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Jeff's reviews~Bloodstained Oz by and 2006 that Wow. I mean, Wow. Loved this delicious read - Something’s gone wrong over the rainbow ...

Called to help a fellow Vet accused of murder, heads to & finds the seedy side of a small town's annual celebration. Author takes us on an adventurous Adventure. Here's your listen link>>

"The 'hero's journey' collapses. But what other help is there? This is where starts" New on the Itch: "Notes Made While Reading: books for writers" incl The Virgin's Promise

Just finished Colson Whitehead's The Underground Railroad. Listening to the audiobook while reading along to the printed text. The IMAX of reading.

'An Affair of Court', a romantic fantasy-adventure, is now published. Read the first 4 chapter FREE at:- Buy- Extracts from books in the series:

When an exhausted Lady Marie Anne is on her way back to her home, she discovers she is the target of a murderous plot, even to the extent that there are assassins in her own castle. Read first chapters FREE-

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Only Eight Is Everything by Tom O'Brien