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New 925 Sterling Silver and Amber Ladies Celtic Ring sizes J-R | eBay

for reconstruction of YLSNHM01001, a Cretaceous of an opposite bird found in Myanmar, consisting of a foot and parts of the tail feathers

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191212(발매일) 일간 1위 👑 191212 일간 3위 191212 일간 5위 亚洲新歌榜(아주신가방) 중국 웨이보 차트

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실시간 1위 👑 실시간 3위 실시간 4위 亚洲新歌榜(아주신가방) 중국 웨이보 차트

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Ready For The Ride by Amber Liu 💗 เพลงนี้ทำนองและเสียงแอมเบอร์เพราะมาก ชอบที่แอมเบอร์มีส่วนในการทำเพลงแทบทุกขั้นตอน รวมไปถึงการเขียนเพลงด้วย 👏 แปะลิงค์ปั่นวิว 😊

MOSCOW - Champagne, Russian Black Tea, Incense, Birch Leather, Amber Discover our newest line of luxurious fragrances, The Cities Collection.

191213 엠버 인스타 스토리 업데이트 TEAM EFFORT! Thank you everyone!!! 💿 X앨범 5번 트랙 Ready For The Ride 공개 ➡️

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I jokingly bought a pretty expensive pair of Amber stud earrings(as a kid I thought Amber was cool as fuck) for my Furby, and the more I look at them the more I want to wear them. But I don’t have my ears peirced

Saw this as a gif set on Tumblr didn’t know the song saw some comment saying rouge rouge so I went looking and found it! And its like making me feel like this is the first part Ready for the ride cause at the end its like they met up to run away 😭😭😭

A character sheet for my new Fan-Gem, Amber! She’s a Crystal Gem from the good old days, designed to help stimulate organic life on potential colonies, so that kindergartners can then come around and drain the planet! I tried to copy the format of the character sheets from the book, and I hope ya’ll like her! 

Feel free to ask questions about her! Click for full size!

shes-outta-sight  asked:

hello my love! i'm just here to say good luck on your last final, YOU'RE GONNA KILL IT!!!! ❤️⭐️❤️

amber!!!! you’re so sweet, i’ll cry!!! good luck on your final as well (i believe you said your one was tomorrow i might be wrong though lol)!!! we are so close 💛🥰
christmas list - nicolestarlightwrites - Andi Mack (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Andi Mack (TV)
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Relationships: Amber/Andi Mack
Characters: Amber (Andi Mack), Andi Mack, Bowie Quinn
Additional Tags: Fluff, Developing Relationship, Christmas Lists
Series: Part 10 of 25 Days of Prompt-mas (multi-fandom)

All Amber wants for Christmas is a girlfriend.