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¿Quieres lucir AMAZING Y ELEGANTE? Las faldas y vestidos midi son la del momento y más aún cuando la tela simula el guipur. ¡Úsalos con zapatillas fucsia y protagoniza la elegancia!

Dakota Johnson sí que sabe lucir realmente elegante o tal vez sea una asesora de imagen quien elija sus outfits para cada alfombra roja. ¿Cuál es tu favorito el blanco o el negro?

INQUIRIES WELCOME! Our "I CAN" is booking almost 50% of the fests we've entered. If u know odds, then u know that's pretty . A wild 5 min w/ actors who have and nominated 1st time dir

I Can, epk pg 1 - more info @
I Can, epk pg 2 - more info @

-Sitting here in watching schmooze with icon about sports & sports wagering on is incredible. has great hockey info, & the crew is as sharp as can be.

Se abren las apuestas: Sara Carbonero o Paula Echevarría, ¿quién será la primera en fichar, comprar y estrenar estos abrigos tan guays y en tendencia de lo nuevo de Brownie?.

We are a Godsend, a Miracle. We are a Unicorn - if you will. We are what everyone wants-Events happened as they were supposed to -nothing but US matters.

Érase una vez la falda plisada y midi de la colección de otoño de Zara que combinaba de maravilla con jerséis, camisas, sandalias y botas.

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Do I really gotta write out evangel’s descent into being a darkness induced monstrosity? Is it not enough to daydream to a playlist of exactly four (4) vocaloid songs???


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Top 10 Video Game Glitches of 2019


 ❛   why are you smiling like that  ?  ❜  / @asterbatics​ 

                  dick rolled his eyes, still swinging his legs from the perch they’d found, his mood permanently high. it had been   TWO YEARS.   two years since he’d last saw his brother. hell, more than that since they’d had a   FAMILY.  since they’d said they’d never be apart, since they became the only living testament to the great   GRAYSON   name. and while this was no haly’s, and they no longer lived together, they’d always be   BROTHERS.  
                “ what, did you forget how to   SMILE   dressed in all that black? “        dick teased, elbowing rob in that way that only a brother could annoy you. annoying   ROB.   as if they were still eight and betting on who could climb up zitka faster  .  .  .   do that flip first. dick hadn’t felt this light  .  .  .   this   GOOD   since the day his parents fell from the trapeze, and damn it, he couldn’t HELP but smile. he knew how lucky he was to be reunited.        “ i never stopped you know. “           he gives one last look onto the horizon before turning to face rob. all the years lost, all the memories gone but not forgotten.              “ looking for you, i mean. “


In The Know Innovation Gadgets ‘The Chicken Swing’ is exactly what it sounds like

Sometimes chickens just want to swing


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The Amazing New Technologies In Motorcycle Helmets: As you ride around town on your motorcycle, you see street names,
turn-by-turn directions, and what’s happening behind you (360) - all without
looking down or turning your head. That’s because the info is popping up
on your helmet’s visor.
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Od Božička, z ljubeznijo!

Bleščice in zvezdni prah – Božič je čaroben praznik! Kamor koli pogledaš se vse sveti in blešči. Bleščice so v božičnem času obvezne, saj na prihajajočih božičnih zabavah preveč blišča nikomur ne škodi. Od sredine novembra do konca decembra essence trend kolekcija “from santa with love” ponuja vse, kar potrebuješ za čudovit izgled: od osvetljevalca za obraz & telo do palete senčil in nalepk za nohte z božičnimi motivi. In ker je Božič čas ljubezni, essence v trend kolekcijo ponuja tudi navdih za sladke ideje za darila. Prozoren čopič s plešočimi bleščicami ali grelna blazinica, ki preprečuje, da bi roke v tvojem najljubšem zimskem plašču zmrznile, ne bodo polepšale božičnega večera samo tebi.


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