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அவளின் கண்ணக்குழியழகின் வெக்கத்தில் வெளிவரும் பொன் சிரிப்பின் விழிகளைத் தேடி தொலையும் பட்டாம்பூச்சி அவன்..!

We are hosting our first script reading class of the year tomorrow. Really excited to be working with some of our AM adults!

Evil only respects one power, and that is force. Be a force multiplier. Learn to shoot, and learn JiuJitsu.

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Today meeting Chief Engineer Shan Dulanty and checking out their ( - a £20bn market by 2022) as well as participating in well hosted meeting on

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I seeing things or is there a resemblance

Venha se divertir com as piadas de Roger Siqueira, Junior Santos e Dhi Miranda no nosso palco! ⠀ STAND UP PORAO 20:30h às 22h (Lounge VIP): R$20 ⠀

don't judge me, don't hate me, because of my religion, as i am not just my religion... accept me, love me, as i am, as i am what i am... love me A Poem By AMIT MAKWANA

Special delivery from two proud coaches. Go get'em ladies!!! If you see the team around with their jug, go ahead and show your pride by cheering "drink, drink, ring!"

RT : Fantasy Novel Highlight: THE THRONE OF AMENKOR omnibus by , from ! Get the entire "Throne" trilogy in one book, including THE SKEWED THRONE, THE CRACKED THRONE, and THE VACANT THRONE.

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Alex Turner

hi, i know i’m not on here a lot anymore but i need to talk about this. the recent news regarding the cancelling of Andi Mack has truly broken my heart in fucking two. i love and am so grateful for this show, through it, i have met the most amazing people who i will forever appreciate. i know i don’t show it all that often but i love and adore each and every one of my mutuals. 

to the cast and crew. thank you. thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for bringing to life such a beautiful and important show. the storylines and characters have helped me in ways i can’t even begin to explain. each and every character i have been able to relate to. each and every character has helped me feel safer, more loved and more accepted. im confused and angry at disney. why you would cancel your best and most important show baffles me??? but whatever it’s their loss. i love each and every one of you and this show. tremendously. i can’t wait for the final few episodes, i hope my babies get the love and happiness they deserve <3

any time a show starts showing topics or creates story lines that are progressive disney automatically cancels the show. we saw it with girl meets world and now with andi mack. i guess you would say that this is wack.

It’s been really lovely to be apart of a fandom with so many amazing and talented people, before i continue i’d like to say this isn’t a goodbye, i don’t think i could ever say good by to this fandom. we’ve witnessed history being made together and that is such a huge thing, i could never leave this behind. instead this is me saying thank you to the content creators in this fandom and the people who have supported andi mack.

i could go on about how much i love the show, which i will later on but, andi mack will always hold a special place in my heart and i’m not ready to give it up yet or say goodbye. andi mack isn’t over just because the show is cancelled, the friendom will still be here making content for it and giving support to the cast. the show may be ending but our love for it, hopefully doesn’t.

the andi mack fandom is the first fandom i’ve been actively apart of and made content for and can i just say it’s been the best, we’ve all watched the cast and the characters grow as people and i don’t think i’d have picked lovelier people than all of you to do that with so thank you to everyone.

i haven’t gotten the chance to talk to everyone in the friendom and some people i’ve probably just talked to in passing, but i’ve seen your urls around, ive though about talking to some of you (i’m terrible at starting conversation) i’ve seen your art and i’ve read your fics and i’m so thankful for all of you, you’ve helped keep the fandom alive.

it’s been really amazing being apart of this friendom (not a goodbye) i feel like i’ve found family and friendship in so many of you, so i can’t wait to watch the last few episodes with you all and probably watch history being made once again.

- thank you terri, peyton, sofia, joshua, lilan, trent, asher, lauren, luke, emily and everyone else who’s been apart of the cast for making andi mack a reality <3