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: a visit to , safety-pins as signs of solidarity plus a side trip to Wewelsburg

Happy to confirm that we taking part in in July 2020 Losing twice in the semi finals v eventual winners both times in the we thought we try the 7’s now Something to look forward too now

meeting some of the participants and how wonderful are their ideas!!!! Great stuff thanks for the great work!!!

Last week, you could see us and our client Fednot at the and Summit in . 💪🏼Together we talked about our project ‘Connect to All’ and the challenges we face at Belgian notaries. Thanks for having us IBM! 🙏🏼

Do you have an interest in global and socio-cultural aspects of infertility? Check out this Campus Course on

When the turn , when everything switches to the mode, when the take over every corner of the , and when the of starts echoing in the surroundings, you know that it's in .🍂🍂

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📍 Den Haag

Cena italiana con i miei nuovi amici! Cosa ve lo dico a fare quanto mi manca il cibo italiano… e quando Dario mi ha chiesto di fare una cena da lui ho subito accettato e l'ho praticamente obbligato a fare il pesto!!! (Si è genovese e sì era buonissimo)


Videito del trabajo final en Amsterdam..
Y vos para cuando??
#Microblading #micropigmentation #micropigmentacion #microbladed #amsterdam (at Amsterdam)

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