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For any writers doubting their writing abilities right now...

managed to get a chapter done last night . I'm actually proud of myself . Here's a little for my current

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Hey Im in bit of a pickle. I live outside the US and I cannot apply for a credit card until 25. However I work and have money to buy my website to create my blog. Is there any way I can do that without a credit card?

Looking for reviewers for a few books due out in the new year. DM me if interested, thanks

I'm going in for a solid 60 mins of writing before lunch see you on the other side

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Many writers underestimate the importance of their first paragraph and page. Author Paul McVeigh talks to our students about how to begin a novel and gives other essential : . .

When the wife feels me roll out of bed and asks why, but my only response is, "I've got the plot!" you get me, right?

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An Ocean Swims Above Our Heads by Santino Prinzi

The Mountain Hike.

“Hang on everybody. My laces have come undone.”  

Natalie reached down to retie her laces. She couldn’t remember when they’d come lose but they were about to take on climbing up some mountains and didn’t want to risk tripping.  

“Again? Surely you need to get some new shoes Natalie?” Oscar remarked.  

Natalie browsed up at Oscar so scold him while she tied her laces. Oscar was the youngest one of the group, yet his face added 10 years to his group. He had always looked older than everybody else but even more dramatically so at this point. His face looked wrinkled and even his recent attempt to adopt a skin care routine was proving to be pointless. He wore an expression which told everybody that he’d seen too much in his short time alive. After all, Oscar was only 19 but yet looked to pass for being in his 30’s.

“I’d love to be able to pay for and buy new shoes but you forget I can’t get any more hours at the restaurant.”

Money was never a problem for Oscar and his family. Both his parents worked as attorneys and made the conscious decision to live well below their means but when it came to Oscar. There was nothing that they wouldn’t pay for. He was spoilt in a lot of ways and came across as something of a preppy guy. HIs hair was styled short and his thick rimmed glasses gave off the vibe that he read far too many books.  

“Are they cutting your hours again?”

“They never cut my hours as there aren’t any to cut. I work on a zero hour contract remember?” she asked as she started to retie her laces on her other foot.  

“Are you still at that place?” Seb commented.  

Sebastian, or Seb for short, was the oldest member of their group. The group had met Seb under odd conditions. The group liked to go out to hike occasionally but on one occasion. They’d decided they needed a few extra supplies. Although they were nowhere near to the town center. They were near a shop that sold all the bits that they would need. The 6 of them decided to head into the store to ask the sales assistant which bits they would need. Sebastien had recommended everything before asking if he could join them. He’d told them that the store was shutting down and that he’d been made redundant so needed something to do with his time. Natalie had no complaints with inviting him along and the rest of the group agreed and it had been since that point that Seb had been a apart of the group. Given that Seb was older. He carried around an air of confidence with him. He had lengthy brown hair which he tied up in his ponytail and his beard must be close to be several years old at this point. He was stocky and well-built and provided the group with safety, should they ever need to rely on it.  

“Sadly so,” Natalie replied before standing up. “They contracted me to a zero-hour contract which worked well back then because I was at college and it just suited me to be able to work the hours that I wanted to work. Yet now it’s more of a hindrance.”

“How so?” Seb asked in a deep tone as they proceeded to walking.

“I’m hoping at some point to be able to apply for a mortgage. Now that I’m done with university. I don’t want to be having to rent for the rest of my life.”

“I get that. I’d offer you somewhere where I work, but as you know.” he let his voice trail off.

The group carried on walking down a steep path for a good while. Trees accompanied the path the entire way there. It was a breath-taking sight for most. Winter was beginning to arrive and although the trees had lost their lives. The coolness of the air was evident on the branches. Occasionally, Natalie glanced over to the trees and noticed the icy branches. Winter was the favorite season for Natalie but it also came with the harshest memories. It had been two years ago when she’d been dating Marcus that she’d miscarried. Everything had seemed perfect up to that point in her memory. Marcus was the perfect boyfriend in every way imaginable. They hadn’t been trying for a baby and she found herself worried about what to say to him or the way in which he was going to react. She explained him to freak out but it was the entire opposite. He remained calm and allowed her to cry into his shoulder that night. She was full of joy at the idea of having her own child. Even at such a young age. She didn’t expect that for one second the relationship would turn sour. She’d discovered that Marcus had been cheating on her the whole time. He’d kept it as quiet as possible. In fact, when she thought back to it. She couldn’t remember there being any moments whereby it seemed that Marcus had been cheating. He’d left at the same time to get to class and then come home immediately after university. The affair must have been happening during lunch breaks when he was coming home to see her afterwards. The thought made her feel repulsed.  

“Don’t worry about it. It should be more offering for you to come and work at the restaurant.” she quipped.  

Seb returned the laughter and the two walked side by side. Natalie was attracted to Seb. There was no doubt about that but Seb wasn’t looking. He was at a stage in his life where he didn’t need that. He jobless and was soon to be homeless. He carried the leadership of the group on his shoulders. Yet he also had his own worries. If he didn’t find paid work soon then he was going to be homeless for Christmas.  

Lienzo en Blanco

Yo voy hacia ti no hay nada que me detenga, lo que comenzó como un sueño, hoy es una realidad, pero no esa de la que habla el pesimista, la que condena el lógico, o la que el racional intenta explicar, he logrado escapar de todo y encontrar refugio, en el rincón más lejano que existe dentro de mi, ese lugar del que todos huyen, cuando el daño es tan fuerte que prefieres dimitir, volteando tu cara hacia otro lado, ¿crees que evitarás llorar? encontrarte contigo mismo no es una tarea fácil, con todos puedes usar una máscara, pero frente a ti no te servirá, justo cuando descubres que estar sólo, es lo que necesitas para poder sanar, irte de vacaciones contigo en un viaje hacia tu encuentro, es un proceso interno que tarde o temprano tendrá lugar, devolviendote la magia con la que puedes edificar mundos, haciendo de tu vida un lienzo en blanco, donde tu naturaleza sea expresada con matices de emancipación, creando una obra que perdure más allá de tu infinita evolución.

He’ll never let you in, you know that, right sweetheart? I’ve tried for years to reach inside and find out who he is only to come up with nothing to grasp, but my own heartache. Trying to figure him out is like submerging yourself into the darkest part of the ocean in the hopes that you find both a light to see and the monster that lurks at the bottom. I do not find myself doubting the monster, but instead the fact that there is a light within him. After so many trips to the bottom with so little success I find I am losing hope in him and myself. I have instead given myself a solace that I will share with you: He’ll never let you in, he’ll never change, but he will let you continue to take that plunge until your body grows weak and fearful of the water.
—  Please don’t let yourself drown in him, you are meant for land. I promise. (I.H)
“Super Store”

My cramps are shooting and stabbing the walls of the uterine lining

As I push the grocery cart down the crowed aisle of Walmart,

I can smell the rotten egg, blood-soaked animal juice sticking to the conveyor belt.

While standing in line, I see a baby grin with more gum than teeth

And the dog licking the similac formula and pooping on the packages and sheets

Falling off the mile high Banquet frozen dinners with a tequila rum bottle

That overshadows the Girl Scouts selling their mint and peanut butter cookies.

The items are bagged with no blue light special like Kmart,

But a man ran naked to customer service protesting the use of Bluefin tuna

While the automatic doors let in the smell of Burger King’s whopper junior combo

Enticing the worried look of the homeless mime holding up a help me sign.

Across the parking lot, the river is flooding and my car is going under.

On the rose bush, the butterfly flutters with the wings of a kaleidoscope;

Enterprise picks me up just like the commercial on TV.

-Cordelia Hunter



My dear, don’t fall in love with a revolutionary. They are like saints, or butterflies, or poets. If they have any taste, they die young and die brutally; it is what suits them.

Of all the players in Orenne’s deceptive, illegal magical underworld, the vampire Dominique is the best keeper of secrets. Her family name, her politics, her moral code, her division of her loyalties—all are unknown. She sits on the Council as Lucas Blackwood’s right hand. She is a close friend of powerful mage Marie Omondi and assists her in contests. She is rumoured to be the lover of many influential women, from the gifted Georgie Bennet to the aristocrat Lisette du Parac. She is, in short, a mystery.


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George & The Dragon - Princess Capability

The primary idea of this remains thus:

We have two people, George and Jessica. George is human, Jessica is a dragon. As a dragon, Jessica is not very friendly. George, her only friend, feels that she would benefit from maybe having more friends just in case he’s not available.

Therefore, while they go on a little holiday primarily just to have fun, his ulterior motive is to try and find new friends. And they do!

Enter Blossom - a dryad, which is to say the mobile, person-shaped extension of a sprawling tree - and Billy, who is an elf princess, because I like princesses.


This is something from the bit where Princess Capability - aka Billy - first appears. Elf princesses, to point out, are distinct from the bulk of the elf population by A) Having wings B) Exclusively being female and C) Being taller. And being of a more independant turn of mind, I suppose.

You don’t care at all, do you?

“Princess Capability! But everyone calls me Billy, darlings - just easier,” Princess Capability - or Billy - said, giving a regal little bow and flourish. They taught Princesses that sort of thing before they went out into the world.

“Billie?” Blossom asked. 

Only they got that particular joke, and only they enjoyed it.

“Yes, Billy,” said Billy, blissfully unaware, nodding happily.

For his part George was delighted. He’d already halfway guessed that she had to be a Princess what with her being an elf and all - what with the ears and that very particular elfin look - but also being approximately human-sized and also, you know, the wings. Kind of a giveaway. 

But he’d hate to have assumed. 

“You’re a Princess?” He asked, trying not to sound too excited. Billy gave him a smile.

“I am.”

“A Superfluous Princess?” Blossom asked, cutting back in.

“…yes,” Billy said, with the tone of one who knows where this is going.

“Where are you parked?” Blossom followed up with.

Billy glared, and got very close to stamping her foot, too.

“I am not a cab driver!”

As was known, most Superfluous Princesses found work as taxi drivers. 

Or so ran the joke at least. Where it had come from was unclear, especially as you’re far more likely to find a Superfluous Princesses doing anything other than being a taxi driver. Presumably this joke had to have come from somewhere, but it’s one of those things where everyone knows the joke but no-one knows the why of the joke.

Kind of stupid, really.

“My mistake, sorry. You know what they say about Superfluous Princesses,” Blossom said, shrugging.

“It’s a stereotype!”

“Or a joke. Although, come to think of it, I’ve met six Superfluous Princesses here and they’ve all been cab drivers,” Blossom said.

“You’re holding up five fingers,” Billy pointed out. Blossom looked at their hands, one of which was indeed shy a finger.

“I am? Oh yeah, whoops, forgot I pulled one of those off - good catch, I almost looked like an idiot,” they said.

“I am not a cab driver,” Billy huffed, giving a frustrated flutter, muttering to herself about how there weren’t even that many Princesses in town anyway.

“I like your wings,” said George, hoping maybe to move the conversation in a more pleasant direction and also hoping this wasn’t something horribly forward to say. He honestly did like them, too. They were shiny.

Billy blinked and turned a little, bringing the wings in question more into view. They did catch the light in a rather pleasing way. Iridescent, George thought the word was. He would be right.

“You do? They’re nothing special,” she said, glancing back. Honestly, being the owner of wings the novelty of them had worn off somewhat. Or hadn’t ever been there to start with. It’d be like being amazed at having a nose. Assuming you had one to start with, obviously. 

Jessica thought her wings were very impressive, but then she thought she was very impressive from nose to tail so she didn’t really count. 

“They’re nice though, I think. I don’t have any,” George said.

This was obvious, but George pointed it out anyway, sticking a thumb over his shoulder and fighting down the rising feeling that what he was saying was grossly inappropriate.



days one to six: sunrise // flower crown // humming // lake // gentle touch // cute animal

set somewhere after the epilogue that has yet to be written; a soft ending; 2k words, continued under the cut.

Radiant is sitting next to her, once again.
They’re back out here, once again, with the same mountains and forests surrounding them, stretching as far as they can see.
This time, though, time doesn’t matter. They don’t have to hurry back to the city, there’s no rush to be anywhere, no need to pretend that this is not exactly where they’re supposed to be and who they’re supposed to be with.
This time, it’s easy to linger, to settle back against the grass that’s cold and wet with dew, to interlace their fingers and tip their heads back, keep their eyes on the horizon and watch the sun rise over the valley, watch the Mountain Beasts rip entire trees out of the ground and crush them to dust with their razor-sharp teeth, grazing contentedly and bleating ‘good morning’s at each other like overgrown, furless sheep.

The air is filled with birdsong and the smell of spring; there are flowers that crane their heads towards the first rays of light, that let the sun’s fingers caress their newborn bodies, and they sigh softly when the warmth of a new day seeps deep into their leaves, makes their blossoms flutter and the color pop. There are busy bees and hungry caterpillars, a wild bunny or two, and it feels like it’s the whole world that’s spreading out before them, finally at peace. Finally able to heal.

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chapter eight (the man in black knows all)

November 24, 1988. Buffalo, New York.

The moon is extra big and full tonight and that’s very kind of her to do so, given there was a rather decent sized blizzard over the past two days and now the whole entirety of upstate is blanketed in a fine layer of pure white. I’m out here with my parents to spend Thanksgiving with my aunt and uncle and my cousins, and now I’m bunking in the little twin bed in the upstairs guest bedroom.

It always reminds me of all the times I’d come out here during the summer time when I was in school. I’m looking out the window at the moon and her big white full belly shining through the glass at me.

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The Soul Tailor: Evengard & Lore of the Tailors

Evengard is the garden of souls too fractured beyond repair. It is where the most tragic souls wander, forever bound to their untimely fates. While dazzling and lush at first glance, one can see that it can be difficult to navigate. It is part of Death’s domain, meaning that the landscape bends toward their will alone. The garden holds many mysteries and secrets that Kara is determined to unveil. 

Soul Tailors must dissect souls from the spiritual body of organisms and later alter them by removing the “fractures” of the soul. Fractures are the amount of damage or turmoil that a soul experiences throughout the course of their life. Souls crystallize when collected, causing the spiritual body to melt away as it has already fulfilled its purpose. Organisms have a non-physical form (spiritual body), their physical form, and a soul that rests in between both bodies

The Tailors are a small group of humanoid beings that take on a shadowy appearance. They do not express emotion like humans do, the exception being Kara and another member named Moira. Kara is the youngest of the Soul Tailors. She takes on the form of a young woman in this case, since none of the Tailors come into existence as children. Their origins remain unclear.

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Flash #1853

“I say, Quinten!

I was just having a meander about the colonies when what should I come across but a hole in the ground! And what do I find once I pop my head into this hole in the ground? Only a corpse, Quinten!

And since you’re something of an amateur anthropologist I thought I’d nab the thing - and a few of the baubles that were stuck in there with it, they looked important somehow - and bring it all back here for you!

Look at what those queer natives do to their dead, Quinten! Isn’t it unusual and different? Wonder what any of it means! Something silly and savage, no doubt. But still! Interesting, eh?

I think you should write a book about it! 

And in the meantime we can put this carcass and these trinkets in a museum, where they belong!”


INTO THE WANDERWILDS: wizards of the Dvor

They jumped into the spelldoor together, giving Mal barely enough to realize that whatever she was in for, it might be the wildest adventure she’d had yet. The thought was both thrilling and absolutely, utterly terrifying. But then again, so were most things concerning magic.  

This was motly practice for editing gifs, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to expand more on the magic classes of the main wizard trio.

  • Malinavodya [elementalist] specializing in earth magic. She had an affinity for healing spells and delicate conjurations.
  • Leshen - charojey [enchanter] who prefers heavy, time-consuming spell casting and intricate enchantments. Often relies on potions.
  • Agrest- too young to choose a class yet, but gravitates towards vodya as well with his love for air spells and wind magic. 
George & The Dragon - Steak

The important thing is that I’m having fun.

Jessica liked steak, this George knew, but the two of them had never had steak out like this before. It had always been something that had happened at George’s house with Jessica in attendance, or else something that had been in George’s house briefly before he’d taken it and brought it to Jessica’s, where she’d eaten it. That was kind of how it had been.

So this new arrangement wasn’t something Jessica was used to. Which was always a bad start, so George was on alert to step in.

“Why are there so many options? Why isn’t there just meat?” She asked, confused and, as a result of being confused, also irritated. She had a face as though the menu had been put together specifically just to annoy her. 

Indeed, in her head that was kind of how she saw it. And why wouldn’t she? She was a dragon. Dragons were important, ergo she was important, ergo if something annoyed her it must have been done that way on purpose just to annoy her because she was important and if things happened around her they happened because of her.

A very particular brand of logic.

“You’ll probably like this one,” George said, turning his own menu around and pointing to an option about halfway down. It was about the simplest thing available. In a menu redolent with an alarming level of subtle variety it was, shall we say, straightforward, and therefore perfect. Jessica - taking a last moment to glare at her menu - looked over to George’s and where his finger was.

“I don’t want those bits,” she said, indicating the various non-meat bits that came with the meat. Dragons have no need of chips or veg.

“That’s fine, just say so.”

“Can I have two?”

George had accounted for this so wasn’t too put out at the prospect.

“Yes. And thank you for asking.”

“…oh. Yes. I did that.”

She hadn’t even noticed until he’d pointed it out. Normally when she asked rather than simply asserting what she wanted it was a conscious thing done because she knew George liked it and - more importantly - she knew it got superior results. That time though it had apparently just slipped out.

Now Jessica had a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp. Very expressive face, Jessica. At least when she was human-shaped.

“You’re a bad influence on me,” she said.

“That’s what I keep telling you,” George said breezily, bringing his menu back around so he could keep looking himself, having not quite decided yet.




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