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Coach Beck, You are invincible. -Vince Papale 83 So great getting to meet this legend last week! Awesome that got to host the College Gridiron Showcase for 2019 college football athletes looking to go pro. See you again next year

at in memory L/Cpl - the Rector's son - who fought at & - lost at sea in 1915 when his ship was torpedoed. Other Edingthorpe Fallen inscribed on the back.

Poignant Silhouettes in the pews at ..... in memory of those who didn't return: J Childs, R Harvey, BJ Muriel, W Pye, R Scott, G Spinks & F Watts J Hedge, J Neal, B Oliver & C Scott

Parish church of where my 5x great grandparents John & Elizabeth were married 13 Oct 1782. John Barcham was also at Edingthorpe.

A big THANK YOU to our 4th grade Girl Scout Junior troop who donated over $225.00 worth of games for indoor recess!

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