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I can see why they decided to put this place on a banknote. It felt like a different planet. Xingping, China [OC][3526 × 4407]

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Recuerda esto.

A quien te amo lo van a amar

A quien te traicionó lo van a traicionar

A quien te ilusiono lo van a ilusionar

A quien te cuido con el corazón lo van a cuidar con el alma

A quien te daño le ira peor, por que así son las reglas de la vida.

“Recibimos el amor que damos, porque tarde o temprano todo vuelve”

essence jesenske novosti

Naj gre za sijočo in brezhibno polt, bleščeče naličene oči, osupljive trepalnice ali čudovite ustnice – novi essence jesensko/zimski izdelki 2019 zagotavljajo neskončne možnosti ustvarjanja. Linija Crystal power na primer, predstavlja izdelke, ki so navdih dobili v sijočih kristalih in draguljih ter s svojimi barvami, teksturami in čudovito embalažo v lepotno kolekcijo prinašajo pozitivne vibracije. Od pudra v prahu do sijočih osvetljevalcev do različnih izdelkov za oči in ustnice, jesenska prenova prinaša vse, kar si strastne lepotne ljubiteljice lahko želijo. Celoten pregled novih inovativnih trendov in jesensko obarvanih izdelkov, vas čaka v nadaljevanju objave.


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Hello there.

The past day or two i have been stuck wondering what i should post on my tumblr, as a new member.

I like to keep things going daily but its hard to keep my theme when im not going through the moment.

So far ive talked about Social Anxiety, infants, and ADHD.

What i really have been wanting to get to is how to help parents and teachers know how to handle someone that has ADHD. I was told a story by someone close to me who has ADHD about how his elementary school life he always got kicked out of class and sent to the office, only because he couldn’t sit still in class and it was disruptive.

As you may know i always work in a daycare and theres a child there that has ADHD, and i sometimes even find myself getting frustrated quickly but i wanna change that.

I wanna know how can i help a child with ADHD? Instead of getting frustrated, what are strategies that i can use to keep this child focused and calm.

If u have any tips please feel free to let me know.


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