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Bewolkt maar zo mooi

Tja... Die reagieren nur drauf wenn man sich beim rasieren schneidet...

Boekweit, van de zaadjes wordt boekweitmeel gemaakt en omdat geen graan is bevat het geen en is dus geschikt voor . In ons Bos zijn maar ook de reeën er gek op, ze eten de jonge scheuten eraf 🙄 – at Duyls Bos

Interessante dorpsrondgang gemaakt met de dorpsraad door hun mooie dorp samen met kernwethouder

Wer hat Geraldine B. aus gesehen? Sie verschwand nach einem Streit in Begleitung eines jungen Mannes & wird im Kreis vermutet. Die 20-Jährige ist krank. Auf Medikamente angewiesen. Sie könnte mit Gehhilfen unterwegs sein. Hinweise an: 02331 986 2066. 📸:

startet eigenwirtschaftlichen Ausbau im Stadtkern von sowie in den Ortsteilen und . Von dem -Ausbau profitieren rund 2.400 Haushalte nach der Fertigstellung. Geschwindigkeiten bis zu 250 MBit/s. ^George

Google startet neues soziales Netzwerk Das neue Projekt heißt Shoelace. Unter kann aber jeder bereits einen ersten Blick auf die Plattform werfen.

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auf am |er Amselweg. Sonntagabend drohte der Täter mit einem Messer & schlug dem Opfer ins Gesicht. Beschreibung: m, 25J, 180cm, dünn, kurze schwarze Haare, Bluejeans, schwarzes Polohemd, komplett rote Turnschuhe. Zeugen gesucht! ☎ 02352/9199-0

Heggen en hagen in soorten en maten. Het Duyls Bos heeft er genoeg en Jan houdt ze bij, een flinke klus! Er staan van Liguster, Veldesdoorn, Meidoorn, Beuk, Haagbeuk en Taxus. Alles voor de – at Duyls Bos

Even wat toelichting voor onze vrienden en volgers. We zijn actief op diverse media en jij kunt ons volgen! Lees het artikel en kom erbij dan ben je helemaal op de hoogte ✅ – at Duyls Bos

: Hacker erlangen zum wiederholten Male Zugriff auf einen Info-Screen der Stadt und stellen ein Porno-Foto ein - die Polizei ermittelt wegen eines Sexualdelikts und verklebt den Bildschirm

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Once upon a time - OhMistakeShiny - Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu | Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu | Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, Fire Emblem Series
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Relationships: Cian | Quan/Ethlyn
Characters: Cian | Quan, Ethlyn (Fire Emblem), Altena (Fire Emblem)
Additional Tags: Family time, Cute, Quan adoctrinating kids with plushes
Series: Part 1 of Little drabbles

Quan spends time explaining a story to little Altena but Ethlyn is not happy with what the story is about.

damoselcastel  asked:

For the meme: 12 Roommate AU + 95 Sleep Intimacy, Tinny/author's-choice

Oohhhh nice. (I have already done multiple sleepy Tine/Seliph’s soooo)

Tine met Altena through Leif and Nanna because she was moving out of college dorms and couldn’t afford an apartment on her own, and Altena is an airline pilot so frequently away, so they made a deal that Tine pays what she can of the rent, and she maintains the apartment and looks after the cat Altena could finally get with another person living there.

One night the cat wouldn’t stop wailing for Altena, so Tine decided to sleep in Altena’s bed to calm her down, only for Altena to get back early and find them sleeping there. Not wanting to wake her up, she just dressed into her sleeping clothes and joined them, in the morning Tine surprised to find she’s being cuddled on both sides, but embarrassed by how at peace she feels with it.

They end up doing that way more often, until eventually whenever Altena is home they sleep in the same bed. They aren’t sure what to call their relationship any more, but that can be decided later.

I’m still thinking about duchess Altena of Chalphy but from now everytime I think about Altena all dressed with the thracian clothes, Eda with also the thracian clothes and their both dragons/wyverns at the door of the castle in Chalphy it makes me laugh.

On a more serious note I can think of Chalphy being the best place for an Altena post-war.

In Thracia she will feel bad because she will remember her adopted family and how Travant lied to her and how their family broke because probably Arion wouldn’t talk to her and he would be in another place.

She would not feel really well in Leonster because she will kind of feel the preasure to be the princess of Leonster she’s not, trying to remember things of her biological family she doesn’t remember and feel weird thinking about Quan as her father when Travant spended all the days mocking about him.

But Chalphy would not give any bad feeling, probably it wouldn’t give any feeling at all, but the worse she could feel there would be strange.

Also how she feels about her fathers post-war will be really complicated but about her mother? I don’t really think Travant knew too much about Ethlyn to say something and he would mock Quan and his death but wouldn’t do it with his wife who was not even a Leonster by birth. It would be easier for her to reconciling with the idea of her mother more than her fathers.

Oifey’s relationship with her would be also really interesting.

I have never seen the idea of Altena inheriting Chalphy when she should be the duchess?

I mean if we consider the inheritance to go older sibling-> younger sibling,..

The heir to Chalphy was Sigurd but he’s dead and it passes to his son, Seliph, who inherits the Grannvale crown, so the fact that Seliph doesn’t inherits both things it’s probably because it is established that he can’t rule two places ( Arvis was the emperor and also the duke of Velthomer but oficially he was the emperor consort so he’s not really the heir to both sides so not exactly the same thing) so it leaves to the older sibling line not suitable for being the heir.

So we have Ethlyn, even that she’s married and it is established that she’s now a Leonster but she should still have rights to her homeland if anything happened.

At the end of the war, Seliph can’t inherit Chalphy but Ethlyn’s older child, Altena, doesn’t inherits anything (even that she was the heir to Leonster if everything didn’t had gone like it went) so having the duke’s granddaughter inherits her grandfather’s land makes more sense than Oifey (even if he deserves only good things)

Maybe she was established as the heir after the war and she just gave up her tittle because she prefered to be at Thracia ( It makes sense, she doesn’t care so much about Leonster I can’t see her caring about Chalphy) 

I don’t know, but it would be funny thinking about the Thracian princess now a duchess of one of the duchies of Granvalle

markoftheasphodel  asked:

Door, Quan&Ethlyn.

Ethlyn had been in the nursery enjoying some time with her newborn daughter when she received a hastily scrawled letter. Taking another once over she could discern the tell-tale signs of Oifey’s usually neat hand, the jagged edges only an indication of how urgent his message was. 

Ethlyn jumped from the rocking chair, jostling Altena from her place at her breast and causing her to cry. Ethlyn was torn whether to comfort her child or hand her over to a nurse, but in her rush, she ran out with Altena still in her arms, stuffing the letter up her sleeve and hastily recovering her breast, causing Altena to squirm even more. She quietly hummed and rocked her as she fast-walked to Quan’s study. 

The front of the door had grown familiar- the soft color in the wood, always polished and shined almost like her husband’s hair in the sunlight. She usually had no problem walking straight ahead- Quan had told Ethlyn her presence was always welcome after a few tentative knocks. Despite her rush, however, something in her made her pause. Maybe it was Altena, now crying weakly in her arms, perhaps the etiquette that had taught her that whatever happened, it shouldn’t be on her to come to Chalphy’s aid. She was a princess of Leonster. She shouldn’t get her new family involved in what could be more than a simple skirmish. 

And yet, unknowingly, another door had opened. To another destiny Ethlyn had no knowledge would be her fate. That would take her and her child far, far away from home. 

Her hesitance was only for a minute. 

Ethlyn’s words were firm and resolute. “Quan, something has happened in Grannvale. Brother needs our help.” 

I would love to write a one-shot with Ethlyn having time with her children and I will try to do it but also I’m really interested in writing one about when Ethlyn and Quan returned from Silesse and their relationship with Altena because they left when she was pretty young so probably she wouldn’t want to be with them because she doesn’t remember them

anonymous asked:

This is actually an interesting topic. Who do you think would be the best choice of emperor/empress of Thracia?

Probably Altena given that she actually is aware of how the Southern Thracians are treated. I trust Leif only to rule if August is there with him, August HAS TO BE there.