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wonders the reason behind the non-disarmament of guerrilla ( FARC) by while peace is on the ground since 1991. Why no reaction?

What's your plan for the upcoming celebrations? Let's take you and your out in one of the most islands of , for an . Log in to for more info.

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French fries and boba

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Juggling While Distracted by Blick Calle
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Chestnut Street between 13th and Juniper Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Hace 18 años se estrenó Smallville
I used to love the TV series 🧑🏻☄️ as many people near the Taj Mahal’s #architecture in #sweet Agra, IN; Petra in #healthy Ma'an, JO; Colosseum’s #life in #amazing Rome, IT; and Chichen Itzá in #hot Yucatán, MX.
Machu Picchu’s #swag in #fresh Cuzco, PE; Great Wall in #cool Inner Mongolia, CN; Christ the Redeemer’s #heart in #beautiful Rio, BR; and Acropolis in #old Athens, GR.
Alhambra in #lovely Granada, ES; Angkor Wat in #blessed Angkor, KH; Eiffel Tower’s #fashion in #adorable Paris, FR; and Hagia Sophia’s #light in #yummy Istanbul, TR.
Kiyozumi-dera in #nice Kyoto, JP; Moái’s #style in #blue Easter Island, CL; Neuschwanstein in #pretty Füssen, DE; and the Red Square’s #night in #white Moscow, RU.
The Statue of Liberty in #awesome New York City, US; Stonehenge’s #kik in #little Amesbury, GB; the Opera House’s #girls in #blonde Sydney, AU; and Timbuktu in #crazy Tombouctou, ML. (at Kansas)

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ive never smoked before but now thanks to you i want to get high and make out with my boyfriend

i’m not one of those stoners that is like ‘bro dude you gotta smoke once in your life it’s the best’ i just think it’s nice to smoke and feel good and relax with somebody you can feel vulnerable around heeheehoohoo