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New music coming tomorrow!

Does anyone remember this excellent single? never quite got to the album stage but produce some excellent music and should/could have gone on to bigger things. 'Mouth of an Angel' is an amazing song, and quite a collectable!

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You want to be snacking in a healthy way throughout the day... That's why there is Q101 😀 is Chicago's alternative ...

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Soy un perdedor


Mumford & Sons - Guiding Light (Official Video)


Jumpsuit ➤ Twenty One Pilots

i’ll be right there
but you’ll have to grab my throat and lift me in the air
if you need anyone, i’ll stop my plans
but you’ll have to tie me down and then break both my hands
if you need anyone

Ive always had an unexplainable obsession with hooded capes as far back as I can remember. But I wasn’t even allowed to have a hooded coat as a child. I’ve always been told my fashion is too eccentric. I’ve decided I don’t give two bats in hell. So my only warm coat is a hooded ca

pe, completely insulated too, that I finally finished making. I wish I could wear it everyday. But there will be times when I won’t be able to. Still, I feel pretty damn awesome. 🤟🏼