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Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: 925 Sterling Silver, Natural Turquoise Gemstone Pendant, Necklace, Wire Wrapped Turquoise Gemstone, Anodized Aluminium Hypoallergic

Do visit where we brew every fresh & serve hot. We use temperature controlled water heater from . We also have an automatic non-milk tea maker from . We don't use utensils which may cause cancer. Empowering

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C"est du au fait que bien sur ce n'est pas de l'eau, et aussi et surtout, au mouvement de l'air en sortir du , c'est comme une espèce de . Ces formes sont une des des , c'est du grand classique

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Stellar is the new system that sets new standards. It revolutionises aluminium with its unique reverse butt joint capability. It's 20% faster to , saves materials and reduces stockholding. For all this and MORE:

bringst du deine Kaffekapseln extra zum Wertstoffhof und die schmeißen es in den Restmüll mit der Argumentation: alles was magnetisch ist wird ja nach dem Verbrennen ausgefiltert ...LOL seit wann ist bitte magnetisch? Was für eine krasse Ressourcenverschwendung?!

Saturday trip to Clancey’s, just cans, cables and scrap today. But that’s another 157kg of metal waste back into circulation and with a few direct donations another £159.45 for ! Huge thanks to & for their generous donation of scrap ♻️

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India / producers worried about falling domestic demand and rising imports

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“I’m Better Than Dalí Because I’m Not A Fascist”

Sky Edwards

Digital photograph; wood fired clay, glass, aluminium, wood, hubris, and photons.


“It’s better to be a left wing art hack than a talented fascist.” - me, just now.

Dalí was officially expelled from the Surrealists for good reasons.


Bi folding Doors replacement: Slide & Swing Glass Doors - made in England