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macrorrhiza Variegata. Rare Variegated Elephant Ears, spectacular hybrid. Grows more compact than other Elephant Ears, making it an excellent choice for a large container.

“Plants are unsung well-being heroes, and they are silently working behind the scenes to make our lives a little bit better every day.” > Green Thumb: Plants:

友だちと中華街で遊んでたらアンドリュー に遭遇。驚きすぎた。 当時は 今は

Fake It Until You Make It Tropical Gardening-The Elephant Ear Written by Crystal McCann Fake It Until You Make It Tropical Gardening-The

Fake It Until You Make It Tropical Gardening-The Elephant Ear Written by Crystal McCann Fake It Until You Make It Tropical Gardening-The

Me encanta dibujar cosas que te acompañen, que te llenen el alma nada más verlo y que lo quieras poner en el rincón que más feliz te hace. . Mientras dibujaba la nunca imaginé tener una en casa, buscamos una pequeña para criarla pero no la enco…

Ready for the weekend? Us too ✨ We don’t see this crew hanging around the shop too long — snag em before they’re gone! . . . . . . . . . #…

Any Alocasia experts out there? Stumbled upon internet and very limited information is available there. Last night it was resting by the window and temperatures dropped drastically. The leaf turned white and then brown, is it root rot or cold?

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My amazonica hath produced a small bloom! Love the flowers on arums even when they are less than spectacular (such as this one).

Ich bin ja wieder neu auf Twitter... wo sind hier die den man folgen/mit denen man sich austauschten kann?

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New Alocasia Stringray!
Alocasia 'Polly'
Oh my gourd look at that Alocasia ‘Polly’ 😉🎃

This plant thrives in an environment with high humidity and bright, moderate light (no direct sunlight). In general, they prefer their soil to be consistently moist, but will tolerate drying out a little bit at the surface (be careful not to let the soil dry out completely).
CARE TIP: We would recommend carefully checking your Alocasia plants regularly for pests such as spider mites. These unfortunate little pests thrive in dry conditions and are often identified through the webbing they produce. Therefore, some find it helpful to keep them at bay by either misting the plant often (if their space is not humid enough) or by delicately wiping the leaves of the plant regularly with a damp cloth to prevent any accumulation of dust.

Is there anything more beautiful than an alocasia leaf?

I haven’t properly baptized this baby, but every morning it brings me much joy.

The leaf on the right is a new leaf and developed over the last week. It’s been fun to watch these grow.

I thought they were weird little aerial roots when I first got it, but slowly they expanded into another leaf.

But to answer the question.

Quite honestly, I can’t stop looking st the underside of these leafs. It’s one of the most beautiful patterns I’ve ever seen.

I have to come up with a name for her.

Ally? Short for alocasia?