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✅ Weekly Design Tips 🖌 Use of drop shadow can help make your text more realistic and professional, improve quality and increase detail. Does anyone use this technique in their designs?

💡 Niche of the Week 🌀 🥑 Keto Words 🥑 Tried to think of a radishing pun this week but we’d guava just keto it simple! 🤗 For more untapped niches:

✅ Weekly Design Tips 🖌 Using lines to fill in spaces that short words leave help in drawing attention towards the uniform edges. 👀 🥑 For more info:

📰 Weekly Merch News 👕 Bit of a twist to our weekly news this week! We’ve been getting lots of inboxes asking about our sales numbers! 🥑 For more info:

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Psychedelic Bearded Musketeer’s Head T-shirt

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