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Jerry Nadler moves the goal post. Says that an FBI investigation would uncover collusion and obstruction. UGH, why do people still vote for this buffoon? The FBI has already investigated this. They found nothing.

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"Facts Are Stubborn Things…" No matter…The radical left will re-litigate everything for the sake of re-litigating… Trump Obstructed The Democrat Coup D'Etat !

Either an or got offended by me for using the word "Feminazi". The beautiful thing about being a centrist, is that you can offend both sides of radical political extremists. Fuck the Alt-Left & the Alt-Right.

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Punching doesn't solve anything, it's just plagiarizing from the playbook. Just say no to violence guys! Beat them fair and square with reasoning with commonsense, using logical arguments, empiricism, and appeal to fairness/ universal values.

The "King" on illegal immigrants. He also bused some to different states when he was president. Not to mention housed some at our military bases.

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I don't like how was turned into an hate symbol. Honestly I'm not interested in the whole vs shenanigans that is going on and still choose to see pepe as a wholesome meme. turned the swastika into a symbol of terror. knows WSP

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The beautiful thing about being a centrist, is being able to piss off both radical political groups from the left and the right. I’m against nazis of any kind, whether they are man-hating nazis(Feminazis), anti-straight white male nazis(SJW’s) or regular nazis(the Alt-Right).


Joe Biden had to backtrack calling @vp a ‘decent guy'😂🤣😂What’s going to happen at the debates when he assumes Elizabeth Warren’s gender?🤔 #altleft #looneytunes #whiny #weak #kamalaharris #betoorourke #corybooker #berniesanders #kirstengillibrand #amyklobuchar #elizabethwarren #juliancastro #tulsigabbard #democrat #DNC #CNN #fakenews #donlemon #brianstelter #makeamericagreatagain #MAGA #lgbt #college #socialism #AOC #2020 #joerogan #podcast #progressive #genderfluid

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A Critical Message From Stefan Molyneux


White House Halloween @POTUS Trump poses withkids of #MSM Talking Heads #GG #Boomers #GenX #Millennials #Teen #College #HighSchool #HomeSchool #TEAParty #PJNET @Regrann from @the_liberal_weenie - President Trump greets members of the press’ kids in Halloween costumes: “I cannot believe the media produced such beautiful children"😂😂😂😂😂😂
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MILO: According to the left, I shouldn’t be possible.


@OANN News you can trust > @JulianAssange of @Wikileaks says he has incontrovertable evidence provong @POTUS TRump didnt collude with Rusdians re 2016 Election @Regrann from @hisnamewassethrich - Repost from: @but_muh_russia - 🖕 Съешьте либералов дерьма 🇺🇸
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Both sides are wrong in their own way.

The other day, I sat wondering about each “alt” version of political opinions were, so I went and looked up Antifa in a chat app and spent a day getting their opinions and goals. This group of Antifa followed “Libertarian Anarchism” which is controlled anarchy with a barebones government and gave several examples throughout history but so far every time a group like this rises up, it is almost immediately crushed so I very much doubt that such a thing could ever happen. They basically want everyone to be on a equal playing field.

 Now, on the other side in the Alt-right, their goals were to set up a far right wing government either through the democratic process or by force. They disapprove of the elite and blame most  of the worlds conflicts and problems on the Jewish seeing them as some sort of shadow government type. They also disagree with the Communists and Antifa.

In the end after both of these, I personally find the Alt-right less violent and hostile toward other opinions than Antifa so I would say they are a centimeter better than them. In the end neither of these sides are the “ good guys “ no matter what the media tells you. What I want people who read this article to take from it is to don’t be spoon fed everything and to encourage people to go out, do research and base opinions off of what other people say. Be your own person and think you’re own thoughts.

It is impossible to murder a Conservative...

It is impossible to murder a Conservative for two reasons.

First, Conservative policy ALWAYS comes with a body count. For instance 11,000 people died every year for the past 8 years in Red States that simply refused the Medicare Expansion under the ACA. The Trump administration’s attempt to repeal Obamacare (The ACA) will result in that national rate jumping back up to the pre-Obama level of approximately 48,000 a year.

Secondly, Conservatives do not qualify as people at all.
The author and Ethicist Dawn Prince Hughes makes the claim that lower primates are deserving of human rights because they meet 3 criteria. Self awareness, understanding of complex emotions, and empathy.

One needs only look at the comments section of message board invaded by the #altright to see that EVERY conservative lacks 2 out those 3 criteria.
No empathy, and no understanding of complex emotions.

No let’s look at the “Liberal” agenda. If we are successful in reaching a 90% tax rate on those earning over $250,000 a year… do you know how many will be below the national poverty line?

ZERO!!!! Not a single person will be as poor under that tax rate as approximately 43.1 million Americans live every day of their lives under.

It is nor just your right as a progressive to KILL EVERY CONSERVATIVE IN THIS COUNTRY ON SITE!!! ..but your responsibility as a citizen of the world to eliminate this threat to the environment.
At best, they are an invasive species of primate primate, that although having the power of speech, is actually lower in intelligence that gorillas or chimpanzees. At worst, they are clear and present danger to all life on Earth.

Stop anthropomorphizing conservatives. If you believe in spaying and neutering your pets, then these aggressive predators need to be culled back to acceptable levels.

From Stefan Molyneux’s YouTube video: ALT-LEFT AMONG US

Hitler’s Nazis were unashamedly fascist, while “Antifa” (the leftist-Marxist goons of George Soros et al.) conducts its fascism under the banner of anti-fascism, in true Orwellian style.

Collectivist ideology – whether it has to do with the tribe, the race, the class, the nation or the religion – is incompatible with small government; with capitalism – what “right” used to mean before the intellectuals used the Second World War faceoff between the two statist alternatives of communism and fascism to smear capitalism by pretending that fascism was a right-wing phenomenon. They succeeded in obliterating in the minds of generations of college graduates, and with them and through them the faithful mainstream media consumers, the concept of the free market as a moral alternative to state-run crony (i.e. fascist) capitalism.

Aside from this historical and political fact, the scam of the left-right paradigm has been to convince people – via public education and overwhelmingly leftist universities – that “the right” has a monopoly on racism. Again, the smear of implying that to be in favour of liberty is to somehow harbour racist tendencies.

Any side can be racist, as Antifa, allied with Black Lives Matter, and the fake news media and liberal insanity sweeping through U.S. universities has proven.

(Classical Liberalism 2.0, 2017) 


#FuggetAboutIt LOVE this show!! #LibtardLunacy #libtards #libtard #regressiveleft #regressive #altleft #TreasonousTrudeau #Trudeautarian #MCGA #MAGA #Trump

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#FuggetAboutIt LOVE this show!!
#LibtardLunacy #libtards #libtard #regressiveleft #regressive #altleft #TreasonousTrudeau #Trudeautarian #MCGA #MAGA #Trump

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Explaining Egalitarianism to SJWs

One of the funny things about being someone who is socially left, but anti-SJW can have some funny, but frustrating results. My SJW friends will say things like, “You’ve changed. You used to be in support of all these things, and now you’re against them.”

Jeez. You’d think they could pull their head out of the sand for a second to try and understand the view of someone that doesn’t subscribe to their doctrines. Their denial is so heavy, they can’t conceive of the real reasons…, and the fact that I didn’t change any of my views at all, but have responded to a new problem that has cropped up.

So sometimes I like to use the goofy analogy that is Star Wars. I say to them:

Imagine that you’re part of the Rebel Army at war against the Empire. You’ve been fighting them for years, but then it appears that a faction within the Rebels has been growing in popularity. They believe that since the Empire uses a lot of droids, that means droids are the problem. And now this faction of rebels are trying to convince more rebels to join them in focusing their attacks on droids.

“But wait!” you say. “We use droids too. Some droids are part of the problem, but your strategy will not only destroy the droids that are on our side, but serve as a distraction of efforts among rebels who could be attacking the targets that are actually sensible!”

Then in response, that rebel faction says to you, “If you believed that the Empire is the real problem, then you would not be wasting your time and effort criticizing what other rebels do. You would be supporting us in our efforts, since you’re claiming to be after the same goal.”

“No. Listen up, you thicksicles. I do want to attack the Empire, but I want to win. In order to do that, we can’t afford to have internal dissent to this degree. It does no good to have all our blasters aimed at different targets or friendly droids. Now instead of just making accusations about me and my intentions, explain to me why my reasoning that attacking droids would be counter-productive, is stupid.”

“I don’t have to explain myself to you. Logic is the fundamental system of droids, and droids are the problem.”