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Queen for a Day: A Novel in Stories By Maxine Rosaler This book takes its title from the 1950s reality TV show. The stories revolve around an odd sorority of mothers brought together—and sometimes apart—by their autistic children.

Queen for a Day: A Novel in Stories By Maxine Rosaler We know by page one of Queen for a Day that Mimi Slavitt’s three-year-old son is autistic, but if we told her, she wouldn’t listen, because she doesn’t want to know.

That's so true... I have been feeling after every book that I read...and the worst was felt after reading Harry Potter 😂😂😂😂😂

"Captivating Read with Deep Emotions" The Alter is a mind-bending espionage thriller with supernatural elements. The Alter by Joel Knox on "Paranormal twist on Jason Bourne"

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Do you empathise with characters in

Book tour coming in April!

I just got done booking an online book tour with Silver Dagger Book Tours from April 23rd to May 23rd for my The Wiccan Way book series! Stay tuned for more info.


Best 2018 Book Releases via @emmavinch #Booktube

Volviendo y blogeando desde un nuevo dispositivo, ideando una nueva historia el cual se va tratar de vivencias en el instituto y de como un grupo de estudiantes junto con la ayuda de una enigmática mujer logran poner fin a los planes de una secta caníbal que amenaza su ciudad.