or read a book intended for kids?

Then you suddenly notice things as an adult that you didn’t notice when you were a kid and it just doesn’t sit right anymore? That’s where I left off, that’s what I was up to and that’s what I want to talk about.

setup and payoff: what’s the purpose of the drawing scene?

Like many of us, I was yelling throughout most of 2x07 for various reasons, but one thing in particular stood out to me. It’s a long standing headcanon that Callum draws Rayla—and similar sentiments can be seen for any ship that has one character is an artist, for them to draw their S.O.—but then we actually got see it onscreen, and it was beautiful.

But I started thinking about it, and… there is one very specific purpose in mind for showing us this scene. After all, consider the alternative: Rayla and Callum have their talk on the cliffside, Callum watches Rayla leave, and then goes after her. Maybe he sees something that makes him think of Dark Magic, maybe that seed isn’t planted, maybe he goes back to Ezran and they talk and he decides to after her. Either way, I think it’s clear the writers had a lot of possible options as to how Callum would decide to go after Rayla and use Dark Magic to protect her. (Just typing that makes my Rayllum shipping heart pound, but anyway)

So, why did they all go with the one we know and love?

Simply: to foreshadow Callum’s eventual / changing feelings for Rayla.

There are many reasons Callum, within the show, is drawing her. She’s at the forefront of his mind, he’s frustrated that she might seriously get herself hurt but feels he can’t do anything - so it’s a slight venting process - but I also think there’s another, more heartbreaking reason: if she doesn’t come back, he wants to make sure he remembers what she looks like. Like his drawing of the primal stone, of his mother, and of Claudia in a way, everything that Callum has drawn in his sketchbook, he’s lost one way or another. This way, Callum can remember her if things really do go wrong, and it’s plan that’s he worried they will as he starts pressing so hard on the paper he breaks his pencil, and this was his face after Rayla left:

But back to my first point: this scene is here, at its core, to show how much Callum’s feelings have changed. We see a few of his past drawings were of Claudia, a girl he had a very big crush on.

But all he focuses on now when he sees it in the book of her hands, and realizes: that’s how I can help Rayla, no matter the cost to me. It’s clear that after the end of 2x03, Callum has no more romantic feelings towards Claudia. He looks at her with straight venom in his eyes when he confronts her and Soren later on in this episode.

But having Claudia be drawn in this book, by Callum, in the past only to show that he is now drawing Rayla is no coincidence, but careful foreshadowing. My prediction? By the end of s3, Callum’s gonna know he’s got it bad.

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i just want to clarify that ks and cy DID NOT get those sound wave matching rings TOGETHER. cy got his done after ji got one from his fs. when you order one, it's a set. cy's two rings were both fitted for him because he has no one to give it to. he just gave the other one to ks, that's why the ring is too big for ks because it was never fitted for him. they never got it TOGETHER as a matching ring. and ks wore it for like 2 or 3 months with another chinguline ring. then he never wore it again.

Oh i remember reading something like this back then. thanks for verifying.

The info is out here, feel free to do a double check regarding what anon said 


Capitalism Violates NAP (the non-aggression principle) | 17:50

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Why help people for free? I saw you do analysis of chart's and you write astrology stuff. It's valuable and you should be making money doing it.

I am an advocate for trying to help people connecting with themselves and understand who they are; hoping they ultimately find a purpose in their life.

I have Moon conjunct Chiron and I understand very well how hard it can be to feel lost and as if we are all we have.  I want to make sure no one feels alone alone and without a reasonable guidance to who they are and what they can be.

Ok. Let’s just resolve this. Some of y'all are upset about the reveal of TLG. It was anticlimactic and Hinata should’ve been disappointed blah blah blah….

But. What sensei is trying to show us is a realistic story about two teenagers finding themselves through volleyball. Hinata in particular started immediately inspired by TLG and was desperate to play. And he put in the effort and kept at it and it paid off.

There’s a lesson here in rolemodels and how we perceive people. The person on the TV or in rumours isn’t always the image you come up with. The most important part of what TLG had to say was that he had other things he wanted to do.

This leaves us with Hinata realising his idol in volleyball had a life outside the court. He stands on the shoulders of a giant on the court and shares similarities with him, but Hinata Shoyo is Hinata Shoyo. He is carving his own path in life, not following someone else’s.

And makes a big statement about coming of age and that we aren’t always gonna do the things others expect from us when we grow up.

I love that sensei has made this explicit.

We can be inspired, support and determined but at the end of the day it’s our own hard work that gets us there.

I think it adds another side to Hinata when we think about him dimensionally. He is a high schooler. He is a volleyball player. He is a good friend. He is an optimist. He is a hard worker. He is an older brother. He is a son.

He is so many things off the court, but all of it is brought to the court when he plays.

This is the thing I love so much about Haikyuu!! It’s so realistic in it’s characterisation, you can reference to it in real life.

Thank you sensei.

Also uh, I swear to god if one day the Master’s Defender is missing after the Wayfinder Trio left it in Eraqus’s memory, because someone took it, i’m fucking gone

Luxu stated that one day he would once again meet with The Five, and the Five refers to the 2nd union leaders and not the foretellers, because he already referred to the union leaders as The Five and then later says the Lost Masters. WHICH MEANS BRANE WILL RETURN. And if Brane really is connected to Eraqus baby GUESS WHAT.

(And also maybe maybe Ephemer will return. But I still think there’s a chance he didn’t jump with the Five at all and stayed behind with the other Dandelions (or died…) in the Unchained X’s worldline, and Elrena took his place which is why she’s in the current world even though she’s not a Union Leader)

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Part of me generally does agree that Boruto is kinda bratish regardless of how Naruto was at his age since there was a difference. Naruto was a brat primarily because it was a cry for help of a lonely child ostersized where Boruto's brattiness mostly just stems from daddy issues. Like yeah sucks he's not around but he's a busy guy being President for life in your village & you have a loving mother & sister plus more friends then he did when he was your age. I don't hate Boruto I'm just saying

Oh, Boruto is a brat. I’m not really disputing that. My point is that it’s kind of absurd for someone to call themselves fans of Naruto, then hate on Boruto for character traits that Naruto also exhibited.

I agree that the reasons for Naruto’s brattiness were certainly more serious and made him more sympathetic when compared to his son. However, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t an insufferable brat at the same age.

Not going to lie: While I wasn’t fan at all of the “drama” at the Uzumaki household, I can’t help it but think there is a certain amount of “karmic retribution” (so to speak) at the fact that Naruto suffers more or less the same kind of troubles with his son that Iruka, Sarutobi et al suffered with him.

I read “The Similars” recently by Rebecca Hanover and honestly I was a bit disappointed. The secret they revealed about the protagonist Emmaline could be seen from miles away, and so that made the last like half of the book kinda boring. The book wasn’t bad exactly, but it wasn’t unique either. The author used a lot of archetypes (muscular brooding male love interest, geeky but endearing best friend, long-lost brothers, etc). I felt like the author didn’t go very deep, which was disappointing considering the book was about clones…

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How do you think Abuelita apologizes for breaking Miguel’s guitar?

I’m sure Abuelita would feel very remorseful after Miguel runs off from the family after she smashes his guitar.

The guilt would most likely be eating away at her as she helps look all night for her precious Miguelito. She wonders if she’ll ever see her beloved nieto again or if he’ll even forgive her if they do find him.

Elena would see herself at the one at fault for unintentionally causing Miguel to “abandon” his family, fearing that history had just repeated itself because of her.

So after Miguel finally returns home, got Mamá Coco to remember Papá Héctor, and everyone else smothers Miguel with hugs and kisses (and stern lectures) Elena takes him outside to speak to him in private.

The expression on her face tells Miguel that he’s about the receive the worst chastisement from her. He braces for it, knowing he’s very well deserves it. However, her face softens as she pulls him close, kissing his chubby face on several points and then into a tight hug, tighter than the one she had given him that morning in Mariachi Plaza, much to his surprise. Miguel even feels a few tears drip onto his hair. He hugs her back as tight as he could.

Once she lets him go, Elena begins to profusely apologize for upsetting him (a trait she unknowingly got from her abuelo, something that Miguel notes and tries to keep from smirking for this was a serious conversation).

Elena apologizes for dismissing Miguel’s dreams just to uphold her grandmother’s wishes. She wanted Miguel to become a shoemaker just like the other Riveras and keep the family business going, but didn’t realize how miserable it made him. She’s wondering if Rosa and Abel also feel the same way and says that she’ll talk to them as well.

Elena also apologizes for destroying something that Miguel clearly worked on in secret for years, She knew it was very wrong of her but her fear of music tearing the family apart again made her adamant about withholding the very strict “no music” rule so she didn’t have to witness anyone she loved be hurt again, unaware that this was exactly what she was doing to her querido angelito cielito.

She understands that there might not be anything she could do to make up for her actions and that it’s okay if he doesn’t forgive her right away, but she promises that from then on, she’ll be nothing but Miguel’s biggest supporter. Miguel tells her that she has every right to be angry with him, but family is more important to him now than ever before and tells her that. He also tells her that people make mistakes and that’s okay.

He’s already forgiven her and he hugs her again, saying so.

Elena is moved to tears. She promises that she’ll be Miguel’s biggest supporter and #1 fan. She and the family even save up to surprise Miguel with his own custom guitar that is similar to Héctor‘s, with a few Miguel-esque flourishes. It’s the least Elena could do for the one who made her broken family whole once more.

So I Have Some Questions About 3Below…

So, we all know about that quick little intro scene where we see Aja on a stage about to tell her story to a crowd. But I have a few questions about that:

a) If you look really closely, you can see that the banner in the background says ’ Captain DJ Kleb: World (Re) Premiere’. What is ‘Captain Dj Kleb’? Is Krel on some sort of music tour? And why is it re-premiering? Is this foreshadowing something that’s going to happen in S2 or Wizards? Or maybe it’s just an insignificant little detail…

b) Why is Aja talking about her life on Akiridion 5? Sure, she doesn’t explicitly say that it’s HER story, but it seems odd when you consider that half of 3 Below is just Aja, Krel and Varvatos trying to be normal humans. I’m guessing that this will also be revealed in S2 / Wizards. Maybe Aja and Krel will finally reveal their identities to everyone, or maybe Eli let out their secret…

c) This isn’t really a question, just something I’ve noticed, but it looks as though Aja is on the stage in the Arcadia Oaks gym. Also, the crowd isn’t just students, in fact, after watching this clip multiple times I couldn’t recognize anyone in the crowd.

I may be overanalyzing a simple introduction, but something about this got my theorist brain going…

Anyways, I can’t wait to see what S2 and Wizards have in store for our favourite alien siblings!!!

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Hey, sol. How did you like TDP s2? Personally, S1 was good but S2 was just great. The familial bonds, inner conflicts were done well, and there was much wisdom and good laughs this season. More character-driven than plot but feel that the next seasons will make up for it.

Actually, it had plot oozing out of its ears, but that’s because it was so character-driven. Every single character – from Callum and Rayla and Ezran down to secondary ones like Corvus and Aanya – had clear motivation, stakes, and agency. When characters have agency to make choices based on their situation and perspective, you’ve got plot, and lots of it. Or, in short: I sure hope tDP doesn’t ditch this higher class of storytelling to resort to tossing the characters aside in favor of purely plot-driven. 

(And yes, I think the season was masterfully done.)

More coming once I’ve had a chance to rewatch when it’s not 4am.  

The hero of “The Twelve Chairs” (1928) and of “The Little Golden Calf” (1931) is Ostap Bender, “the smooth operator”, a resourceful rogue and confidence man. Bender is not a representative of the ancient regime. Only twenty-odd years old, he does not even remember pre-revolutionary Russia. Ostap Bender is a Soviet crook, born of Soviet conditions and quite willing to coexist with the Soviet system to which he has no ideological or even economic objections. Ostap Bender’s inimitable slangy Russian is heavily spiced with cliches of the Communist jargon. Bender knows the vulnerabilities of Soviet state functionaries and exploits them for his own purposes. He also knows that the Soviet Man is not very different from the Capitalist Man – that he is just as greedy, lazy, snobbish, cowardly and gullible – and uses these weaknesses to his, Ostap Bender’s, advantage. And yet, in spite of Ostap Bender’s dishonesty and lack of scruples, we somehow get to like him. Bender is gay, carefree and clever, and when we see him matching his wits with those of Soviet bureaucrats, we hope that he wins.

Maurice Friedberq, 1960, Introduction to the English translation of the satirical novel The Twelve Chairs by Ilf and Petrov.

Ostap Bender sculpture, Melitopol, Ukraine

On The Title Of “Monster”

I feel like there’s a lack of understanding still as to what a “Monster’ is, and i kinda think we should talk about it and clear some things up about the situation as i see a lot of misinformation being spread around about it.

I think people assume “Monster” is basically a species in this world, as that is sometimes what monsters calls themselves and that normally all these creatures are grouped up together.

But i believe “Monster” is actually supposed to be a class of people. It’s just a title reserved to whoever fits the bill.

Cause the thing is, the show makes it very clear that who is called a “Monster” does not rely solely on race, it depends on a few different factors to be put into this kinda group.

appearance, actions, wealth, and allegiance.

  • Appearance : This is more straightforward, if you seem to display any abnormal or frighting features to the mewmans, you will typically be seen as a threat, and therefore, a monster. 
  • Actions: This ties a bit into the allegiance section, but when monsters display anything worth seeing as a threat to their way of life, they will immediately be outed as a monster. Star actually explains this by talking about tom and the scary stuff he’s capable of.
  • Wealth is a very telling sign, that when a monster has enough money and power, they will be treated with more respect and that they’re “Different” then other monsters. Ludo is actually someone worth noting because he’s a prince and was under the butterflies thumb, but for some reason, he’s a monster? But then you look at the state of his family and realize, the state of his family and where ludo chooses to align, is why he’s separated from the rest of the royals who resembled monsters. His family is poor and treated with less respect (They weren’t even invited to go to an ally ball despite supposibly still being allies), and that’s even stated more when Estrella, in her chapter, talks about how they’ve gone downhill and need scratchoffs these days to do anything. They’re royals but barely so, so no one cares about them because they have no money or power anymore.
  •  Allegiance, something that’s made very clear in the show and book is “you’re either with us, or against us.” If you are with the Butterflies, you are their allies, their friends, you are better then a “Monster” those who oppose your needs or the expansion of your kingdom. This is Especially Displayed by Solaria in her chapter, as she wants the complete genocide of any creature she deems a “Monster”, but gives the ponyheads and Lucitors a pass for being on her side.

It’s like this, “Monster” can’t be a species if it relies on factors like who you are allinged with and how much money you have. Because that has nothing to do with your species or the creature you are.

In other forms of media monster is considered a species, but that’s not what it is in this show.

Frogman, Conjoinicorn, Kappa, Septarian, THESE are some of the species or the different races who live on mewni, but the mewmans will box them all together under one label if they don’t fit their criteria.

The most telling sign is Tom and the Demons.

Demons are not separate from monsters.

This is completely told to us in the book of spells as Conjoinicorns, who are classified as monsters according to solaria. But are a type of DEMON  according to Eclipsa.

So this entire thing proves that demons can be considered “Monsters” based on certain aspects. In this case, Conjoincorns, being on the opposing sides of the war, is what probably makes them different then demons like the Lucitors.

(This also tells us there are different types of demon, but i think the underworld itself makes that clear based on the demons we see down there)

Tom makes a speech in Is Another Mystery, and the intention of this speech in regards to tom and where he stands is despite his wealth, he’s no different then other races who are considered “Monsters”.

Tom looks like a monster, acts like a monster, even eats like a monster.

And when other “Monsters” point out that tom is rich, he makes a point of that. Yeah, he is, and that’s a deciding factor into why mewmans don’t treat him like they would other monsters.

But Erase that, and what makes tom all that different then someone like them to anyone on mewni? 

Yeah, his family is allinged with the mewmans, but if they weren’t wealthy the mewmans wouldn’t have even considered allinging with them in the first place, as there are plenty of other powerful beings they didn’t even try to make alliances with in the war. They only went for the wealthy royals nearby to them, and there are many other kingdoms in mewni they didn’t touch either because they were too poor or hated them.

But The Lucitors, as said by skywynne, even were threats to the Butterfly kingdom awhile back, pulling them down into the underworld. So they were not a fan of the butterflies at all until solaria made a plead for them, but chose not to make a plead for anyone else? 

I keep hearing people try to say “Tom’s not a monster because of this and that and mewmans don’t treat him-”, THAT’S THE POINT. Tom should be a “Monster”, and it’s unfair to treat these other creatures different then him simply due to them not being very rich or powerful.

There is meant to be a real connection here between tom and the monsters, that despite what mewni says, they aren’t so different after all. And it just tells you how garbage mewni’s class system really is.

Tom might not be able to entirely relate to everything the monsters have been going through for years. But the show does (Even it’s it’s very lackluster) make a point that tom would be treated like trash if mewmans had no idea who he was, when you remove the barrier that separates him from other monsters, set up by the mewmans, he’s just another monster to mewni.

The Lucitors aren’t monsters because they’re useful to the Butterflies, they need them. But with their savage lifestyle and monsters tendencies, the buttterflies seem like hypocrites for thinking they are somehow BETTER then other “monsters “ like them out there just because they’re rich and useful.

Tom calling himself a “Monster”, and referring to himself as a apart of this category is strange to the others because the term is linked to people like them, to outcasts and those who are considered “Abominations”. 

People were confused about why the others reacted to being surprised at tom being a monster because it should be obvious. But that reaction makes more sense when the title is for a class of people and is not solely based on looks or race.

Tom is basically “Demoting” himself.

“Monsters” are essentially a name for the creatures and races the mewmans consider “Lesser” then them, or dangerous. It’s a category, and a very selective one at that.

Tom embraces being a”Monster” by the end of the episode. Which is a step in the right direction for him as it allows him to connect with people who before now, he hadn’t made an effort to connect with. Only to find he’s a lot like them and make a stand for how garbage the system is.

“Monsters” are essentially a name for the creatures and races the mewmans consider “Lesser” then them, or dangerous. It’s a category, and a very selective one at that.

As we go forward into next season, i believe this stuff needs to be reinstated. because while the allegory in this show is not perfect, these kinda misconceptions seem to really confuse everyone and avoid the intentions of what is stated in the show and by the book. 

Captain Marvel = Marvel’s The Last Jedi?

When seeing previews for The Last Jedi, I never thought how much of a mess that movie would turn out to be. Granted, it was good overall, but really managed to disappoint me and become so… cliched…

Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel may turn in the same fate. But previews have already given a majority of people the same fleeting feeling that this film is going to just go for an agenda, much like the Star Wars franchise has. For this analysis, I’ve been looking into Wikipedia for information on what this movie has to offer. I may go off on a tangent or two, so please forgive me if I do.

The first issue fans have with this soon-to-be film is its lead actress, Brie Larson. Brie is an Oscar-winning actress, but even with accolades, she’s still prone to faults. Recently, news has come out that she took the role of Carol Danvers as a form of being an activist, which I don’t think sends the right message to fans. I mean, it shouldn’t just be a job, but it also shouldn’t directly influencing viewers. Brie’s also made headlines for wanting more diversity in critics. Okay, that’s fine and all… but basically calling out white men as the majority and saying there’s too much? Is that really what you want to do? 

Brie, I haven’t seen many movies with you, but I think this is the wrong move. You’re demonizing the guys who are going to watch your movie because it’s supposed to be this blockbuster epic. On top of that, it’ll only make things worse by the time the first reviews come around. 

Regardless of the outcome of reviews, I’m still seeing this movie. One, I want to continue seeing how the Marvel Cinematic Universe expands from this. And two, I just love seeing superhero movies in general. So Brie Larson’s activism doesn’t turn me away, but it does for others. And I can totally understand their points.

Right now, the film is tracking for $100+ million on opening weekend. That’s not bad at all, but definitely lower than earlier projections had cited around $160 million. The film’s budget of $159 million will surely be met. Now the problem becomes what will fans take away from this. People are already boycotting this movie because of what agenda it’s bringing. It hasn’t even come out yet. 

Say what you will about The Last Jedi, but I barely saw any form of anger towards pandering and activism when trailers were coming around. So why now? Is it because we can no longer trust Disney to do right by these kinds of films? Well considering that Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and Ant-Man and the Wasp did reasonably well at the box office, I’d say Disney was doing fine with their Marvel properties.

And thus brings us to the problem: Promoting a woman who turns out to be a superhero instead of a superhero who turns out to be a woman. Let’s face it, Carol Danvers is not exactly a beloved Marvel character… at least from what I’ve seen and read. But of course, people can warm to the character if they’re given something inspiring and not something that panders to certain audiences.

What we have here with Captain Marvel is Brie Larson playing the role of an activist, not a superhero. And that’s what seems to be the problem. If Brie took the role with the goal in mind to become Carol Danvers rather than become an activist, I think there would be a different consensus amongst those in the fandom. Tone down the rhetoric, be a hero on screen and inspire people through your movie rather than just telling us that’s what you’re doing. It ruins the fun for people. And… it might ruin the fun for me, too.

Huh… Hopefully, the trailers were just there for show and not in the final product. There were questionable lines, weird CGI issues, and some other nitpicks. But there will be good stuff in this movie. There’s so much more than just Brie Larson. We have Samuel L. Jackson, Clark Gregg, Jude Law, Gemma Chan, and so many more talented actors and actresses.

Plus, I’m already impressed with the makeup and digital de-aging effects. The Skrulls look amazing. Though… something about them seems off without the black parts atop their heads… Eh, another nitpick. Anyways, the movie should be fun enough. Looking forward to March, everyone!

My Frozen 2 trailer analysis.

Let’s just head to the points, if you please.

Elsa is on a dark coast. Night time. Stormy weather. She’s looking to the ocean like an obstacle to overcome. She HAS TO go through it for some reason. And the sea is a barrier that locks you in if you are on a island.

And so she does, like a boss the reignant queen she is. And she’s determinated to do that, no matter how hard it is. She has to go to another place for some important reason. What could urge someone to face a possible death (and remember her parents died on a sea storm) in order to get to another place?

Then we got Anna, on a similar backgound. What she has right on her side can be water, so she can be close to the coast too. But she acts like she’s all alone and in a difficult situation. Isolated, maybe?

So, similar backgrounds but yet both alone? Different islands of the same set or archipielago? Elsa is going to get her sister, is my guess. Love is a great incentive.


Kristoff guiding a reinder army…

This dude set flying by some wind power (too soon to know if it’s by a person like Elsa or just some spirit or creature) could be the Duke of Weaseltown of this movie (second-class villain and a little of comic relief).

This girl (forget about her being Elsa’s girlfriend, she’s too young; maybe she has a older sister, GiveElsaAGirlfriend supporters)

The same place by night. Were did Olaf and Sven go, by the way? And who was Anna attacking? Too soon to guess, too. 

And most likely this too. That looks like steam to me; maybe has something to do with the air one.

All of this…

…Takes place in here. And it’s important for the plot for some reason. They have to find something in here. It’s fall, by the way. The question now would be how did they end on islands, but they perfectly could have reached the coast for the other side.

And this…. all we know is related to Elsa’s magic. Something went crazy on night. It could even be some kind of weird dream that gives a sign. 

I know it’s not much, but the trailer actually doesn’t give much information. It’s likely made to give feels and confusion, too. So, IT’S STILL TOO SOON TO GIVE CRAZY THEORIES.

But whatever they are going to face, is going to be big, and ALL of they except Olaf will have to LEVEL UP to FACE IT. 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Analysis


This is a great video to watch if you want to learn more about the trailer and gameplay for Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


How To BLACK: An Analysis of Black Cartoon Characters (feat. ReviewYaLife)

Topics for Sage’s Salty Tea #2

Hazbin Hotel - the pilot

Yes, I will be one of the people reviewing and taking a deeper look and analytical view into the show’s themes, ideas and especially analyzing elements from the episode.

Personally, I really can’t wait for the show to come out but I still retain the attitude of “have no expectations” because having high expectations means you predict things.  

And predictions can often lead to falsehoods.  And also people getting pissed about something they liked being bad.