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Which shade of is your favorite ? 🤔 There’s really light, cranberry and really dark 😍💜😍

🌟Amethyst Soap🌟 w/ real amethyst on top. Cut soap photo soon 😉. . 🌟Sabonete Ametista🌟 c/ ametista no topo. Foto do sabonete cortado em breve 😉. .

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current 1/3 of altar

One thing I lowkey love and want to see more of is the positive abilities behind the diamonds. We’re all busy being mad at Pink rn because of Volleyball but someone pointed out( Pink’s powers can crack/shatter gems.

This is why she was such a proficient healer, as her power could be done in reverse by her to heal gems and eve organic beings. I imagine the inverse to this is White actually has little control/effect on organics but I digress.

One thing I realized is all the diamond abilities can have positive aspects. Pink is the spirit and presence of the diamonds which is why rejuvenation tech is based on her, it’s essentially what her equivalent of Yellow’s lightning or Blue’s radiation or White’s light is at its core. White’s power, as a mind controller, makes her a skilled leader, as she can most likely do mild telepathy based on what her theming is. This fits with the show as a sort of “fire isn’t inherently good or bad, its application,” as the powers of the diamonds can most likely do incredible things should they let them.

This is all super incomplete case I’m busy with finals but I was just realizing all of this and had to share it.

Team frost

I always had a hard time decided who should make up first team so I think I’m happy with this one


We have frost as the speed , she also uses her ice power to fight and fly. She is supposedly the last member of a pack of Artic wolves that once guarded a sacred gem known as the ice sappire. She wears a shard of it around her neck, it allows her to use her super form .


A post-lab break out Null the cat, she’s flight, she used her telekinetic power to levitate her and her friends. This little kitty was created in a lab and experimented in by some mad scientists until frost saved her one day while on a mission. She seemed too have adjusted to normal life and thinks frost as her sister .


Another denizen of angel island, she is a descendant of the pachacamac tribe, she is the strength member of the team. Her punches and kicks can break rocks. She’s very tough and onwry but does care deeply about her home and friends .
Steven Universe The Movie - No Matter What - (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
No Matter What - From Steven Universe The Movie Available Now: feat. Zach Callison & Michaela Dietz #StevenUniverse #CartoonNetwork ...

Just gotta say this is one of my favorite songs from the movie. It has a lot of significance in the story because Steven sings this song with Amethyst and consequentially she is the first gem to regain her memories after being reset by the antagonist, but that’s not why I fell in love with it. What really spoke to me were the last few lines in the song. 

Through whoever you’ve been,
Through whoever you’ll be,
Through whatever you lose,
You will always have me.
At the end of your rope,
I’ll be holding you tight.

[Steven & Amethyst:]
I’m gonna be right by your side no matter what.

Until then, the song was pretty nonchalant and generic and never really reached any depth in my opinion. But this final part brought tears to my eyes. It’s so touching and real and just the right words I would wish to hear from any of my friends or family. It speaks about how whatever change may come into your life, controlled or not, you will always have that one person there with you. 

I’ve seen this happen one other time in SU where the ending just snuck up on me and took me completely by surprise: Be Wherever You Are. It starts off real laid back, singing about how you should just let yourself be wherever you are (in reference to Lars being unwillingly stuck on an island). 

“Isn’t it nice to find yourself somewhere different, whoa-oh, why don’t you let yourself just be wherever you are”

Easy, nice, slow tune. It didn’t need to be anything more than that. But then it goes there! Out of nowhere on the third verse the chorus changes and blew me away. 

“Why don’t you let yourself just be somewhere different, whoa-oh, why don’t you let yourself just be whoever you are”

And there it was. That one little word change (hell, two letters!) as the ukulele plays it’s last few notes just suddenly transforms the meaning. Suddenly it becomes so relatable. Such a carefree and easy way to ask, and begin wondering yourself, about how you keep yourself hidden in ways only you know. Why you do so. And suddenly, it all feels so easy to expose yourself. 

I just love this show. It’s such a blessing.

How "Corrupted Steven" can be healed
  • Amethyst: Connie, you wanna go first?
  • Connie: He may not be the perfect soldier, but one thing about Steven is he always put other people first. And that makes him a true hero.
  • Steven: *Shapeshifts from a monster to a nameless superhero, then to something in between*
  • Lars: Steven brought me back to life when I needed it the most.
  • Peridot: [chuckles] What a life-saver!
  • Steven: *Shapeshifts his head into a literal lifesaver then to a lifeguard*
  • Jasper: Steven's a mean old party-pooper.
  • Steven: *Shapeshifts back into a monster*
  • Garnet: *Punches Jasper*
  • Jasper: OW!!!
Steven Universe Future reviewed: Guidance

Basic Synopsis: Amethyst has come up with a program to help Gems find their dream jobs on earth. Steven, however, thinks the jobs Amethyst is matching them with are too similar to the roles they had on Homeworld. So, Steven forces them into new jobs they have no skills at in order to ‘get them out of their comfort zone’. This of course spells disaster and leads to things like plane crashes, mass fire, and a roller coaster spiraling out of control.


Thoughts: There are a couple of neat concepts in the episode. I like that Steven’s attempts at making things less like the diamond authority leads to him inadvertently acting more like a diamond. Thinking he knows what’s best for everyone, being very controlling and telling everyone what they should do.

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Hala imkanınız varken kendinizi ifade edin. Konuşun,bağırın,susun,dinleyin. Daha kimse öldükten sonra böyle böyle oluyir diyemedi…


A veces soltar no es necesariamente un sacrificio, ni un adiós; sino más bien un gracias por todo lo aprendido; es dejar ir lo que ya no se sostiene por sí mismo para ser más libres.

I’m still working out how Steven’s body and Amethysts gem would have been put together by Rose. I have some ideas that I’m trying to sort out but if you want and gave ideas you can feel free to drop them off in the ask box!

Aside from that I’m currently mostly working on how Amethysts Gem, Rose being in his life etc woukd affect Steven’s personality as well as his mental state.

For example he won’t have dreams about his moms memories as he doesn’t have her gem - but instead there will be other dreams. Also working on how the whole “pink”(purple) Steven // Amethyst thing would be different