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The amazing date shake

Today is World Diabetes Day. This day is aimed to raise awareness of diabetes, its prevention and complications and the care that people with the condition need.

girl by kelt wizzel ft Samirah_Armand drops soon... to the world....Lagos ft Las Vegas

We could not be prouder of being a tiny part of this story! My Boss,♥️ our town & ppl through out our country raised money for a reward, adoption & medical expenses! $6000. 🇺🇸

According to Gallup, the effects of   are felt by around half of all , with, as Statista's Katharina Buchholz notes, only slight differences were recorded by the survey regarding race or sex. 46 percent o ...

寒さが増す中 Indian Tokyoでは続々と 19AWアイテムを入荷♫ 是非東京店へnew itemをお試し下さい☺️

Replying to

Thank you very much sir & other senators put the effort. It's our honors to become the league with to hold down CCP together. HongKongers r ready to pay any price to . Only , & can save HK.

Now, what will you do? Continue lying to the people, violating the , spitting on your oath of office and foreign governments for your bennefit? You are .

- Customize your Decor with Unique , This ShowerCurtain Will Make The come alive with Vibrant Colors, - Shower Curtain Size is 71 inches By 74 inches

I can roll my R's because I'm , , , but I can also roll my belly because I'm , , and all the other good things about the Middle East the American to mention. I take the best from all cultures, because I am mixed

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Michael Jordan


The Woman Accused(1933) Nancy Carroll and Cary Grant by Colleen O'Eris


Stone & Company by carlylehold


Untitled by charles coriaty


… wild fabric! by James Vaughan


1954 … Octopus flavored Jello- yack! by James Vaughan

Pamela Anderson in Baywatch (1992)

“Vintage postcard, no. PC 618. Pamela Anderson as C.J. Parker in the TV series Baywatch (1992-1997).

Sexy Canadian-American actress and model Pamela Anderson (1967) is best known for the TV series Home Improvement, Baywatch and V.I.P., but the platinum blonde but naturally born brunette also appeared in a dozen of feature films and on a record 14 Playboy covers. Furthermore she is an international celebrity thanks to her rocky marriages, her animal rights activism and her changing bust sizes.”


Acura NSX - Everything Inside & Out | Bumper 2 Bumper


Dixieland Comes To Carnegie Hall by Bart Solenthaler

Dixieland Comes To Carnegie Hall Stan Rubin And His Tigertown Five RCA Victor Records/USA (1955)


By Request… by Bart Solenthaler

By Request… The McGuire Sisters Coral Records/USA (1955)


Hawaiian Holiday by Bart Solenthaler

Hawaiian Holiday The Waikiki Boys Tops Records/USA (1958)


1931 Studebaker President Eight State Coupe For Four by Alden Jewell


1949 Chevrolet Fleetline De Luxe 2-Door Sedan by Alden Jewell

“A rare error in a Chevrolet ad: this Fleetline (fastback) sedan is labeled as a Styleline (notchback).”


CHEVELLE - Everything You Need to Know | Up To Speed