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☀ 2019 – at Canyon Hills School

Zuppa di pesce, piatto speciale (e devo anche confessare fatto apposta per noi). Ricco ma allo stesso tempo leggero. Ottimo, tra l’altro. Grazie Maurizio e Giulia del @ivsensoalfilodoro a 😉. . . .

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So in advance of tomorrow AM weather here some vehicle restrictions from and and so I don’t have to type these out in the

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his shirt is tucked in, TJ is gay confirmed

today’s just not been a good day like at all and on top of that my family friend i have to share a room with on this holiday is on ft to her friend and they’re screaming at each other and it’s really stressing me out??? not in a can you stfu kinda way but more in a if you get any louder i’m gonna have a panic attack kinda way because i’m really fucking bad at dealing with drastic noice????? i can feel my heart racing and my breathing become shit and i need to walk out but i don’t want to wake up my parents because they’ll just get angry??? i just feel like shit and want to cry???? i’m sorry about this i just don’t know where else to vent ig???? i’ll delete this when i wake up don’t worry xoxoox

i love you all. eat well, stay hydrated, don’t bottle up, you can always speak to me !!! i love you, please stay safe.

All Tyrus quotes/scenes so far

There’s a Mack in the shack (s.2 ep.8)

  • “Well, I can do it, but teach a man to fish? Walk to the muffin like you already own it.”
  • “He can’t do that”
  • “Hey, don’t tell him what he can’t do”
  • “Hey… he’s with me”

Miniature Gulf (s.2 ep.11)

  • “Chocolate chocolate chip muffin, right?”
  • “Scary basketball guy”
  • “Actually TJ”
  • “I know”
  • “So, do you hang out here a lot”
  • “You don’t know me. I got stuff”
  • “Underdog!”
  • “Thanks for reminding me about swinging. That helped.”

We Were Never (s.2 ep.12)

  • “Hey, not-so-scary basketball guy!”
  • “Hey, underdog!”

A Walker to Remember (s.2 ep.17)

  • “We can also use these [megaphones] to yell at TJ”
  • “Why would we want to do that”
  • “Are they friends”
  • “I’m not here as a punching bag. I’m here to see if you’re okay.”
  • “What I need is a different brain”
  • “There is nothing wrong with you”
  • “She may have been right, but you’re the one who really helped me”

Crime Scene: AndiShack! (s.2 ep.18)

  • “[referring to swing set scene 1.0] that was the first time we ever really talked”
  • “He was the last person I ever thought you’d be friends with.”
  • “I know. Weird, right? But you know what’s weirder? He wants to be friends with me. Who knows why?”
  • “I know why.”

Buffy in a Bottle (s.2 ep.21)

  • “[to Buffy’s time capsule] Buffy I know I should’ve done this to you in person, but I was a jerk, like big-time. And I’m sorry. You didn’t deserve that.”
  • “So you let me sit down, but you won’t even talk to me?”
  • “I’m sorry, it’s private. I’m having a physical issue.”
  • “I can’t do a somersault, okay? In fact, there’s a whole list of easy things that I can’t do.”
  • “Listen, underdog, if you can’t do a somersault, I can help you with that.”
  • “I should probably head out too. I have to go to work. You wanna come with me?”
  • “Yes! Please!”
  • “You work at a gym? You should’ve told me. I hate gyms.”
  • “You’ll like this one. This is where you’re going to learn to do a somersault.”
  • “Says the athlete with boundless confidence. You don’t know what it’s like to be a kugel of a man.”
  • “When we start to recognize. We start to realize – We can do anything”

The Cake That Takes the Cake (s.2 ep.25)

  • “You should’ve seen him. It was so cute.”
  • “He was like a little puppy”
  • “I could forgive you. I think I already have. I just don’t know if we could ever be friends.”
  • “What if he apologized?”
  • “It would have to be like the best apology ever.”
  • “I mean, give it a shot.”
  • “If you’re looking for a captain, her name is Buffy Driscoll going to start a girls team and make that ish official steal your ball so fast, that you’ll want to bring police in tell them it got taken like she’s Liam Neeson the slickest, sickest, quickest, the most wicked in the world used to hate her, instigate her told her, “good job for a girl” I didn’t want to hear it but she taught me all the same if you want to change the world and you got to change the game.”
  • “Was that the best apology ever?”
  • “I think maybe it was”
  • “I am so confused right now.”
  • “You think you are confused? Take a walk through my head.”
  • “You think you know someone. Until you find out that you don’t.”

Hole in the Wall (s.3 ep.4)

  • “And now he owes me a muffin of my choice”
  • “Blueberry macadamia”
  • “There’s no such muffin”
  • “Then, I guess you have your work cut out for you.”

Cookie Monster (s.3 ep.6)

  • “Cyrus!”
  • “Hey! What’s up?”
  • “What are you doing Saturday?”
  • “Saturday. Saturday, well, my popular kids club meetings are on Friday, so, uh, yeah. I’m free on Saturday.”
  • “Wanna hangout”
  • “With you?”
  • “And my friends”
  • “Do they even know I exist?”
  • “Yeah, they know. I talk about you”
  • “Behind my back?”
  • “Well you’re not there, so, yeah. Are you mad?”
  • “Are you kidding? I’m flattered! I didn’t think anybody talked about me behind my back.”
  • “TJ was right you are funny”
  • “All right, lets go, Cyrus. Woo! You got this!”
  • “I got a great shot of you”
  • “You know what’s in the bag”
  • “Yeah.”
  • “I’m gonna go. Okay. I think you should too. TJ”
  • “You’re doing the right thing”
  • “That’s what my parents said, but I think TJ would disagree. He’s gonna hate me”

The New Girl (s.3 ep.7)

  • “He really wants to talk shouldn’t I at least hear him out”
  • “He obviously feels bad. He keeps calling.”
  • “TJ’s not sitting with his friends”
  • “Wonder why”
  • “I’m just gonna do a quick walk-by, make sure he’s okay”
  • “Is this swing taken”
  • “How’d you know I’d be here?”
  • “I’ve been stopping by. Seeing if I could get you without your body guards”
  • “I’m not supposed to hang out with you. I should go”
  • “No stay. I’ll go. Can I at least say I’m sorry first? I didn’t know Reed was going to bring a gun. I wouldn’t have gone and I definitely wouldn’t have brought you. Now you hate me. Classic TJ. Anything good, I got a ruin it.”
  • “TJ you said you were going to apologize”
  • “I just did”
  • “Actually you didn’t”
  • “Yes I did. I said I was huh. You’re right. Well, sorry for not saying sorry.”
  • “So, you’ve apologized for not apologizing but you still haven’t apologized”
  • “You can be a little annoying, you know that?”
  • “Well, you can be oblivious.”
  • “Well you can be very judgy.”
  • “Well, you can be intimidating”
  • “You know what else you are?”
  • “What?”
  • “The only person I can talk to like this. Okay if I stay?”
  • “I just want you to know it wasn’t me who told the police about the gun. I would’ve but they already knew.”
  • “Yeah. I told them. Surprise! I did the right thing.”

I Got Your Number (s.3 ep.8)

  • “Hey, niceburg!”
  • “Eh, it’s just his face. He’s not so mean anymore.”
  • “Everyone’s got something they got to deal with.”
  • “Fear of flamingos both real and plastic”

One in a Minyan (s.3 ep.11)

  • “Oh, I’m Andi Cyrus’ friend.”
  • “Girlfriend?”
  • “Oh, no, just friend.”
  • “Oy, vey iz mir. Why can’t that boy get a girlfriend already?”
  • “She didn’t know everything. I wish I told her when I had the chance. I was too afraid.”
  • “It is your choice who you tell and when, but you shouldn’t be afraid to do it. You underestimate how much people care about you, Cyrus.”
  • “You two made it, but how do I tell Jonah?”
  • “You just tell him. Anytime you want.”
  • “Okay, well,that of course is aunt Ruthie’s kugel. Uh, that’s you classic bagel and lox. That’s gefilte fish. Skip that. And I’m gay.”
  • “Yeah? Okay cool.”
  • “Okay. Cool”
  • “Is that TJ? You came”
  • “Of course I came and I brought chhhhhhallah”
  • “You shouldn’t chave”

Don’t know if anyone talked about this before but can we just say how ungrateful Andi is complaining about Cece disagreeing with her when Cyrus just lost his grandma I know this is later resolved but still






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this is late but L E O you !!! are !!! incredible !!! you're one of the kindest people in the fandom I swear, you just radiate Big Nice Energy?? I can't explain it but your blog and your presence have such softs vibes?? we all appreciate it so much, we need more people carrying that energy around. <3 ~ swingsetboys


thank you so much for this. like seriously, you are a blessing and your words mean the world to me !! thank you again sksk i appreciate this greatly !!! i love you so much and i hope you have a day as wonderful as you !!! i’m happy i am able to do that and i promise to continue because everyone deserves nothing but the best. <33

Who the fuck are Peaky Blinders?

If you’ve never seen it yet, go for it! Amazing show and amazing soundtrack(AM included). I love it!


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Daily Reco Entry 2884: Tuesday, February 19, 2019, AM

財神的照料 (Cáishén de zhàoliào) by 羅賓 (Robin), 康喬 (Kang Qiao), and 謝採妘 (Xie Caizhen)