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Happy Earth Day! Thank you to building product manufacturers for contributing so much to protecting our natural resources and for the energy efficient products you produce!

Happy ! I've been working to create a battery chemistry from ( ) - a type of waste made from mining and manufacturing. Orginally designed to be a - My goal is to turn the waste into

Happy Earth Day! Whether at home, at work, or on the jobsite, let's look for ways to reduce waste; reuse, recycle, restore and repurpose materials; and replenish our earth.

Happy from Team Aluminum! We are proud of the North American industry's major sustainability gains.

Happy Today and every day, choose infinitely recyclable .

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Cutting Metal

The post that could have been a video, but can’t because of metal.

I only record stuff on my cell phone so I can’t manipulate it when I’m covered in oil and metal bits. So I had to clean my hands every time just to get these shots.

Aluminum and brass are actually very easy to cut if you follow some simple rules.

Rule #1!
Metal generates heat, so if you work around it your cuts will be easier.

Since I’m doing long cuts on ¼ inch aluminum and brass you can imagine it will generate a lot of heat.

Rule #2!
Cut with slow, steady motions!

I will be using a bandsaw (pictured) and it is dedicated to metal cutting. It is possibly the cheapest, crappiest, band-saw you have ever seen. And it’s perfect for this.

I am using a thick band-saw blade so the blade doesn’t flex. It is a ½ inch thick blade with 14tpi blade I found on Amazon. They’re maybe 20 bucks.

Rule #3!

Why oil? Because it reduces friction, which reduces heat, which increases the longevity of the blade, which means you can keep working with fewer interruptions, and it cuts smoother.

The oil pictured I use as a multipurpose oil for my power tools, dremel, and other machenry. Works for this too. There are 8-in-1 oils that come in little cans that work too. Just don’t use WD40. It evaporates too quickly.

I’ll be cutting both, and comparing them. Think of this as a learning experience you may or may not need.

See how I have placed the oil on the metal? It will work itself into the teeth and help things move along. If it feels like it’s dragging or having a hard time, add more oil and go slower.

Another reason I’m using this old Black & Decker band saw (which is discontinued by the way), is because it has a gear ratio that slows down the blade. This is also perfect for metal because if your blade goes fast it also generates heat and can cause your oil to burst into flames. Go slow.

So far so good.

Rule #4!
Metal generates enough heat that it will be uncomfortable to hold!

Aluminum is the bigger offender of heat generation. Aluminum is a great heat conductor so it will transfer heat throughout the piece making it more and more uncomfortable to hold. Brass does not have this problem and will stay cooler for longer. Because of this brass is MUCH easier to cut. You wouldn’t think so, but it’s true.

This how much oil I used. Enough to get the surface wet, enough to keep the shavings sorta clumped together, and enough to keep things working smoothly. If you use too much oil, on the width of the blade instead of the teeth, you will end up with a skipping blade on the band-saw. And it won’t cut as easy. So keep the oil on the metal, and apply it in the cut path.

Here you can see me put it down on a line on the brass. I did this with the aluminum too, and this is more than enough. It allowed me to cut the entire length in one smooth push and move onto the other side. But I only put it on the cut line I’m about to cut. So I don’t wind up with oil on EVERYTHING!

This is the shavings that come off after the cut. It’s a mess, yes, so be careful. These shavings get everywhere. After cutting it was instantly to the broom and vacuum. You don’t want these in your sink. 

Also, you better wear safety gear! YOU DON’T WANT THIS IN YOUR EYES! Or lungs. 

It’s happened. Your lungs will bleed.

Aluminium display case

The aluminum showcase is an excellent option to have not only at home but also in the office. Some of the best functions with which it fulfills this is the form of skeleton of the furniture. It has several sections that will be designed by you with dimensions, in addition to the locks or doors will keep safe your most appreciated belongings.
Aluminum is a more economical material so this makes this display case perfect for use and easy economic access.


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Finish pass on some 4" aluminum tube, the start of some one off parts… #Lathe #MonarchLathe #Turning #Machinist #ManualMachinist #ManualMachining #Aluminum #SlowAndSteady #OneOff #Custom #Motorcycle

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//Forging aluminum scrolls. Practice, practice, practice.

//Each one’s work will become manifest, for the Day will disclose it, because it will be revealed by fire, and the fire will test what sort of work each one has done. + 1 Corinthians 3:13 #verseoutofcontext

//Song: controlla by Idealism

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